• (Ok, so Tiger, before I start, there are a few things I want to mention. First, forms aren't needed. All you need is a link to your gang member's page in their first POV so we can look at the information. For one on one RPs like this, it's alright if the pages are unfinished or not up yet, so don't feel pressure to finish your pages fast or get them up. Second, my whole gang will be in the RP, but I'm only using the five I told you about to POV with. The rest will be messing around in the background.)

    Princess Zelda had never been to a theme park before. She had only been in the gang for about two months, so she hadn't witnessed all of the strange things they could show her. Such as this park.

    They were staying for a few days, and had gotten reservations in one of the hotels. Each of their hotel rooms held four members, and she was roomed with Irene, Viggo and Tyrian. Not exactly the best company, but she had assured Jellal that she could handle them all.

    Everyone else had gone to check out the park, but Zelda had decided to stick around and stake claim to one quarter of the room. It was the smart decision, to get her part of the room ready, since Tyrian and Irene would know to stay out of it.

    "Tyrian! Get the hell away from Jasmine!" Mard Geer Tartaros snapped. "What did we say about hitting on princesses?"

    With a psychotic giggle, the scorpion Faunus slunk back over to Mard's side. "Sorry boss, she just looked so... hot."

    "Well, stay away from her and the other princesses unless you're trying to get a picture with them." Mard replied. "We'll get removed from the park if you act creepy, and then I'll be blamed for it."

    "That's why we're doing it." Dagur the Deranged replied. "You'll get all the heat for it. Meanwhile everyone will assume that we were just following your lead and not care about us..."

    Mard dug a heel into the Berserker's foot to make him shut up. It would do them all good to not screw up here. And while that Jasmine was hot, he had no intention of getting yelled at by Jellal. It was best that he just watched his two (immature) friends and stay away from everything else.

    Brandish μ giggled as she headed away from Gaston. After only fifteen minutes, she was enjoying herself this much. She had also had three popsicles.

    The Spriggan was, admittedly, too excited and hyper about this all. But it was Disney! She had never been once in her life, and this was supposedly the happiest place in the world. She had good reason to be excited about all of this.

    (I'll do POVs with Invel and Lucina in my next post, this would just get too long if I did all five in one post. So for now, I say we just handle the initial arrival of the gangs and then once everyone is all settled, we have them interact. Also, you don't have to POV the same way I do (separating the posts with the lines) - that's just how I like to do things in wiki RPs. The rest is up to you, so have fun. :D)

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    • Tiger was lost. Again. For the fifth time today. So much for this place being the "happiest place on earth"... it sucked.

      He was currently on a bench, keeping an eye on Blaize. She was devouring a giant blue cotton candy. This was worrysome. Blaize and sugar was a bad mix... one that never ended in something good.

      Luna was nowhere to be found. This made Tiger's blood pressure level rise to a new hight. The husky had managed to sneak a pistol into the park... and that wasn't good. Now she was running rampant, doing who knows what?

      Delta was pacing. He was the only one (besides Tiger) who knew that we'd be meeting up with Verity's gang somewhere in the park. He was also the only one who seemed to know how dangerous and... mentally unstable... they seemed to be twenty four seven.  He was probably jealous of Luna because she had a gun and could use her powers anytime she wanted.

      Hydrokenisis wasn't exactly useful when you were in a theme park during the middle of summer. 

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    • Lucina gasped in excitement as the roller coaster made a sudden drop. Other people screamed, but she was used to stunts and thrills. In fact, she could safely say that she enjoyed it.

      She was already soaking wet from Splash Mountain, but that didn't stop her from riding more roller coasters. She didn't mind waiting in line - helped her calm her nerves from the last ride. It would have been better if someone had wanted to ride them with her, but most of her friends were the mature ones who had to keep the Trio of Trouble or Irene from destroying something.

      She had heard that one of Verity's friends was here. She hoped they'd get the chance to meet, she didn't know very many of Verity's friends.

      Invel Yura wasn't sure how much of this he could handle. After only about 20 minutes, he had dragged a screaming Irene away from Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Barnstormer and the Seven Dwarves mine. As a Dragon Slayer, she had terrible motion sickness, and always showed it in the wrong ways.

      "LET ME GO, I WANT TO RIDE!" the dragon lady screeched.

      "When you get sick, you really get sick." Invel sighed. "You're probably worse than Ayden and the Salamander. And that is saying quite a lot."

      As she flailed and screamed some more, Invel looked for some help. He saw Brandish in the corner of his eye, eating some cotton candy.

      "Irene? Why don't you go have a snack?" he asked.


      (For some reason, I think Blaze and Brandish will get along. XD.)

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    • Luna was in trouble. Big trouble. 

      She was currently running from a horde of security guards, using her teleknisis to carry her pistol. How'd she get in this situation? She forgot to turn the gun on safety in line, she accidentally fired it, and now she was booking it. 

      Luna looked behind her shoulder, and seeing the security guards, she sped up, rounding a corner.... before crashing straight into a snack shack on the sidewalk, which spilled it's contents everywhere. Luna stood and put the gun in her satchel. She relaxed realizing that she'd somehow lost them. Looking around, she struggled to remove cotton candy from her fur. Wonderful

      Luna winced at the sound of someone screaming "LET ME GO, I WANT TO RIDE" and looked up.

      Tiger decided to get up and go look for Luna. Blaize was sitting on his shoulder as if she was Pikachu and he was Ash Ketchem. Tiger found this adorable, so he didn't bother to shake her off. Delta walked beside him, looking rather... anxious. Perhaps he was worried about seeing Verity's gang... Tiger looked up at a rollercoaster and watched as it took a sudden drop. 

      "Wait... wait is that Lucina? Like, the time traveling princess Lucina?" I said just as the coaster cart vanished from view.

      Delta gave me a concerned look and told me that the heat was probably getting to me.

      Blaize decided to see if it was and yelled at the top of her lungs "LUCINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"


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    • Brandish gave Irene a funny look as the dragon lady stared at her cotton candy intently. She quickly shifted her position, fully keeping her food away from her superior.

      "What the fuck, Irene, you were supposed to be with Invel." she sighed.

      "He sent me to get food." Irene replied.

      "You have money! Go buy some for yourself, you can't have mine!"

      "The cotton candy store just got knocked over by a dog!"


      Brandish looked over at the stand, and saw that, indeed, a husky dog had knocked it over. She gaped as Irene sulked.

      "Do they have anything from that Hunchback movie?" Mard asked as the Trio of Trouble explored a souvenier shop.

      "Don't think so, we've looked in three stores and there's nothing." Dagur replied. "Do you really need to get something from it?"

      "Yes, it's my favourite Disney movie."

      "Why?" Tyrian asked. "Because of the horny evil guy that's probably just an older and less insane version of you?"

      Mard glared at him.

      When Lucina heard someone call her name, she looked around to see if she could identify them. Then the ride took another sudden drop, and this time she let out a small shriek with the rest of the riders, not expecting it due to her distraction.

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    • Luna saw the same people who had gotten her attantion staring at her. She spoke to herself, saying. "Crap, Tiger's going to kill me," and climbed out the the wreckage, shaking popcorn from her fur. The entire time she kept an eye on the newcomers.

      Blaize saw how Lucina responded to her name being called, and jumped right off of Tiger's shoulder, waiting at the entrance for her. "Rainy", her good friend, followed her. Rainy was weird, because Tiger or Luna or Delta didn't see him or the people that he had hurt, but he was still a good friend. Blaize sat down next to Rainy and waited patiently for Lucina to come back.

      Delta enjoyed the quiet as they left Blaize to do her own thing. Tiger didn't seem scared of what might happen to her, so Delta tried hard not to worry about her. They were passing the exhibit with someone dressed up as Princess Jasmine when Tiger asked. "Hey, is that Mard Geer?", taking a sip of his Cola. I jerked my head up, kind of hoping that it wasn't. But sure enough, there he was, talking to whom I assumed were two others of Verity's gang.

      Tiger sipped his cola, walking towards Mard Geer and the others. Mard seemed displeased, so he guessed that the other two were poking fun at him. Without saying a word, or even asking for permission, Tiger hugged Mard and said "guESS WHO?"... Delta let out a nervous bark, but Tiger just pulled away from Mard and took a sip of Cola, patting Delta on the head to make him shut up.

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    • Invel had had just about enough of Irene, and was more than willing to let Brandish suffer with her, but before he managed to leave, a dog destroyed the cotton candy stand. Neither Irene or Brandish would solve this situation in a mature fashion, so he might as well watch to make sure nothing happened.

      Brandish kept her cotton candy out of the way as she moved closer toward the dog. If she - as she could now tell the dog was a female - even tried to get near the cotton candy, Brandish would shrink her down to pocket size and keep her as a pet. She had always wanted a tiny dog~

      "Hey, need help with that?" she asked, gesturing to the cotton candy in the dog's fur.

      As Lucina left the ride, she felt a little shaken. That was by far the roughest ride she had been on today, but she had enjoyed it. That distraction from earlier was still stuck in her mind. She didn't know who had caused it.

      "Lucina!" an unfamiliar voice called.

      "WHAT THE FLYING FUCK-" Mard started to say before Dagur shushed him.

      "We're in Disney!" the Berserker told him. "Kids everywhere! At least preserve their innocence."

      Mard rolled his eyes before glaring over at Tiger. "You. Morning, I suppose. How's the gang? Still have a habit of blowing things up?"

      "Who's this?" Tyrian giggled. "Friend of yours?"

      "Tyrian, I've told you many times, I don't like men. This is Verity's friend Tiger. And his... wolf, I think? Anyways, wolf or dog is Delta."


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    • Tiger laughed a little. Even if Mard was gay, he wouldn't even consider dating one of Verity's gang members, especially not this guy. "Yes, this is Delta. He is a wolf, in fact. And yeah... Luna ran off with a pistol and probably some grenades just now, so expect some explosions in the near distance or something" I took a sip of Cola, trying to calm my nerves. The carbonated drink always helped me for some odd reason. I took a look at Mard's friends, recognizing Dagur but not whomever this Tyrian guy was. I held my hand out for him to shake it "Tiger. Verity and I have known eachother for quite some time, as Mard said."

      Luna flattened her ears, feeling suddenly threatened. "Who are you?" She growled and paused before grudgingly accepting their help. She walked over to them, trying to hide her collar, which had Tiger's real name printed onto it in bold letters. Luna had no intention of returning to her gang leader.

      Blaize saw Lucina and instantly bounced over to her, now ignoring Rainy because he was saying mean things about the cool looking princess person. Blaize barked and jumped onto her foot, hugging it. In that moment, she decided that Lucina was her new best friend. Rainy didn't like that, so he tried to yell at Blaize, but when she spoke to him in his inhuman, creepy language, he shut up.

      Delta simply wanted to book it. He didn't like this one bit and he felt sick in his stomach. Suddenly, the wolf wondered if any of Verity's gang members knew the meaning behind the teardrop marking below his eye. He certainly hoped not. First impressions were everything. (and he liked to take note that Mard's first impression was honestly terrible) 

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    • Zelda had gone to meet with some of the other sane people, Jellal and Mirajane. Hopefully they knew where everyone was, and that would save them the effort of chasing down the Trio or Irene or Qrow.

      The three sane members met by the castle. Upon seeing them, Zelda asked "Locations?"

      "Invel is guarding Irene, keeping her from the rides." Mira replied. "The Trio of Trouble is in Adventureland, and surprisingly, I haven't heard anyone kicking them out. Hiccup and Viggo are in Tomorrowland, but I'm pretty sure Hiccup wants to run away and hide in a bush. Celestia is meeting some of the princesses, but I don't think she knows that they're not real princesses."

      "Lucina is off on some of the rides, and I think Laxus was with her." Jellal added. "Brandish was off buying food, Peridot and Midna went to Tom Sawyer Island, and Midnight and Qrow went to supervise them. Ayden and Meredy are in Fantasyland."

      "Do you think we could just chill?" Zelda asked. "I'd like that, just for a day..."

