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Never fear, Tyrian is here!
— Tyrian in the gang show

Tyrian Callows is one of Verity's newest gang members. He is a scorpion Faunus from RWBY, and a member of the Trio of Trouble on the MB. Tyrian is mentally unstable as well.


Tyrian is a pale man with gold eyes and a brown ponytail braided to resemble a scorpion's tail. He wears a white sleeveless jacket with leather belts strapped to it, along with white pants. His jacket is left open, exposing his bare chest, which is criss-crossed with prominent scars. His arms are covered with purple bandages and leather vambraces. He also wears leather boots covering his entire shin with knee guards. His animal trait as a Faunus is a scorpion stinger which protrudes from his back. When not in use, he disguises it by wrapping it around his belt.


To be blunt, Tyrian is the most unstable member of the gang. He is prone to laughing maniacally, mainly at others suffering, and loves fights and chaos. Out of all the gang members, Tyrian is the one who's insane is actually... well, actually insane.

Tyrian's a little less violent on the MB than in canon RWBY (mainly so he doesn't get Verity's account banned). He's less sadistic and a little more arrogant. He's also kind of a pervert, as in the gang show, he was trying to get into the girls change room.

Tyrian's friendship with the other members of the Trio of Trouble, Mard Geer and Dagur, is an extremely close one. In fact, it is the closest friendship in the gang, and Tyrian genuinely cares for both of his friends.

Tyrian can't keep secrets.



Appearances in Fanfics

It's My World Now

Tyrian first appears at Jellal's gang meeting. Jellal calls him out on his inability to keep secrets ("No, Tyrian, this isn't a 'go and tell Verity when Jellal's back is turned' secret."), much to his dismay.

Tyrian goes with the gang when they are summoned by the Admins to catch a rogue wizard who had attacked their home. He is teamed up with Viggo, Laxus, Lucina and Brandish. The latter three act secretive and suspicious of Viggo throughout their time together, but Tyrian has not been told of the reason why, due to his inability to keep secrets.

At Verity's MB-Day party, Tyrian is drinking punch until Ayden suddenly reappears in the middle of the party, having disappeared on the mission. Tyrian exchanges a look with Dagur when Ayden drops a hint about Jellal's plans. Later, when the party is done, he states that he suspects that Ayden's actions are to grab attention.

The Trio of Trouble sneaks out of the house to get away from the tension caused by the Ayden situation. They take refuge in a nearby Dairy Queen, and discuss the situation. After Mard briefly mentions a history with Verity, Tyrian notices Midnight, who expressed a desire to hunt Ayden down before he could hurt anyone, heading into the woods alone.

The three return home after debating whether or not Jellal would be pissed at them for this, and find that the entire gang has left. Verity shows up and tells them that the rest of the gang left to find Midnight or warn other MBers about what could happen, saying that the Trio was left behind to man the house. Tyrian instantly accepts the situation and starts watching the Kardashians.

About a week later, Tyrian is shown to be rather skeptical about Ayden's claims of Verity's upcoming death. He asks Jellal if he really thinks Ayden was telling the truth, and expresses his own belief that he thinks Ayden is just bluffing.


  • The first gang member to not be from Fairy Tail. Ayden does not count, as he was originally an OC for Fairy Tail before becoming what he is now.
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