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Monster, no. Savvy businessman, indeed.
— Viggo's reaction to being called "monster"

Viggo Grimborn is a member of Verity's gang. He's one of the newest members, and is a villain from the show Race to the Edge. He is an antagonist in the gang show. Viggo is not in any official ships, but is in multiple crackships.

Appearance Edit

Viggo wears a black tunic with red scales on his shoulders and around his waist. He also has spiked shoulder pads and a silver belt buckle with Dragon Hunters' tribal crest on it, and black wrist guards. He has a sword sheathed on his back as well.

Viggo had short, black hair and brown eyes. He also sported a goatee. Viggo has three scars on the left side of his neck, which are presumably from a dragon.

Personality Edit

Viggo presents himself as a gentleman with honor, but this is simply an act to mask his ruthlessness and greed.

Viggo admits that he has no interest in conquest or vengeance, and his actions in the gang show simply stem from orders from a mysterious superior. He does not seek to hurt them (as it was his allies who attacked them in the show, not him specifically) and states that he even made sure none of them were seriously in said attack.

Viggo is cunning and smart, always trying to be one step ahead of his opponents. Hiccup states that Viggo sees many things as a game, and most of the time, plays with his opponents for his own entertainment.

For some bizarre reason, Viggo is fascinated by Jellal.

Relationships Edit

Gang Edit

For the most part, the gang is fine with Viggo until he tries to hurt them. They said he was cool to hang out with. Their opinion changed after he kidnapped Jellal and supposedly participated in an attack to destroy their house.

Jellal Edit

Viggo is fond of Jellal, for some reason.

Invel Edit

Hiccup Edit

Others Edit

Ryker Edit

His Minions Edit

Mysterious Gang Show Person Edit

This mysterious figure and Viggo don't have a very good relationship, with them repeatedly calling Viggo a smartass.

Appearances in Fanfics Edit


Trivia Edit

  • By far the most evil member of Verity's gang. Also the only member to try to harm the other gang members (though it is possible he only did it on orders).
  • Verity sort of confirmed that even after his actions in the gang show, Viggo will stay in the gang.
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