      Lucina looked at the fox. "Whoa, calm down! Take a deep breath, and start from the beginning. I couldn't get any of that, you were talking so fast."

      She was instantly reminded of some of the other gang members. Particularily Meredy when she ate too much sugar.

      Mard glared at Tyrian as he shook Tiger's hand eagerly. "You'll have to excuse Tyrian - he can be... not very smart sometimes."

      "Shut up, bitch!" Tyrian replied.

      "TYRIAN. THERE ARE CHILDREN." Dagur repeated, a little more warningly.

      "So? I was swearing like it was no one's business when I was seven years old! So what if they hear the word "bitch"? No one ever censors it in YouTube videos!"

      "Yes, because YouTube videos are soooooo reliable."

      "Like I said, he's an idiot." Mard sighed. "Dagur's the sane one out of my mi- friends. What brings you two to this nightmarishly happy place?"

      As Brandish moved closer to the dog, Invel couldn't help but notice how awkward she looked, shielding her cotton candy. With a sigh, the ice wizard strode up to her and took it.

      "What the hell, Invel?" she demanded.

      "Now you can do what you were trying to do."

      "I could have done that with my food! And I was just ABOUT TO INTRODUCE MYSELF. Come on, my first impression is ruined!"

      "Don't let me stop you from fixing it."

      Brandish sighed before turning back to the dog. "I'm Brandish, from Verity Evermore's gang. And my bitchy teammate here is Invel. We're members of the Spriggan 12 from Fairy Tail."

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    • Blaize looked confused.

      "What? I didn't say anything else to you, I just called your name. I was talking to my friend Rainy. He's right there." Blaize pointed to where her "imaginary friend" was.... even though she doubted that Lucina could see him.

      "Also," Blaize said "You're my best friend now. I'm Blaize, I came here with this guy named Tiger, who's looking for his weird friend, who's friends with a bunch of weird mean evil people..." 

      The fox continued to ramble on and on, and it was hard to follow what she was saying unless you were really paying attention.


      Luna eyed her new acquantances warily. 

      So they came here with Verity... does this mean that Tiger was planning to meet up with her and the rest of her gang all along?

      "Right." Luna growled, feeling awkward. "I go by Luna... I'm apart of a gang also." 

      She detached a sticky piece of cotton candy from her back leg, flattening her ears with disgust.


      I laughed, took a sip of Cola, and said 

      "Verity told me that you guys were gonna be here, so I decided to grab my gang and hop onto a plane."

      I glanced at Delta, who seemed as anxious as ever.

      "OH, ALSO, seen as we lost Luna it'd help a lot if you kept an eye out for her. She's literally the only thing that can give me a panic attack, so I'd rather have her in my sights."

      I looked at Tyrian. He didn't seem THAT stupid... maybe...

      "Nice to meet you, Tyrian. I'm sure you're not that boneheaded compared to Blaize, so I bet I'll get used to you being around." 

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    • Mard raised an eyebrow. "Verity, eh? She lets us do our own thing. We don't know where she is at all. Hell, she might not even be in the same hotel as us."

      "With good reason... she probably wants to avoid all the drama that we'll cause." Dagur said. "And this Luna sounds a lot like Irene... Hopefully they don't meet each other, or else it will be hell on earth."

      "Did you hear that, guys?" Tyrian asked, looking at Mard expectantly. "He said I'm not that stupid! HAH! When has anyone ever said that about you?"

      "Verity and Midna say it daily."

      "...Fuck them."

      "We'll keep our eyes out for Luna." Dagur cut in suddenly.

      The two Spriggans shared a look with each other.

      "Verity didn't tell us another gang would be here..." Invel said, mostly to himself. "I hope this wasn't meant as a surprise."

      "You know how she is, we barely see her anymore." Brandish told him, before looking back at Luna. "We know tons of other gangs - whose are you from? We won't tell them you're here if you don't want us to."

      "Actually, I - " Invel began to say.

      "Shut up, Invel."

      Lucina nodded slowly. So... an imaginary friend. Maybe not so much like Meredy.

      "Do we need to find your friend?" she asked. "The one you came here with, not... Rainy. I'm also here with a couple of my friends. In fact, my friend Laxus should be off buying food nearby. He has motion sickness, so he can't go on rides. We can help find your friend if you want."

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    • Tiger nodded, and gave Tyrian an apologetic smile.

      "Thanks, I appreciate it." he said, putting his free hand in his pocket. After a moments hesitation, and an apologetic glance at Delta, he spoke again.

      "Do you guys mind if we tag along with you? We haven't got much else to do here. I hate going on rollercoasters alone and Delta is such a stick in the mud that he refuses to actually have any fun."

      Tiger ignored the large wolf, who had given him a spiteful look


      Luna glared at her new "friends" suspiciously

      "I came here with this moron who goes by Tiger." she growled reluctantly.... Luna used her telekenisis to get ahold of the pistol in her satchel... just in case she had to whip it out of her bag and shoot someone.


      Blaize looked up at Lucina. 

      "Oh. Uhm, yeah. That'd be great. My friend goes by Tiger and he's got really bright orange hair. Also, his eyes are this funky, unatural shade of blue, and he almost always has a can of Cola in his hand."

      She was excited to meet Lucina's friend, and now that Rainy was no where to be seen, Blaize's head was a bit clearer.

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    • "Haven't seen him before, though I may have heard Verity mention him once or twice." Lucina replied. "Any idea where he might be? That will help us find him."

      "Lucina?" she heard Laxus call. She could see the tall, blond Dragon Slayer in the crowd of people, and quickly waved him over.

      "Hey, Laxus, this is Blaize." she said, introducing the two. "Blaize, this is Laxus, the Lightning Dragon Slayer."

      Laxus nodded at the small fox.

      Brandish's eyes darted to Luna's satchel, wondering if the dog was hiding something in there. She appeared normal, but one could never know for sure.

      "We haven't heard of him." she replied. "But you don't really seem eager to find him. If we happen to bump into him, would you prefer us to not tell him where you are?"

      The Trio all shared uneasy glances. On one hand, Mard thought to himself, they wouldn't be able to work on their plans on how to prank the other gang members. But on the other, if something blew up, they'd have an alibi to prove that they weren't guilty. And he could always excuse himself so he could finish the plans, and let Tyrian and Dagur enjoy themselves. They had been deserving of a break lately..

      "Yeah, sure, feel free to tag along." he said, as Tyrian and Dagur stared in shock. "We didn't make many plans today."

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    • Blaize, completely forgetting Lucina's question about Tiger, bounded over to Laxus.

      "woAH COOL, A DRAGON SLAYER!" she exclaimed, remembering how Tiger would always tell her about a Fire Dragonslayer, and how legendary he apparently was. She started asking him a series of questions.

      "So, do you really eat lightning? Have you actually killed a dragon before? Have you MET a dragon? What was it like? Was it big? Are dragons always big?"

      Blaize couldn't possibly contain her excitement. (This was nothing new, of course)


      Luna nodded slowly, still very hesitant.

      "Yes. That'd be ideal," she said reluctantly, not sure what she'd say if they asked why she wanted to avoid her "gang leader".

      She slowly used her telekinises to turn the gun off safety. Once again, just in case she needed it. She certainly didn't trust these people. At all. They probably had some freaky powers of some sort that they didn't want to talk about.


      Tiger took note of the surprised looks that Tyrian and Dagur were giving Mard.

      He wondered why they looked so shocked.

      "So.... where to now, then?" Tiger asked, taking a last sip of his Cola... darn it... the can was now empty and seen as how Luna was now missing, he kind of needed the carbonated drink to keep his mind off of how horrible things could get with an armed... mildy homocidal... dog on the loose.


      Delta was pissed off with everything.


      While he was internally screaming, Delta was externally quiet. Dead quiet. He wasn't moving a muscle, was staring at the ground, and wasn't making a sound. Heck, he was barely even breathing.

      Maybe he was on the verge of having a panic attack.

      It was possible.


      So much for the "happiest place on earth". What the hell, Disney?

      Delta knew he needed to calm down before he accidentally became the cause of a rainstorm.

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    • "Maybe we can do some normal, sane person things that a non-psychopath would do." Dagur suggested.

      "I just threw up in my mouth, bro." Tyrian told him. "Why would you suggest that?"

      "Because Delta is having a panic attack."

      Mard didn't say anything, just looked over at Delta, who was staring at the ground, frozen and silent. "Maybe we could drop him off with Mira or Zelda or someone. They're the sane people, they can probably fix him from whatever broke him."

      "Pretty sure that we broke him, Mard." Tyrian replied. "Our very presence can do that to people. We have a reputation after all."


      Lucina chuckled as Laxus stared in confusion at Blaize. "Whoa, calm down. Are you talking about Natsu?"

      After a round of enthusiatic nodding, he continued.

      "I'm not the same type of Dragon Slayer as him, I had the magic implanted in me instead of taught to me by a dragon." Laxus explained to her. "So I never met a dragon until recently, when I met Irene. She goes around in human form, but when she turns into a dragon, she's as big as a house. She was also the first Dragon Slayer. But enough about her, she's insane."

      "Indeed she is." Lucina agreed. "Poor Hiccup, she has a thing for him and likes stalking him around. If Invel wasn't told to restrain her today, she'd be forcing Hiccup to go on rides and then hugging him tightly when she got motion sick."

      Invel looked around, losing interest in the conversation until he saw a lack of a certain red-haired Dragon Slayer.

      "Brandish, where did she go?" he asked sharply.

      "Who, Irene..." his teammate trailed off as she realized that Irene was indeed gone. "She probably ran off when you got distracted by Luna here."

      "Shit, she'll be terrorizing the whole park." Invel cursed under his breath. "I'll have to find her."

      As the ice wizard began to head in the direction toward the castle, he knew that all he needed to find Irene was to listen to the sound of screaming. And from the center of the park, he would definitely hear them all.

      In Main Street USA, Zelda was in a small cafe with Jellal and Mira, the three relaxing without the worry of Irene or Mard ruining everything. Zelda was considering leaving the park early and going to get a facial or massage back at the hotel.

      Suddenly, the trio jumped as they heard terrorized screams echo throughout the park, and knew that Irene Belserion was on the loose.

      (Me yesterday: I don't have much time to make POVs, so I might not respond right away! Me today: -makes multiple POVs-. I MAKE NO SENSE XD. Well, I think this new schedule is helping me with time management, since I've gotten everything except for two things done and have more time to make POVs. Also I just got the weirdest idea of a Mean Girls parody in which the Trio of Trouble play the Plastics.)

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    • Tiger winced as Delta blurted angrily, saying that he was fine and didn't need anyone's sympathy.

      "Yeesh... Delta, calm dow-"


      Tiger heard screams.

      "SHIT, WAS THAT LUNA?!" He yelled suddenly, dropping the empty cola can and running in the direction of the screaming.

      He cursed excessively, sprinting at full speed. The adrenaline kicked in and his noodle legs were carrying him faster than he'd ever gone before.

      He ran by three people who appeared to be Princess Zelda, Mirajane, and... Jellal?

      They were apart of Verity's gang. He knew Jellal, they had met a while back.

      He kept running, ignoring them.


      Blaize blinked.

      "woAH, THAT'S EVEN COOLER!" she exclaimed, hugging Laxus's leg. 

      She decided that Laxus was now her favorite dragonslayer. Probably. She hadn't met any other dragonslayers, so that might've been why.

      "Jeez, I'm making so many new friends today, it's super great!"


      Luna jumped at the sound of terrified screaming and flung her pistol out of her satchel, tensing.

      "What the hell was that?!" she snarled, glaring at Invel. "Was this your friend's fault?"


      (haha, that's okay, it's totally understandable... i feel like i should've written more for these POV's, rip me, also, it'd be funny to see the Trio of Trouble acting like the Plastics)

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    • Brandish took a step back as Invel whipped around and glared at Luna.

      "For your information, she's no friend of mine." the ice wizard snapped. "She's simply a colleague and an annoyance. I'm the only one who knows how to stop her rampages, therefore I'm tasked with watching her."

