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Never fear, Tyrian is here!
— Tyrian in the gang show

Tyrian Callows is one of Verity's newest gang members. He is a scorpion Faunus from RWBY, and the most unstable member of the gang.

Appearance Edit

Tyrian is a pale man with gold eyes and a brown ponytail braided to resemble a scorpion's tail. He wears a white sleeveless jacket with leather belts strapped to it, along with white pants. His jacket is left open, exposing his bare chest, which is criss-crossed with prominent scars. His arms are covered with purple bandages and leather vambraces. He also wears leather boots covering his entire shin with knee guards. His animal trait as a Faunus is a scorpion stinger which protrudes from his back. When not in use, he disguises it by wrapping it around his belt.

Personality Edit

To be blunt, Tyrian is the most unstable member of the gang. He is prone to laughing maniacally, mainly at others suffering, and loves fights and chaos. Out of all the gang members, Tyrian is the one who's insane is actually... well, actually insane.

Tyrian's a little less violent on the MB than in canon RWBY (mainly so he doesn't get Verity's account banned). He's less sadistic and a little more arrogant. He's also kind of a pervert, as in the gang show, he was trying to get into the girls change room.

Speaking of Tyrian and women, he's very desperate to gain Irene's attention and approval. He wants to make their ship canon by MB standards, even though Irene disapproves. He often poses and does crazy stunts to get her attention

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • One of the few gang members to not be related to Fairy Tail, and the first of those members to be on the MB.
  • Verity's favourite RWBY character.
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