      "Wait, THAT'S what you're pissed about?" Brandish asked. "The fact that she thinks you and Irene are friends?"

      "It's humiliating enough being seen with that lunatic." he replied before storming off toward Tomorrowland.

      Brandish facepalmed and turned to Luna. "As you may be able to tell, he's uptight and no fun and we can't tell jokes or even assume he's friends with the crazy people. You get used to it after knowing him for years."

      Zelda watched as a kid with bright orange hair ran past.

      "I have a gut feeling that Irene is behind this." Jellal stated.

      "Hiccup is in Tomorrowland, and that sounds like where the screaming is coming from." Zelda agreed. "She probably found her senpai and is forcing him on Space Mountain or something."

      "And no one is there to help him..." Mira sighed. "Except Viggo, who'll probably have a field day about Hiccup's love issues."

      The three headed in the direction of Space Mountain, knowing one insane, stalker-ish dragon lady would be there.

      Mard gave Delta a funny look before the Trio casually walked in the direction of Tomorrowland, assuming that Irene had found Hiccup, who was spending the day there.

      "I hope they have popcorn!" Dagur chuckled with excitement. "I'll need it when I watch my little bro get snatched up by the dragon lady!"

      "She'll just force herself on him, be a major Yandere as per usual." Tyrian added. "So as long as no one gets hurt, we can laugh our asses off at this."

      "Even if someone gets hurt, we can laugh." Mard shrugged. "I mean, we're terrible people. Even you, Dagur, even though you're... sort of a good guy? I don't even know anymore."

      When the screams echoed around the park, Lucina remained calm. She knew that Irene was likely the cause of them, and that Jellal or Invel or someone would have things under control in no time.

      "I'm everyone's favourite Dragon Slayer." Laxus replied. "I'm the strongest, after all. Though I wouldn't go as far as calling us friends just yet. After all, we just met."

      Lucina elbowed him.

      (Mard would obviously be Regina, Tyrian would be Karen and that leaves Dagur as Gretchen, though he doesn't fit with her as much as the other two do. Also, it's not confirmed that Brandish and Invel go way back, but it's in my headcanon that they trained for the military together. Also while Natsu has been shown as extremely strong, I still believe Laxus is stronger than him due to the fact that in the fighting festival arc, Natsu was unable to take Laxus down alone, and Laxus has only gotten much stronger since, meaning Natsu still can't take him down. TBH main character syndrome is the only reason Natsu appears to be so strong.)

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    • Luna rolled her eyes. 

      "Trust me. I have to stick around this annoying wolf who only ever worries about the dumbest things. I've become accustomed to ignoring people when they're irritated or snappy."

      She hesitantly put her gun away... and used her telekenisis to remove her collar, also putting that in the satchel.


      Tiger was now barely watching where he was going. 

      He ran. And ran some more.

      Until he ran stRAIGHT INTO SOMEONE.

      He yelped, fell over (practically onto his face), and sat up, looking around. 


      Delta followed the Trio of Trouble as they marched on towards the sound of screams.

      He shuddered. Their words made him think of his old friend, Electi. 

      Still, he treaded on, staying behind the three lunatics. Who knew what would happen next? Delta was assuming that he'd probably get killed, one way or another.  He hated this. He was never going to Disney World again.


      Blaize shrugged and climbed up onto Laxus' head, taking a seat.

      "Whatever you are, you're cool, and we're gonna be great friends. Just you wait."

      She was detirmined to befriend this near stranger. 

      Blaize ignored the screaming that had sounded in the distance. She assumed it was Rainy and his friends trying to ask for attention. They always screamed. 

      (I've actually never watched Mean Girls so... rip me. Also, yeah, I agree. Laxus is probably much stronger than Natus, but seen as Natsu IS the main character ya kinda gotta have him beat everyone at some point, right?)

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    • Zelda, Jellal and Mira continued pursuing the orange boy. He was running toward the screaming, which Zelda found strange. Normal people should run away from the screaming, should they not?

      She watched as Jellal activated his Meteor spell, which granted him the ability to travel at the speed of light. Jellal sped through the crowds running from the direction of Tomorrowland and was in front of everyone...

      ...when suddenly Invel came from one of the streets and the two collided with each other. And then the orange boy crashed into both of them.

      The Trio had reached Tomorrowland, and Mard could sense Irene's power from inside Space Mountain. Hiccup had foiled many of the Trio's plans before - he was getting what he deserved in Mard's mind.

      "Well, shall we go in?" Tyrian asked. "I just bought popcorn!"

      "We should embrace the fact that Jellal hasn't arrived yet." Mard replied. "So yes, we should go in."

      The three chuckled and headed into Space Mountain.

      While she wasn't showing it on the outside. Lucina was ready to double over laughing at Laxus' reaction to Blaize. The Dragon Slayer had a straight face while having this hyperactive little fox bouncing around him. It wasn't something you saw everyday, and she was just about ready to laugh her ass off.

      "Yeah, sure, maybe we'll be friends." Laxus shrugged. "I'm cool and know the right people to hang out with."

      "How are you so chill about this?" Lucina asked him, trying to hide her laughter.

      "A lot of people in the gang could learn lessons from you." Brandish sighed. "I'd better head over to Tomorrowland too. The gang will need all the help they can get if it really is Irene gone batshit Yandere crazy."

      She looked over at Luna before slowly starting off in that direction. She could take her time - Jellal was probably there too, and between him and Invel, they could take out the enchantress. But just in case.

      "FRICK." Invel cursed as Jellal ran into him.

      (Nope. Hell, you have to have the main character lose to prove they're not invincible! No one likes invincible and untouchable characters.)

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    • Tiger winced.

      "Sorry," he mumbled, rubbing his head. Crap. He had crashed into Jellal.

      Tiger sighed, laying down. He was exhausted. What had he been doing earlier? Why was he-

      Oh... Luna. Tiger groaned, putting his hand over his eyes... he passed out soon afterwards.


      Delta cursed.

      "Uh. Guys. Dogs... er... wolves... aren't allowed onto rollercoasters."

      He decided not to mention the fact that he could turn humanoid. Delta didn't trust the Trio enough for that.


      Blaize twitched her ears, resting her chin on Laxus' head. She sneezed a kitten-like sneeze.

      "Your hair is super fluffy," the childish fox commented, wagging her tail. She wondered if she could give Laxus and Lucina any presents in the near future. Did they like cotton candy as much as she did?


      Luna huffed and followed her new 'friend'.

      "What's your name again?" she growled, lowering her head grumpily. The husky didn't want to be here. 

      I could be throwing grenades everywhere right about now.


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    • That line just caused Lucina to double over laughing as Laxus made a "wtf" face.

      "Pretty sure Midnight and Mard have the fluffy hair, not me." the Dragon Slayer chuckled. "You remind me of how Verity used to act, before she stepped out of the spotlight and let us take the center stage."

      Zelda quickly caught up to where the collision had happened. Jellal, Invel and the orange boy were all on the ground, a little dazed.

      "You all okay?" she asked. 

      "Of course not!" Invel snapped. "I'm chasing after Irene and this madman crashes into me!"

      "I'll apologize later." Jellal sighed before darting off again.

      Zelda facepalmed as Invel got up and followed, and she bent down to see if the boy was fine. He was still breathing. Always a good sign.

      "It's Brandish." she replied. "And you don't have to come. If you want to do your own thing, by no means am I forcing you to come."

      She reminds me of Invel a little. Very stiff and cutthroat and always seems to want to kill you. If he had made a better first impression on her, I can imagine them being friends.

      Speaking of Invel, he was still heading to Tomorrowland, though now he had two reasons to be there. One, to stop Irene, and two, to smack some sense into Jellal. Even though the other man was the gang's leader, Invel was still stronger and could definitely get a few hits on him.

      Both Irene and Jellal's power could be sensed in Tomorrowland. As well as... Fuck. If Mard were here as well, this was bad news.

      "Oh... You're still here?" Mard asked, turning to Delta. "Kind of thought that the second we turned our backs, you'd run as far away as you could in the opposite direction."

      "Yeah, we get the idea that you don't like us very much." Dagur agreed.

      Mard and Tyrian gave the Berserker a funny look. That wasn't really something you said to someone's face.

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    • Blaize sneezed again.

      "Who's Verity?! Is she here? Can I be her friend? Does she know Tiger? Where is Tiger? Do you know Tiger?" she questioned, speaking excitedly. 

      She stopped abruptly and stared down at Laxus, her ears twitching curiously.


      Tiger groaned and moved his head a little, still unconcious.


      Luna rolled her eyes.

      "Well, Brandish, I am drawn to destruction. I may as well just come along with you because, to be honest, I'd be sprinting over there right now if I hadn't bumped into you," she sighed.


      Delta huffed and rolled his eyes, visibly annoyed.

      "Believe me, I really wanted to, but I decided otherwise. I know I'm not nearly as strong as any of you, but I'd like to be the first to know if or when everyone here is in some sort of terrible danger because of you three."

      (sorry for the short POV's, I just... don't see what else I should write)

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    • "Feel free to go on ahead." Brandish told her. "I'm taking my time since I know Jellal, Invel and maybe some others will be there to handle the situation. Don't wait for me if you want to see what's going on, I'll probably just slow you down."

      Invel had managed to slip past the Trio and get into Space Mountain without them knowing. They seemed to be in no rush, which was a good sign. They wouldn't add to Irene's chaos.

      Jellal was already there, and when Invel got to the loading platform, the bluenette was studying the cars docked there with interest.

      "Have you caught her yet?" Invel asked.

      "I believe she and Hiccup went on the ride that docked here before us. Viggo probably went with them, to laugh at Hiccup's suffering." Jellal replied. "I met up with some of the others - they're waiting at the unloading platform. I told them I'd get on the ride and try to catch Irene before she reaches them. I'll need your help to do that, though."

      He jumped into the first cart, and Invel sighed and sat behind him. With that, the ride kicked to life.

      Mirajane turned into her demon form, lifted the unconcious boy and carried him to the side of the road. Zelda followed her lead, and the two looked at the boy.

      "Any idea who he is, Mira?" Zelda asked her.

      "He looks a bit familiar... But I'm not certain of who he is."

      "Because of us? You're blaming us for this?" Mard demanded. "We were with you the whole time! Besides, what purpose would I have destroying this? Tyrian likes it - it would be rude to deny him his pleasure. I don't care if you hate me. Hate me all you want, I've dealt with that more times than I can even count. Just don't accuse us for every small gang-related problem that shows up."

      With that, the demon king turned on his heel and headed into Space Mountain. Tyrian quickly followed him, but Dagur stayed behind. Mard could hear the Berserker trying to assure Delta that it wasn't anything personal, that the demon king just sometimes lashed out at people. Quite frankly, peace with the wolf was starting to seem like a lost cause, and Mard thought it was a good idea to just let that peace idea die.

      "Verity is no one." Laxus replied. "She sent us here to get a vacation, but we haven't seen her since we arrived here. Hell, she's probably not even on the same hotel floor as us."

      "Oh, the hotel." Lucina sighed. "I have to say, I lucked out with roommates. I have Mard, Qrow and Brandish, and Mard really isn't as terrible as his reputation makes him out to be."

      "I got unlucky." Laxus grumbled. "I'm with Invel, Midna and Peridot."

      "Maybe we'll introduce you to the gang later, Blaize." Lucina told her, looking up at her.

      (I'm thinking that once Invel turns Irene into a popsicle (don't ask XD), we can timeskip to the next day and have both gangs meet up casually to spend the day in, say, Animal Kingdom or Disney Springs.)

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    • Luna huffed. 

      "Eh.... I'm kinda wiped out. It's hot as hell here, and me being a Siberian Husky seriously doesn't help with that. I'll just walk with you for now, seen as I'd rather not waste my energy at the moment."

      Luna was telling the truth. She was burning up, and at this point, she was ready to force a rainstorm or a tsunami out of Delta. 


      It took a while, but Tiger eventually regained conciousness.

      He groaned and tried to sit up, but his head was throbbing and he was terribly dizzy. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw two of Verity's gang members. Zelda and Mirajane. 

      Tiger closed his eyes again and rested his head on the ground, because his headache was getting worse by a lot.

      "... what happened...?" he managed to say.


      Delta sighed and looked over at Dagur.

      "Stop apologizing for your friend, even I heard how irrational I was being, and that's saying something."

      No matter how sorry he felt, though, Delta never saw himself apologizing to a demon, not to mention the KING of the demons. No way. Nuh uh. Not ever. Mard would have to actually show a good amount of decency before that happened.

      "Just... go with Mard and Tyrian. I'll catch up to you later."


      Blaize barked excitedly.

      "THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!" she exclaimed and bounced off of Laxus's head, jumping around Lucina in enthusiastic circles. 

      "MAYBE you can meet MY FRIENDS TOO!" Blaize suggested "Delta is super duper serious, and Luna can be a big meanie bean, like, all the time, but Tiger's pretty neat! I'm sure you'll like Tiger... maybe... I dunno."


      (Yeah! That'd work super well!)

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    • Mard looked around at the loading dock for Space Mountain. He cursed this vacation - it was a terrible idea to think they could just get away from MB life and relax.

      Tyrian and Dagur showed up seconds later, both unusually quiet. Did they feel bad? They shouldn't - they had done nothing.

      Suddenly, a high pitched scream echoed through the ride.

      "Oh no, some girl's in trouble!" Tyrian commented.

      "Who knew you had such a feminine scream?" Jellal chuckled.

      Invel rolled his eyes. "Shut up. I see a light ahead - I'm going to try to freeze the whole ride along with Irene, then we can take her back to the hotel and lecture her about this."

      "There are people like that in every gang." Lucina shrugged. "We've got a bunch of those."

      "Invel has a stick up his ass." Laxus listed. "Viggo is creepy and probably planning to kill us all in our sleep. Tyrian's just a psychopath. Don't even get me started on Mard."

      "We get it, you don't like a lot of them." Lucina rolled her eyes.

      "You collided with two wizards, one of which was moving faster than a car." Zelda replied. "You'll be dazed for a while, that was quite the crash."

      "It's true." Mira shrugged. "Anyways, what's your name? I'm Mira and this is Zelda."

      "Frick, I should have made Invel stay." Brandish sighed. "We could have asked him to make popsicles! Stupid me."

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    • Delta decided to actually be useful for once and look for Luna. It didn't take long for him to spot the salty Siberian Husky, but instead of confronting her he decided to just follow her.

      Luna was talking to someone. Willingly. He didn't want to spoil it.


      Blaize blinked and stopped hopping around so that she could face Laxus.

      "Why don't you like them? Aren't they your friends?" she asked.

      Blaize was just full to bursting with questions today, wasn't she?


      Tiger inhaled, trying to keep himself from falling over. He was still pretty dizzy.

      "I-I know your names," he stuttered, struggling to speak clearly "my name's Br-"

      He stopped himself.

      "I go by Tiger."


      Luna rolled her eyes.

      "I don't eat very often. It's a normal thing from where I come from. Plus, I've never had a popsicle, anyways."

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    • "We're not all friends." Lucina replied. "Several members don't get along with each other, but that's normal. Can't be friends with everyone."

      "I'd like to pound a few of them." Laxus grunted.

      "But you don't." Lucina shot him a warning look.

      "You haven't had a popsicle?" Brandish demanded, staring in shock. "That must be fixed! Not by me, of course, because you're going to shoot me if I try to do something like that."

      She was still uneasy about Luna - not entirely sure whether the dog would shoot her, and what would cause the dog to shoot her.

      "Tiger?" Mira asked. "I know the name - you're Verity's friend, aren't you?"

      "Does she know you're here?" Zelda added.

      Mard noticed the loading platform was empty - there was no ride. Maybe he could give the unloading platform a try. If there was a ride there, he could probably get it to work.

      He, with Tyrian and Dagur following behind, headed in the direction of said platform.

      When they arrived, Celestia, Meredy, Ayden and Midnight were waiting at the platform. Mard gave them a funny look when suddenly a completely frozen Space Mountain roller coaster rolled onto the platform. A frozen Irene was in the front seat, and Hiccup, relatively untouched, was behind her.

      "Thank god!" the Dragon Rider sighed. "This psychopath is crazy in love with me!"

      "Well, THAT  was anticlimactic." Invel grumbled as his and Jellal's ride pulled up to the unloading platform. Hiccup was off the ride, with the reinforcements and the Trio of Trouble (thank god that they hadn't shown up earlier or else this whole situation could have gone a lot worse). Celestia was levitating the Irene-sicle in the air.


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    • Blaize giggled.

      "You guys sound like Luna and Delta. They argue all the time. It's super funny to watch, but sometimes they get a little violent," she said, sort of thinking out loud.


      Luna looked over at Brandish, exhaling sharply in amusement.

      "You're funny," she said to her "I'll give you that."

      The truth was, Luna didn't totally hate Brandish, still, she doubted that they could ever be friends. Afterall, the husky never LIKED friends. She didn't have time for them.


      Tiger blinked, slowly sitting up.

      He winced and put a hand over his forehead.

      "I... y-yeah. I'm friends with Verity. I... yeah. Pretty sure she knows that we're... that I'm here."



      (So... when should we timeskip? o3o)

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    • "Never gotten that one before!" Brandish replied. "I annoy most people."

      She noticed that people were beginning to head back in the direction of Tomorrowland. That must mean that Irene had either been lured away with candy or turned into a popsicle.

      The Trio had run away as soon as they saw Jellal and Invel coming. And now it looked like they had gone too far, since they were back at the park entrance/exit.

      "Why wouldn't she have come to the park, then?" Zelda wondered out loud. "If she has a friend, then she'd surely want to see them..."

      "Verity's weird." Mira shrugged. "Anyways, Tiger, you've got a gang, right? Do you know where they are?"

      "Our gang is violent." Lucina sighed. "Lots of arguing, Qrow trying to kill Tyrian, Irene stalking Hiccup... Never a dull moment, at least."

      Invel and Jellal had sent the reinforcements back to enjoy themselves, and Hiccup went with them. The two wizards were currently wondering what to do with Irene, who was still frozen.

      "Guess we should bring her back to the hotel and wait for her to thaw." Jellal suggested.

      (We can wrap things up with Brandish and Luna, and Laxus, Lucina and Blaize, and then do the timeskip. Maybe it can be getting late in the day, and they all have to go back to their hotels.)

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    • Luna huffed.

      "Most people are idiots," she growled, shaking her head a little.

      At that moment, she thought she caught a glimpse of Delta. Stopping, she looked around, pinning her ears.

      Are you kidding me?! 

      "On second thought, I'm heading back to the hotels," Luna said, still scanning the area for her fellow gang member.


      It took Tiger a few seconds to answer the quesion.

      "Er.... yeah... I left Delta with the Trio and Blaize with Lucina... I have no idea where Luna is," he said, sighing. 


      Blaize blinked a few times, climbing up onto Lucina's shoulder.

      "Oh," she said "my gang is pretty small, so, it gets boring sometimes. I talk to my other friends a lot, though. They keep me company all the time."


      (yea, that'd work)

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    • Brandish nodded. "I should do the same. Perhaps we'll see each other again."

      The Spriggan then began to make the trek back to the hotel rooms.

      "Mira, it's getting late." Zelda said suddenly. "We should get back to the hotel now."

      "Maybe your gang went back as well." Mira told Tiger. "Go check your hotel rooms. They could be there."

      Lucina felt a buzz in her pocket as Laxus responded to Blaize, explaining a little about the gang.

      "I just got a text from Jellal." she said. "They hunted down Irene, and he says we should probably get back before the park security comes, in case they suspect us."

      "Makes sense." Laxus replied. "Blaize, you should get back to your room too. Just for good measure."

      The two said goodbye to the fox, and then began to walk back to the hotel, though Lucina glanced back a few times, not sure if Blaize could handle herself.

      (Ok, so if you want to timeskip, feel free to do a jump to the morning now.)

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    • Tiger had been awake for hours. His head still throbbed, and occasionally there were short periods of time when he got really dizzy.

      The hallways of the hotel were empty, but whenever he heard (or thought he heard) something, his heart practically leaped out of his chest.

      Tiger blamed Blaize for this. The fox had been speaking in her creepy, backwards, indecipherable language all night. He wasn't even sure if she had been awake or not. 

      Shuddering, he tried to keep his mind off of things, counting the room numbers as he passed by each and every doorway.

      ... I wonder if Verity's gang is staying in the same hotel.


      Luna huffed.

      Animal kingdom was big, and loud, and crowded. She hated it. Seven in the morning and already the streets were busy and bustling with people. This place sucked.

      Walking down the road and shoving her way through the crowds, she spotted a snack cart. Tilting her head, Luna noticed that they were selling popsicles.

      ... Alright, Brandish. If these taste awful, I'm blaming you for my displeasure.

      Quickly, she managed to steal one of the colorful frozen treats and walked over to the bench, hunckering down next to it and digging in.

      Luna was surprised to find that it tasted... good. In fact, she actually enjoyed it. A lot.


      Delta sighed and looked around the empty hotel room. Luna was gone, so he assumed that she was out and about... this worried him.

      The quiet was nice. There was a breeze coming in through the open balcony door, and the room was brightly lit by the sunlight that was pouring in. If he had his way, Delta would stay in here for the rest of this miserable "vacation".


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    • "ANIMAL KINGDOM, BITCHES!" Mard declared as the Trio entered the park.

      "Time for Everest!" Tyrian chuckled.

      "And Dinosaur!" Dagur agreed.

      Hopefully they wouldn't run into anyone, and their day plans would go without a hitch! 

      Lucina heard Mard's declaration, and looked over at the Trio. They had been quiet after they had arrived back at the hotel... Mard was one of her roomates, and Dagur had often been peeking in to check on him, for some reason. She definitely suspected something.

      She looked over at Jellal, who was arguing with a laughing Meredy. She hoped he hadn't had trouble with Irene...

      "Feeling flirty?" Midna asked teasingly, causing Lucina to jump. The Twilight Princess and her friend Peridot were suddenly right beside the swordswoman.

      "Ah! What are you two doing?" she demanded, looking at the smaller members.

      Brandish was in a group today - she was with Mirajane, Celestia, Qrow and Hiccup. It might be for the better, since if anyone tried to shoot her, Qrow could be right on them with his own gun. She doubted that would happen, but she had been a little nervous about guns since she worried about Luna doing that to her, even though the husky had made for good conversation.

      "I'm bored. Do we have any pie? Can I go eat someone? Why can't I leave? I'M FUCKING BORED, BITCH!"

      If he could have sweatdropped, he would. Invel had offered to watch Irene, as she was confined to the hotels until noon. Now he realized he should have let Mira take the job.

      "You should have thought of that before terrorizing the park." he replied. "Now you're being punished for it."

      "Hiccup wouldn't go on the ride with me!" Irene replied indignantly. "I had to make him go on it somehow!"

      Zelda was also in the hotel, though she was relaxing by the pool. Their whole floor of the hotel was empty - the rooms where quite large (needing to fit four people), so they took up more space, and it appeared that no one had wanted to be on the same floor as them. She wondered if that boy Tiger was in the hotel as well. Clearly not on the same floor as them, as for the aforementioned reasons.

      She sighed as she considered changing into a swimsuit just to swim around, though she wasn't a good swimmer by any means.

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    • Luna decided to watch the thousands of people that passed by her small corner on the sidewalk.

      Already, she had consumed a very large amount of popsicles. They were delicious. 

      Just as she was about to steal another from the snack cart, Luna caught sight of Brandish. Tilting her head, the husky watched as her acquaintance passed by, strolling along with a group of other people. 


      Sadly, Delta couldn't stay in the hotel room forever.

      Why? Well, ow he was chasing a wild PYROKINETIC HECKING FOX throughout Animal Kingdom.


      Blaize giggled and ran faster.

      "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, DELTA!" she called to him from behind her shoulder.

      Delta struggled desperately to keep up.


      Tiger sighed and decided to head down to the pool. Trying to stay as quiet as possible, he took his sneakers off and set them aside, dipping his feet in the crystal clear water.

      The pool was cool and pretty quiet. Not many people were in it, which was a surprise. He closed his eyes, partly because he was trying to relax, and partly because he was getting dizzy again.

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    • Invel knew that Zelda was at the pool. Good grief, maybe she'd help him out with Irene. The enchantress had begun to eat everything right now.

      "Come on, let's go to the pool." he told her.

      The Trio was in the line for the dinosaur ride. Tyrian was complaining - apparently he didn't like dinosaurs.

      "Tyrian, you've dealt with fucking Grimm." Mard sighed. "A few animatronics shouldn't make you nervous like this."

      "Besides, I'm doing Everest for you so the least you can do is this for me." Dagur agreed.

      Zelda looked up from her beach chair. Tiger had arrived at the pool. Hopefully he had recovered from his little... run-in. She would check on him if anything happened... he seemed alright... and she just needed to relax...

      Mirajane had bought cotton candy. Brandish was regretting her decision to not buy any as well, as she eyed the demon mage's food with greed.

      (Really short on time, thus why these are so short. I was planning to have Zelda go to you but I literally have no time whatsoever to write this.)

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    • Tiger sighed, opening his eyes. He looked around and saw Princess Zelda sitting on a beach chair relatively nearby. 

      I should thank her for helping me... he thought, and stood to walk over to her

      Another wave of vertigo hit him and he unintentionally fell into the pool.

      "crAP," he yelled, surfacing and spitting out water. He was glad that practically nobody was watching him.


      Blaize giggled as she dove into the line for dinosaur-themed rollercoaster that was apparently here. She weaved through the crowed effortlessly as Delta struggled to keep up.

      Delta let out an annoyed growl and forced his way through the large mass of people, grabbing Blaize by the tail and dragging her away.

      "If this happens again I'm throwing you out the hotel window!" he snapped, dropping the small fox on the sidewalk. 


      Luna walked back over to the snack cart, making sure to stride in front of Brandish and her companions on the way there. She wanted to see how her new aquaintance would react to the sight of her... the husky made sure that her pistol was still in the satchel that she was carrying.

      Slowly, she managed to steal yet another popsicle, carrying it away and hiding under a nearby table to eat it.


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    • Zelda looked up when she heard Tiger yell. She moved over to him as fast as her dress would allow her (these things really weren't made to run in), and, seeing as he wasn't too far from the edge, reached out and pulled him back in.

      "You alright?" she asked.

      Suddenly, a shadow covered the pool.

      "COWABUNGA!" Irene shouted before landing in the center of the pool in her dragon form, causing a huge splash.

      Mard made sure he wasn't next to Tyrian - Dagur was in between them. The Faunus had a habit of hugging the closest person when he was scared.

      The car thing that they were on was small. And now, it was just starting to move.

      Mard could have sworn he saw a flash of fur... but his mind was probably just playing tricks on him.

      Lucina was boarding one of the safaris. Midna and Peridot had followed her - guess she was going to be asked about her crush on Jellal. But no worries, she could just tease Midna about her crush on one dark-haired demon king.

      "I hope we get to see the lions." Midna gushed eagerly.

      "I want to see the crocodiles." Peridot added.

      "I'm mostly into the giraffes and okapis." Lucina admitted, getting blank stares from the other two.

      Brandish noticed Luna, and smiled and gave a little wave. Celestia noticed her, and stopped.

      "Made a friend?" the pony princess asked gently.

      Invel sighed when he saw the mess Irene had made. The pool was half emptied. Bloody dragon couldn't control herself. She was back in her human form now. She'd just have to enchant the water back to the way it was, which was easy work for someone of her caliber.

      (Ok, I know I mentioned the gangs meeting up. But, being my stupid forgetful self, I had my gang all split up. I guess we have to work things out now. -facedesks-)

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    • Tiger yelped, jumping a few feet away from the new person in the pool just as a new wave of pain exploded throughout his head. He winced, but tried to keep his mind off of it.

      "WHAT THE HELL-" he shouted, his heart practically leaping out of his chest when he saw a dragon, seen as he had a very large fear of the scaled creatures. (Even though he had a perfectly good reason to)


      Blaize ignored Delta and ran straight into the dinosaur-y ride (dunno what else to call it), bolting inside and running across the rollercoaster tracks. She ended up on top of a stegasaurus animatronic.

      Delta yelped, worried, and followed her, nearly being run over by one of the coaster carts. 


      (Delta needs a vacation away from this vacation already)


      Luna stood and casually walked over to Brandish, flicking her ear a few times.

      "Hey, Brandish. Longtime no see," the husky said, giving Celestia a weary look. She didn't trust the pony queen very much, seen as she had the power to banish someone to the moon.

      (Luna considered Celestia a queen, rather than a princess, seen as the title was unfitting. In addition, Luna wouldn't mind being stuck on the moon for a thousand years. She WOULD mind being BANISHED to the moon, though).

      Wonder if her sister's here. That'd be neat. 



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    • Lucina looked out of the side of the safari ride eagerly. So many animals! Midna seemed interested too, but Peridot, having already seen the crocodiles, had pulled out her tablet and was presumably tweeting all about this.

      Brandish nodded. "Yeah, how's it going today?"

      Qrow and Mirajane noticed her and Celestia stop, and quickly looked in the direction of them.

      "Who's this?" Mira asked. 

      "Is this the dog who probably has a gun?" Qrow asked.

      "This is Luna, and Qrow, you paranoid man, where would you get that idea?" Brandish replied.

      "Laxus said he heard Invel sleeptalking about a dog who probably had a gun." the Huntsman shrugged.

      Invel stared at the boy with Zelda, who seemed terrified. The boy relaxed a little as Irene returned to human form.

      "Irene, what did we say about diving?" he chastised, as the redhead did a little victory dance. "Clean it up."

      "Killjoy." Irene sulked before waving her hand and putting all the water she had splashed out of the pool back in.

      Zelda rolled her eyes a little at Irene. "Don't mind her, she's crazy." she assured Tiger. "And bored, since we confined her to the hotel for the morning."

      The ride was well underway. Tyrian had shrieked like a little girl twice now, and hugged Dagur tightly. Mard definitely didn't pity the Berserker.

      As the ride neared the final dinosaur scare, Mard noticed a small, fluffy animal on top of one of the stegasaurus. He was about to look, until the ride lurched forward and the final giant dinosaur was right in front of them.

      This triggered another scream from Tyrian, who clutched to Dagur, who then clutched onto Mard's arm. As the ride ended, the two of them were shaking a little nervously.

      (Poor Tyrian, XD. And yes, Delta needs a vacation. Poor him. We can have the gangs meet up for lunch, maybe.)

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    • Luna rolled her eyes.

      "No. I don't have a gun, I have five," she snickered, amused "you're right to be paranoid. I consider myself to be on the more destructive and unpredictable side of things."

      The husky pulled one of her pistols out of her satchel, keeping it pointed at and low to the ground. She doublechecked to make sure that it was on safety.

      "So, who're these people?" she asked, looking over at Brandish again.


      "Heh heh... it's okay. No biggie." Tiger said to Zelda, trying to calm down. He stood slowly, trying not to fall over again.

      "I've gotta go. My gang's supposed to meet up at the Rainforest Cafe in the Animal Kingdom... if you want, you guys can come along? I can pay for you guys."


      Delta growled, grabbed Blaize by the tail, and followed the coaster from before that had almost hit him. Quietly, he looked around and shifted into his human form, carrying Blaize in his arms. Hopefully nobody from Verity or Tiger's gang would see and recognize him.

      The only striking similarity he had with his normal form was the teardrop marking below his left eye. His hair was also the same color as his fur, but that was about it.

      He turned, only to catch sight Mard, Tyrian, and Dagur.


      Blaize yipped

      "DEMON!" she yelled excitedly, trying to escape Delta's grasp.



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    • The Trio was heading out of the ride. Tyrian was complaining how scary it was. "I'm never going back on that again!"

      "Speak for yourself, I'd ride that a hundred times!" Dagur stated.

      As the three reached the door, Mard could have sworn her heard someone yell "Demon!"

      "Hurry, the paparazzi is coming." he said, pulling the other two through the door. "Soon they'll want my autograph."

      "I don't think that's - " Dagur started.

      "Shut up and let my have my dreams!"

      "That would be fun!" Zelda replied. "But you'd have to pay for 20 extra people, so we can't do that to you."

      "20?" Invel demanded. "We're not bringing Irene - that's rewarding her for terrible behaviour."

      "We can't just leave her. I'll pay for the damages, ok?"

      "... Alright."

      "These are some of my buddies in the gang." Brandish replied. "This -"

      "We can introduce ourselves." Mira told her gently. "My name's Mirajane! I've heard a bit about you, Luna!"

      "I'm Princess Celestia." Celestia cut in before the mage could ask Luna for her whole life story.

      "Qrow." Qrow added. "Qrow Branwen."

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    • Delta cursed as Blaize managed to squirm away from him, bolting towards the Trio (specifically Mard, lucky him).

      "BLAIZE NO!" he shouted as the fox turned the corner and caught up to the three villainous gang members.

      "BLAIZE YES!" she shouted back, and leaped for Mard's head.

      Before she could land on the demon king, Delta grabbed her, praying that Mard hadn't noticed them.

      I'm definitely throwing her out the hotel window tonight. 


      "Uhm... it's alright, I can pay. I've certainly got enough for all of you, trust me," Tiger assured Zelda.

      He was really only doing this because he desperately wanted to meet up with Verity's gang. He hadn't seen them in a while and knew that there had to be at least a couple new members. Of course, him paying for them all would be a bit... draining... but Tiger had more money than he could possibly need, thanks to Luna and her nighttime "activities".


      Speaking of Luna, she was a bit overwhelmed seen as she didn't enjoy talking to more than one person at the same time, not to mention near strangers. 

      "What exactly have you heard about me?" she questioned, looking over at Mirajane. She forced herself to relax. Being all tense and worked up in this situation probably wasn't exactly ideal.

      Luna looked over at Qrow for a few moments. He seemed like a serious guy... the kind that wouldn't bother with the little things and would cut to the chase. She wondered if he was good with a gun.

      Celestia was Celestia. Luna knew about her. Regal, calm, wise. Nothing new, or so she thought. 

      Mirajane seemed to radiate kindness and empathy. It sort of made Luna sick. She never really understood the concept of being compassionate, it was all too confusing to her. Why sacrifice yourself for somebody else's happiness?  The only person Luna would actually die for was Tiger, but that was all because she owed him more than she could give.


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    • "Well, we heard that you had guns, obviously." Qrow replied. "Invel apparently told Laxus that, who told me. Speaking of him, don't let Invel dampen your opinion on us - we're not all bitchy killjoys like you."

      "Verity also said that you reminded her of Irene." Mira added. "But let's not worry about what she says, she's not always the sharpest tool in the shed."

      Brandish sighed. Well, there went Verity's first impression. Luna would probably shoot her when she saw her.

      "Those animals were so cute!" Midna declared as they left the ride. "I need to take Mard on that later!"

      "Good luck with that." Peridot snorted. "Anyways, what's for lunch?"

      "I should have been texted about that..." Lucina looked at her phone. "But I haven't gotten any notice about it just yet."

      Mard looked over his shoulder at the new guy who was carrying his fluffy animal. They both seemed familiar, but he didn't care enough to remember.

      "Sorry, kid, I'm busy now." he said. "If you want a picture or an autograph, just come to my hotel."

      As the Trio began to head to Everest, Dagur started snickering. "I don't think that was a kid, Mard."

      "I'm fucking 400 years old. Everyone except Peridot and Celestia is a kid compared to me."

      "Even for the damages?" Invel inquired. "It's inevitable - something will get destroyed."

      "He's right, Tiger." Zelda agreed. "Our gang is destructive and... well, kind of rude."

      "Kind of?" Invel demanded. "Mard and the Trio swear 24/7 and get a kick out of other people's misery. Qrow is an alcoholic who always carries a sword with him. Viggo is creepy and evil. Ayden is... well, insane. Midna is a stalker, Peridot has a hoarding problem. Brandish has uncontrollable cravings for sugar. And Irene... where do I begin?"

      "We're an interesting bunch." Zelda sighed.

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    • Tiger laughed.

      "EVEN for the damages," he insisted "C'mon, let's just... head out and enjoy ourselves with the others, really, forget about prices and all. I'll call Delta. He's the only one with a phone."

      Getting his iPhone out, Tiger dialed Delta's number and listened to the phone as it rang.


      Delta sighed, relieved, and took his vibrating phone out of his pocket, holding it up to his ear.

      "Hey Tiger... what's up?" he asked.

      ... a pause...

      "Okay, we'll head over there right now," Delta said before putting his phone away and dragging Blaize off to the Rainforest Cafe. She looked very disappointed, seen as she probably did want an autograph from Mard.


      Luna easily supressed a laugh, despite her amusement.

      "Verity seems like an interesting character. I just hope that she isn't too similar to Tiger. That'd be rather annoying, seen as I hate having to deal with him."

      I want food. Luna thought to herself, ignoring a growl that came from her stomach. Didn't she just eat over a dozen popsicles?


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    • "It's your money." Invel shrugged.

      "Irene, can you fly us there?" Zelda asked the enchantress, who was still in the pool.

      "Eh? To get food? Yeah, sure!" Irene replied, transforming into her dragon form.

      "This is the fastest way." Zelda told Tiger, gesturing to the now-dragon.

      "I don't think I've had one decent conversation with Verity since I arrived." Celestia mused.

      "Have we even seen Verity since we arrived at the hotel?" Brandish asked, looking at the others.

      "Probably off being a drug dealer somewhere." Qrow grumbled.

      "QROW!" Mira scolded, before turing back to Luna. "You shouldn't have to worry about bumping into her on the trip."

      Lucina's phone suddenly buzzed. She looked down at it seeing notifications from her group chat with the rest of the members who had phones.

      "We're meeting at the Rainforest Cafe." she told Midna and Peridot. "We'd best start heading over there now."

      When Mard's phone buzzed as well, he dismissed the text. They had just activated their FastPasses for Everest - Jellal or whoever had texted them could wait.

      "Don't scream this time." he told Tyrian as they got closer to the ride.

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    • Tiger kinda froze up a bit, getting really dizzy.

      "UHM... yknow.... I don't think I'll be able to stay on Irene while we fly there because I'm still super dizzy from yesterday," he stuttered. 

      Tiger probably COULD keep his balance whilst riding on the back of a dragon right now, but to be honest, he was still terrified.

      Not of falling off.

      He was scared of the HECKING DRAGON RIGHT THERE. AGAIN. 


      Luna rolled her eyes.

      "I wasn't really too worried in the first place," she grumbled.... that was a lie, she was always worried about something.

      Her stomach was acting up again so she sighed and looked over at Brandish.

      "I'm hungry, so I'm gonna head over to the Rainforest Cafe. It's apparently got some decent food there," Luna huffed "you guys can come along if you really want to, I don't really care." 

      The husky put her pistol back in her satchel.


      Heading into the Rainforest Cafe, Delta had gotten a table for... what? 24 people? Oh dear lord he knew what this meant.

      Sitting down (still in his... "human" form), Delta set Blaize beside him, keeping a VERY close eye on her. He ordered a Cola (for Tiger, he did not promote such unhealthy food) and 24 waters.

      Blaize fell asleep with her fluffy little head resting on the table. Quickly, Delta elbowed her awake. He didn't want the tiny fox to be muttering backwards Latin (or something like that) in her sleep once Tiger and... the "others" got here.

      Blaize didn't protest. She seemed.... under the weather. Delta assumed that it was because she wasn't really able to talk to Mard, but he sort of doubted that.


      (Okay but now I want to just... give Tyrian a hug. I think he's like, my favorite out of the trio)

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    • Lucina led Peridot and Midna inside the cafe. Zelda had texted now - they had reservations for a huge group of people. Another gang was eating with them, but a smaller one. She assumed it was Blaize's gang.

      "Hi, we're here for that huge reservation." she told the waitress at the front. "The one for 24 people."

      "24 people?!" Midna demanded.

      "What the hell?!" Peridot squawked at the same time.

      Lucina sighed as the waitress led them to their table.

      A buzz came from both Mirajane and Qrow's pockets. Brandish was jealous - only the more responsible gang members and Mard had phones.

      "We'll be heading there anyways." Mira told Luna. "Apparently we have reservations now."

      "That was sudden." Celestia commented. "Weren't we supposed to be informed beforehand of where we were eating."

      "Yeah, apparently someone offered to pay for our reservations, meals and damaged." Qrow replied. "I guess Jellal wanted to take it, even though only Zelda and Invel know who's paid for us."

      The group began heading over to the cafe with Luna, though giving her her space so she didn't get uncomfortable.

      Mard had lucked out - Tyrian and Dagur had taken the first row of the ride. They would get a front-row seat of those huge-ass Everest drops. Thankfully there were only two seats per row, so Mard was behind them. He knew they'd be screaming and hugging each other, and now he could avoid that happening to him.

      Tyrian made excited noises as the ride started going uphill, while Dagur put his face in his hands nervously.

      "I can freeze you in place." Invel offered. "Nothing breaks my ice, so you're guaranteed not to fall."

      Zelda gave him a warning look. "This is the most efficient way to get to Animal Kingdom. It'll be over in maybe two minutes."

      "Yeah, I don't eat people anymore!" Irene agreed, smiling.

      (Mard is my favourite for obvious reasons. But I love Tyrian and Dagur as well - Tyrian is insane but extremely likeable and Dagur is really the only sane and moral one and the one they both turn to. Gah, them and Jellal are my favourite gang members. And I know that was bad grammar. :P)

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    • Delta raised an eyebrow as a group of people sat down at the table. He knew that they were apart of Verity's gang.

      "LUCINAAAAA!" Blaize barked happily, jumping over to one of the new arrivals. 

      She was hugging a what appeared to be warrior princess. Delta realized that he recognized her, but he couldn't remember why or where from.

      "Ahem. Excuse the... hyper fox. She's always this exciteable," Delta cut in "I'm Delta... you must be Lucina."

      Delta looked over at the other people Lucina had arrived with before holding his hand out to the swordswoman, expecting a handshake.


      Luna walked inside the rainforest cafe, ignoring the hostess as she opened her mouth to greet them.

      Walking over to a very large table, she immediately spotted Delta (in his human form) and Blaize. They were greeting a group of strangers, and immediately an uneasy feeling in her stomach returned.

      She stopped walking, standing relatively close to the table, and waited for Brandish and the others to catch up.


      Tiger gritted his teeth.


      Sighing, he slowly climbed up onto Irene's back.

      "Don't freeze me, I would appreciate it if you didn't," he muttered to her, trying to take deep breaths and stay... at least a little bit calm. 

      (PFFT, Verity, as someone who constantly fails at using their grammar, you have nothing to worry about. Also, I agree with you. Tyrian is very likeable.)

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    • "FROGS!" Brandish exclaimed as she looked up at the sign for the cafe. How cool was this?

      "There aren't frogs inside." Celestia told her. "Let's sign in."

      As the four entered, they saw Lucina, Midna and Peridot, as well as Luna and two others.

      When Dagur let out a feminine shriek as the ride suddenly moved backwards, Mard could hear Tyrian's laughter. This ride was nothing - they were getting so freaked out (in Dagur's case) and excited (in Tyrian's case) about nothing.

      Mard's phone buzzed in his pocket again, and he felt a bit irritated. Jellal and the rest of the gang could fucking wait. The minions needed to be entertained.

      "She'll go gently." Zelda assured Tiger.

      When Irene lifted off, Invel rolled his eyes. This kid, Tiger's, reaction to seeing her and not knowing her capability was terrified. Imagine if he actually knew what she could do, that nothing could hurt her.

      "I'm Lucina, and this is Midna and Peridot." Lucina accepted the handshake, and with her free hand gestured to the two next to her, who nodded.

      When Brandish, Celestia, Mirajane and Qrow showed up at the table, Lucina introduced them by name as well. Qrow poked Midna with his sword playfully, and she made a hissing noise at him.

      A few minutes after those four, Jellal and Meredy entered. Seeing the crowd, the two made their way over.

      "Are you the ones who offered to treat us to this lunch?" Jellal asked, looking over at Delta. "Thanks for that. I'm Jellal, the leader of this gang."

      (I strive for good grammar, XD. Right now I literally feel like shit so this RP distracts me from the other thing I've been doing that's causing this. :P)

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    • Delta shook his head slowly.

      "No, Jellal, Tiger did. He's on his way here... don't know what's keeping him. He knows how mad I get when people are late," he growled, huffing and checking his watch.

      Blaize was looking around at all the new people, sniffing their shoes or any swords and reachable weapons they might have on them. She was curious as ever and wanted to befriend every single person here.


      Luna rolled her eyes, amused because of how displeased Delta looked. She shifted into her human form, adjusting her hat and satchel. 

      "Alright. So. Who're we wating for? Tiger, obviously, is pretty late. I don't see an Irene here either, and I'm pretty sure that Mard is still apart of the gang, because last time I checked (which was about what? a year ago?) Verity cared very much for him," Luna cut in impatiently before Delta could complain even more.

      She sincerely hoped that the others wouldn't show up. Dear lord, this meetup was a terrible idea. Surely Delta knew this.


      Tiger managed to relax a little bit, and let his mind wander.

      He remembered when he was able to transform into a dragon... the good days. Where half his gang was still here, alive, well, and close to him.

      Tiger shook his head a little bit. He needed a Cola right about now.


      (Ahhhhh, what's going on, Ver D:)

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    • Irene almost crushed the cafe when she landed. As Invel, Zelda and Tiger got off her back, she shifted back into human form.

      "Let's eat!" she said before running in.

      Zelda and Invel shared a nervous look.

      Once the ride was done and Dagur was left shaking in terror, Mard finally checked his phone.

      "They've got lunch for us." he told the rest of the Trio. "Guess we'd better check that out."

      "Ok, let's see who we're missing..." Jellal said. "A bunch of people just arrived, so let's do a head count. We're missing Mard, Tyrian, Dagur, Viggo, Irene, Zelda, Invel... Funny, those two are never late..."

      Then Irene ran in, sat down next to Hiccup, and Invel and Zelda, along with an orange haired boy, came in behind her.

      (Pft, I'm mostly just being petty. I play this game with several close friends, and we all have our own little roleplays. Everyone's characters are falling in love, and soon enough, they'll be like rabbits - making or having. I want to make my love stories realistic - I don't want it rushed or without chemistry. But now, I'm basically the only one without love and it just... well, it hurts a bit. My best friends in that group all try to help, but really, the only other people who I could have a romance with aren't my type. I'm really close to the people who do have love and are happy, but I'm just having a hard time being happy for them because I don't have what they have. It's not your problem, though, and you don't have to worry about it. I'll be over it by tomorrow - this is a common occurence for me, getting jealous of what other people have.)

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    • Tiger waved to the other's, giving an annoyed Delta a sheepish look. He sat down next to the wolf.. human... thing, and noticed the cup Cola in front of him. Immediately, Tiger took the glass and chugged it as fast as possible before asking a waiter for three more rounds.

      He ignored the concerned looks coming from Delta and Luna. 

      "So. Verity's gang. Hey!" he greeted, now feeling much better "I'm Tiger, that's Luna, Blaize, and Delta," he said, gesturing towards each of the gang members. Delta nodded politely, Luna ignored them, and Blaize was too busy watching everyone and everything in the room to notice that he had said her name.


      Luna looked around the room. 

      "So we're just missing the so-called Trio of Trouble, then?" she said impatiently, sitting down next to Delta and using his shoulder as an arm rest. 

      She ignored the irritated look he gave to her.


      Blaize was particularly interested in the magical-looking pony, but was equally intrigued by the dorito-looking green woman. She wanted to hug both of them like, really bad. 

      She sniffed the pony's hoof, very attracted to the shiny metal shoe things that she was wearing. She liked shiny things very much, but Tiger wouldn't let her have any. He, for some reason, had a "treasure" hoarding problem.


      Delta sighed, leaning back in his chair and adjusting his tie. He wasn't very ready for Mard and his "friends" to arrive. 

      He looked over at Blaize. She was certainly going to flip out the moment the demon walked in, and Delta wasn't ready to drag her away from Mard, either.

      Sighing again, he took a sip of water and looked over at Verity's gang members. Delta wondered if Jellal was the one who had the most authority over them. Surely someone HAD to fill those shoes.

      Half-heartedly, he used his hydrokenisis to mess around with the water inside his glass, lifting it up a little ways into the air and twirling it around absent-mindedly. 


      (Ahhhh dang, I really hope that things blow over soon)

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    • "The Trio and Viggo Grimborn." Jellal corrected. "I'm not too worried about the Trio, they're always late because they don't care. However if Viggo is unaccounted for, then that's a little concerning."

      Invel rolled his eyes. Viggo Grimborn, despite being an evil genius, had no magic power. While the man was immensely intelligent and cunning, he wasn't as much of a threat as several other members (cough, Mard and Irene, cough) due to being a normal human.

      He and Zelda had snatched Irene's chair for her, forcing her to go sit on the other side of the table away from Hiccup.

      Lucina had sat next to where Blaize had been sitting before the fox ran off to look at Celestia, who was on the opposite side of the table. Laxus was on her other side, and swordswoman and wizard shared a look, wondering where the four absent members could be.

      When Viggo finally came, nonchalant about the whole meeting, Jellal gave him that "we will discuss this later" look, and Invel waved him over to a seat. Viggo had muttered something about how high strung and worried Jellal was about this type of thing.

      "And now it's just the Trio." Laxus sighed. "Might as well start with introductions without them - they don't give a fuck about meetings, so they're always late."

      Lucina, Laxus and Irene had done their introductions. Brandish had cringed so badly when Irene had made hers, and saw many other gang members do the same.

      On Irene's right, there were three empty chairs (presumably reserved for the trio). Brandish was on the other side of these chairs, so she decided that she might as well go ahead.

      "I'm Brandish." she introduced herself. "I'm a wizard from the Alvarez Empire, and I can control mass. I like eating a lot."

      Quite proud of herself, Brandish sat down as Mira, who was sitting next to her, laughed into her hand before making her own introduction.

      After Mira went Ayden, then Meredy, Jellal, Hiccup, Zelda, Invel, Viggo, Peridot, Midna, Midnight, Celestia and Qrow.

      "Fithy peasants." Mard grumbled as he entered the restraunt. "It's so loud and cramped... And it's not just the gang dining here? Fuck my life."

      The Trio knew they were late. But it wasn't their problem - Jellal should have texted them beforehand and not fifteen minutes before.

      The gang was easily identifiable, and Mard nearly cursed when he saw familiar orange hair. He'd have to deal with Delta again, and while the wolf was by no means annoying, he was basically Jellal and Invel 2.0. and sucked the fun out of everything.

      "Hey losers!" Dagur greeted, before noticing Tiger's gang. "And other people that I probably haven't met before."

      The three took the seats between Irene and Brandish, Mard sitting in the middle of the Trio. He leaned back in his chair, knowing that this would end horribly.

      In her seat between Hiccup and Invel, Zelda shared that thought. When the whole gang was in one place, peace was fragile. It never lasted long. Either Irene destroyed something, Mard complained about how boring things were, Viggo started doing something evil or Qrow got drunk. By the looks of it, either Mard or Qrow (who was already drinking from his flask) would be the one to ruin this meeting.

      (Hmm... now who should ruin it? The demon or the alcoholic? XD. And everything was wrapped up nicely. The friends I mentioned that were in this roleplay group are some of the nicest and most understanding people I know. They helped talk me through everything, assured me of things and I tried to be more happy for them. Two of my friends just had a breakthrough with their characters' love lives, and that was what triggered the whole thing. There are about 8 of us, but I'm only close friends with 4 of them. And coincidentially, those four are the only two pairs in the group. XD. So I'm friends with the two couples, one which is already married and one which is now engaged. The other people I'm not as close with. Even though one of said other people has a thing for one of my characters, she's too young for me. This person is 10 years old, I'm almost 15. No fucking way am I making my characters date a 10 year old's character, XD.)

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    • When Luna heard the words "hey losers" come out of Dagur's mouth she instantly wanted to shoot him in the face, despite the fact that she sort of admired him for actually calling everyone here a loser. Delta gave her a warning look.

      Mind your own business, you insensitive prick. She thought, giving Delta a steely glare. She was losing her temper, and at this rate she was just about ready to leave and go get some more popsicles. 

      Luna had better things to do, like, for example, she really wanted to knock some sense into Tiger. Of course, she couldn't use her pistol or the few grenades she had on her to do that. 



      Delta cleared his throat.

      "Hello, Dagur. You have actually met me, and Tiger. Good afternoon to you too," he said, trying to keep his voice steady. He gave Mard a nervous look before quickly shifting his gaze over to Tyrian, and then back to the water that he was playing with in his glass.


      Blaize bounced over to Mard.

      "It's a deMONNNNNNN!" she barked excitedly.

      Delta turned his head quickly so that he could look at Blaize.

      "Blaize, calm down. Mard doesn't need or want you to be pestering him. I thought we established this after that weird dinosaur ride extravaganza. Plus, I'm pretty sure that there are more demons than just Mard here," he told her, growing anxious.

      Blaize looked up at Delta.

      "Like Rainy?!" she asked excitedly.

      "Blaize, your imaginary friend doesn't exist," Luna scoffed, using Delta's shoulder as an arm rest yet again, and ignoring the annoyed look she got from him in return.

      Blaize pouted and bounded back over to her seat, settling down for what seemed to be like the first time in weeks.


      Tiger seemed to be the only guy enjoying himself (out of his entire gang, that is). He let himself relax, watching Verity's gang members as they interacted with his own. He was really only worried about Luna because he knew that she had a pistol on her.

      Taking a long sip of Cola, he exhaled slowly, and looked over at Jellal.

      "So. You're apparently the gang's new leader? How's that working out for you?" he asked, desperately trying to start a conversation with like, literally anyone. It'd be cool if he couldfind the time to speak with Hiccup or Tyrian. Maybe even Peridot.


      (Pfft yeah. I'm glad that things are working out now)

      (Also, I'm thinking that it's very possible for Luna to ruin everything, too. As you know, she isn't very... tolerant. Also I think the demon has a higher chance of ruining this "lovely" meetup)

      (Excuse any grammar or spelling errors in this one POV, I don't feel like proofreading it rn :'D)

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    • Zelda decided to turn her attention away from the chaos makers and focus on Jellal's conversation. 

      "New? Not really, I've been in charge for months." the bluenette replied. "It's working out well. I've been building off of Verity's failures, and slowly improving the gang and it's reputations."

      Beside her, Zelda heard Invel snort in amusement.

      Mard was half tempted to call the waitress over and ask for shots. He'd need to get wasted to survive this... All these people got on his nerves. He quite disliked crowds, and preferred to stand above them than with them.

      Tyrian, meanwhile, was staring at Delta in confusion. "If you're Delta... why are you human?"

      "Tyrian, you don't just ask someone why they're human." Dagur sighed.

      "Lord, Tyrian, you're such an idiot!" Qrow berated from across the table, obviously getting drunk.


      "Ey, Qrow, give me some of your alcohol." Mard demanded. "I'll need it to survive this."

      Lucina paled a little. Having one drunk was fine, since Qrow was virtually always drunk. But if Mard drank here, Tyrian would soon follow. And soon enough, half the gang would be drunk and ruining everything.

      "Whose idea was this?" Laxus hissed into her ear. "Having our whole gang here is a terrible idea - things are going to be ruined. I don't like the look that dog has on her face."

      "I think it was Tiger's." she replied. "We can't be rude, he organized this for us."

      "Fine, but when shit goes down, I'm leaving."

      Brandish was down for something to drink as well. Not necessarily some of Qrow's alcohol, but just a drink in general. Maybe a martini?

      "Can we order our food now?" she asked. "I'm hungry!"

      "Yeah, same." Irene agreed.

      "We just got here, and you bottomless pits are always hungry." Invel sighed. "Why don't you just socialize?"

      "Why don't you just socialize?" Viggo asked, elbowing him while chuckling.

      "Because I don't socialize." the ice wizard replied.

      (I feel like Mard will get bored, then maybe use someone to entertain himself. Luna will probably get anxious as well, and when the two of them have finally had enough of this, they'll both snap, blow something up and then the chaos will begin! My gang will obviously begin fighting when it starts, XD.)

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    • Tiger raised a skeptical eyebrow but kept his mouth shut. He didn't want make a bad impression in front of Zelda, seen as she had helped him earlier.

      He winced at the sudden pain shooting through his forehead and rubbed his temple with one hand whilst using the other to pick up one of the three glasses of cola at his disposal. He chugged it, and was glad to find that, miraculously, the pain eased.

      "Well," he coughed "I'm glad that you're working to fix any issues that reside throughout your gang."

      Tiger realized that he hadn't done the same. He payed no attention to Luna's lack of tolerance and her crave for chaos and destruction. He hadn't helped Delta with his issues from the past. He hadn't called an excorcist for Blaize because, hell, she needed one desperately.

      Dammit, what am I doing? No wonder I can't handle three measly gang members. 


      Delta somewhat related to Mard. He seriously needed a bottle of whiskey or something. Clearing his throat, he tried to keep his voice even as he spoke.

      "Guys, I think it'd be best to calm down. Tyrian's question was a valid one, and I understand why he'd be confused about me being in my... humanoid... form."

      He continued on, trying not to seem stressed out. He was sorta failing, and Luna's expression didn't help like, at all.

      "Me, Luna, Blaize, and T-"

      he stopped himself.

      "Me, Luna, and Blaize aren't human, but we are some sort of... humanoid that can shapeshift into an animal form. We prefer to stay in these forms because a) they strengthen our powers and b) we dislike humans," he gave Dagur an apologetic look at that last part. 

      Luna scoffed. 

      "Delta's the only one who has a grudge against humanity. I couldn't care less about them and Blaize is too childish and absent-minded to care less about anything."

      And for now, to top it all off, Tiger is stuck in his human form. She added, not saying that last part out loud and, like Delta, shifting to her humanoid form as well.

      Delta gave her a warning look before noticing the pistol in her hand. She must've pulled it out of her sa-

      Godammit she had a grenade, not a pistol. 


      Blaize perked up at the sound of food and put a paw on Tiger's hand to get his attention.

      "Can I have a chocolate cake!? Please!?" she pleaded.

      Tiger turned to her. He looked upset, but he forced smile and nodded a little, ruffling the fur on her head with his hand.

      Blaize wagged her tail and sat back down, sneezing like a little kitten.

      (tbh now Blaize is just something i use to make me happy because lOOK AT HERRRRRR)


      (Delta will probably just drench Luna, but without an ocean nearby he can't really conjure up a giant trsunami or something, so that'll be useless. Tiger doesn't have his powers, and Blaize is only good for lighting candles or matches. I'm pretty sure Luna and Delta will just get into a fist fight or something before one of them , coUGHDELTAcoUGH, gets shot... i can't wait to see this happen >:D)

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    • "Humanity's a bitch." Mard agreed. "I had a plan to wipe it out entirely but that failed thanks to stupid good guys."

      "Yeah, they're the worst." Irene agreed.

      "You guys suck!" Mira told them both. "Have an open mind about good guys and humanity!"

      "Darling, I was made to destroy humans." Mard sighed. "Anyways, Qrow, about that alcohol..."

      When the Huntsman searched his pockets, Jellal suddenly held up a hand and revealed Qrow's flask. "Sorry... we can't have you all getting drunk."

      "GODDAMNIT JELLAL." Mard and Qrow grumbled at the same time.

      Fixed the reputation? Improving the gang? Cute joke. Invel thought to himself. You still can't get Mard to respect you.

      As if she knew what he were thinking, Zelda elbowed him lightly.

      "Just go with it." she said softly. "With any luck, we can excuse ourselves when things get ugly."

      Brandish wanted to enjoy herself. She really did. But such a huge gathering wasn't ideal. Especially when they were all full of energy. She couldn't help but be nervous that something would blow up or someone would get hurt.

      When the waitress came, the group began making their orders. Brandish's was smaller than usual - she didn't want to make Tiger or Jellal or whoever was paying pay too much. Especially since the Dragon Slayers, Tyrian, Dagur, Peridot and Mira were ordering enough food for two servings.

      "Laxus, are you serious?" Lucina asked as the Dragon Slayer placed his order. "That's way too much food!"

      "I'm a Dragon Slayer. We eat like crazy." Laxus sighed. "Besides, Ayden, Tyrian, Irene and Peridot ordered more food than me."

      Zelda shot an anxious look at Tiger. Was he regretting offering to pay now?

      She noticed that Jellal seemed relieved about something. Probably that he didn't have to pay for this. Either he, Invel, Hiccup, Midnight or Mira payed when the gang went out alone (often they all contributed, since this gang ate a lot). They were all probably secretly celebrating that someone else had offered to pay.

      While she was thinking about this, someone pulled her chair out from under her and she fell to the ground with a gasp. A snicker from Tyrian was heard, and she knew who caused this.

      (-le gasp- ZELDA YOUR FIRST SWEAR WORD MAMA'S SO PROUD. Teehee, feel free to start the chaos in your next post! I'm getting excited to have everything start. :D)

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    • Delta, for once, related to Mard. Humanity was a disease that needed to be wiped out sooner or later (preferably sooner). He was glad that at least someone here knew that.

      Closing his eyes, Delta took the time to remember what he had done years ago. His plan to wipe out the human race was sloppy and planned terribly. Not to mention the fact that he was under the influence of someone else, all while attempting to wipe out the people populating North America. He had only gotten past half of Mexico before Tiger had stopped him.

      The moment that Delta opened his eyes, those thoughts vanished... for now. After a few years of constant practice, he could practically wipe that experience from his mind for long periods of time.

      It was one of the perks of being a two-faced liar.

      (hhhh i feel like this is a bad way to develop Delta on my part because i haven't really mentioned any past "evil" plans that he's tried to carry out. his backstory right now is a huge work in progress because i've completely changed everything about him, so, bear with me as I try to figure these things out) 


      Luna looked at Mard wearily. She seriously wanted to leave, like, right now. She wasn't a big fan of insane criminal masterminds, seen as she's had to deal with a fair share of them throughout her lifetime.

      Slowly, she took her pistol out of her satchel, and with her other hand, she hid her grenade under the table.

      Luna was currently very eager to make a few things go "kaboom"... or a lot of things. She pulled out another grenade, using her telekenisis to still get a hold of the previous one.


      Tiger looked over at Jellal nervously.

      Please do not get anyone here mad. He pleaded internally, not very ready to have to calm down any of his gang members.

      Especially Luna. Luna terrified him.

      Looking back on things, Tiger realized how many things terrified him now that he couldn't actually transform into a dragon anymore.

      Speaking of which, his heart practically stopped beating when he heard an explosion coming from underneath the table next to their's. Leaping to his feet, he looked straight at a fiery-eyed Luna, not even bothering to shield his face.

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    • Lucina jumped when there was an explosion.

      "Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." Laxus said quickly, before leaving faster than anyone had ever seen him move.

      That's the last we'll see of him for the rest of this meetup. Lucina sighed.

      As Zelda climbed back into the chair, Invel shot a hateful glare towards Mard.

      Don't screw this up. Even if you're Spriggan's creation, I'll still kick your ass. he telepathically told the demon king.

      Jellal was facepalming. "Ok, Mard, Irene, I swear, if you caused that explosion..."

      Mard put a hand on his chest in fake shock. "Me? Why, I would never!"

      "Wish I was the one who did it." Irene grunted.

      Zelda knew that Mard had pulled out her chair just to amuse herself. She couldn't blame him, honestly - the two gangs weren't conversing much, other than Tiger and Jellal. This gang was either seriously awkward right now or didn't have anything in common with the other gang.

      He might not have been the one to cause that explosion though.

      "So, Tiger's gang..." Zelda began to ask.

      Then, the decorated potted plant on a nearby table suddenly grew into a monstrous carnivorous plant. The people eating there screamed and ran off.

      Zelda was the one who facepalmed now.

      "Mard, I swear to god." Jellal said warningly, not even looking in the demon's direction. "Blow something else up and I'm taking your phone for the month."

      "What the fuck, Jellal?" Mard demanded. "You're bringing my phone into this?"

      "Yeah, that's just low!" Dagur agreed.

      Jellal looked as though he were going to go insane. And Mard loved watching him squirm. He knew that Jellal could call down a meteor on him but wouldn't.

      "FOOD IS HERE!" Brandish said happily as several waiters and waitresses came out with their food.

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    • Tiger barely heard what Brandish said because he was too busy watching as Luna grabbed another grenade, lit it, and rolled it underneath the table and next to Jellal's seat.

      "SHIT," he yelled and pushed Jellal over just as the grenade exploded, hoping that the wizard  wouldn't be hurt by the blast. (Tiger doubted that he would, though, because Jellal was Jellal)

      He turned around to face Luna, only to find that she was now engaged in a fist fight with Delta, who was struggling to avoid the bullets being shot at him.

      "GUYS," Tiger yelled.

      They ignored him and kept fighting, yelling at eachother. 

      Blaize was being very unhelpful, seen as she was cheering them on.


      "DELTA, GET OFF OF ME!," Luna shouted angrily, switching back to her Husky form just as Delta shifted back to his wolf form.

      "YOU IDIOT, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" he retorted, throwing her pistol across the room. He ignored everything and everyone else. Right now he had to get Luna out of here, idealy without being shot in the face.

      He soon realized that that wasn't happening, because Luna had pulled out another pistol from her satchel.


      Luna was ready to pull the trigger on Delta, seen as the bastard deserved it ten times over.

      She ignored Tiger, who was probably ready to take a bullet for Delta (or Luna, if the tables turned). He was yelling at her but she didn't care enough to listen.

      Luna yelped in surprise as Delta tackled her, struggling to wrestle the gun out of her grasp. His efforts were futile, seen as she was using her telekenisis to hold the pistol, but she still fought with him for the weapon.


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    • Dagur pulled out a bag of popcorn and Mard took some. Tyrian reached over for some as well, but before he could do anything, a presumably drunk Qrow leapt across the table and knocked him away.

      "What the fuck?!" Tyrian demanded.

      "Ey, people are fighting!" Qrow replied. Yup, he was totally drunk. "Might as well do our death battle now!"

      Unfortunately for Tyrian, Qrow was an excellent fighter even while intoxicated. Mard pulled out his own bag of popcorn. "This will be good..."

      Zelda gasped as Tiger knocked Jellal away from an explosion. Then gasped again when his two gang members started fighting, and again when drunk Qrow attacked Tyrian.

      Jellal looked ready to just Sema everyone. No matter what they were doing.

      And suddenly, Irene vaulted across the table and landed right next to Hiccup. Who, much to her luck, was sitting next to Zelda.

      Hiccup let out a high pitched scream and ran away from the enchantress.

      Brandish decided to casually eat.

      Lucina watched as Peridot pulled out a laser gun and began shooting it everywhere. Then when Mira transformed into a demon form and jumped on Midnight, who punched her in the face.

      Suddenly, Laxus was back. "I was heading back to the hotel to sleep. But then I heard some girl scream and worried she was in trouble."

      "That was Hiccup." Lucina sighed.


      Invel rolled his eyes as chaos began to ensure. This time, he was thankful that this gang hadn't started it. Perhaps they weren't the most out of hand gang in the MB after all...

      Jellal facepalmed again and Meredy moved to his side, as more gang members began fighting. Ayden punched Laxus in the face, and the two Dragon Slayers were clashing soon after. Midna tried to hide behind Mard, who shoved Dagur's popcorn bag over her to shut her up. Dagur quickly stood up and began chasing Midna while holding a chair. Viggo was laughing at them all.

      Invel slowly started to head toward the doorway, thinking that he could make a run for it.

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    • Tiger looked around frantically, searching for Delta and Luna.

      He saw them the moment Luna fired her gun, untintentionally aiming it at Brandish.

      "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" he yelled, jumping in front of the the bullet.

      The pain in his head was nothing compared to what he felt when he was hit in the shoulder.


      Luna was the first to notice what had just happened. Delta followed soon after. Blaize had bolted the moment that everyone else had started fighting.

      Turning into their human forms, Delta and Luna ran over to Tiger.

      "LUNA, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" he shouted at her

      "I FUCKING SHOT HIM, WHAT THE HELL DOES IT LOOK LIKE?!" she yelled back, trying not to have a panic attack.

      If Tiger dies, then I die, and I can't have that happen.


      (sorry for the short POV, i'm out of ideas)

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    • Lucina looked around. Well, this had gone to shit. But the gang hadn't caused it! She didn't know how to feel about that - on one hand, it proved that they weren't as terrible as she worried they were. But on the other, it meant more trouble, especially if both gangs were on the same vacation.

      Brandish looked over at Tiger.

      "Whoa, dude, you're bleeding." she commented. "Want me to shrink your wound for you? I can shrink it until it's practically nonexistent."

      Mard was watching Dagur chase Midna around and threatening to beat her with a chair. As well as Qrow and Tyrian duking it out. Their rematch was far less interesting than the first time they fought...

      When Jellal, Meredy and Zelda crowded over Tiger, Mard knew not to worry. Zelda could patch up a person pretty well, Meredy had sensory link magic which allowed her to feel other people's pain and know how to help them and Brandish was nearby so she could just shrink any injuries that were given in this brawl.

      (Brandish is OP. And I'm sorry for that. GODDAMNIT MASHIMA!)

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    • Luna glared at them

      "We don't NEED your help," she snapped "we have this under control, go away."

      Delta growled at Luna.

      "YOU IDIOT, can't you see that they're trying to save his LIFE?"

      The two started to argue back and forth like angry siblings, until Delta pointed out that right now, they didn't have very many options. 

      "Fine, but I want Brandish to be the one to help him. I don't trust anyone else here. At all," she agreed reluctantly, flattening her ears.


      Tiger inhaled sharply

      Wait, so, she's gonna use magic on me? Like, right now? Is this necessary?

      Ever since Tiger moved away from his "hometown", he had this 'please don't use any magic on me thank you' policy.

      Dammit, he was afraid of magic too.

      Why'd he have to be so fricking weak? This was pathetic. He probably took the bullet for nothing. Brandish probably would've been okay if she were to be shot by Luna. 


      Blaize snuck back into the Rainforest Cafe after a while, hiding underneath one of the tables. She watched as Delta and Luna argued with one another.

      Why's Tiger on the floor? 

      She looked around for Lucina, and ran over to the swordswoman once she caught sight of her.

      "What's going on?" she asked, tilting her head.

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    • Brandish, Jellal and Zelda gave Luna identical glares. Brandish was beginning to think that she had misplaced her trust in Luna - what kind of person would refuse help for their friends? Only someone terrible like Viggo would.

      "What the fuck did I do?" Jellal grumbled. "The food addict is apparently more trustworthy than me."

      Meredy facepalmed repeatedly as her leader headed to stop Qrow and Tyrian from tearing each other apart. Well, more Qrow from killing Tyrian, seeing as the drunk was activating the scythe form on his weapon and that could take off someone's head with little to no issues.

      "Don't mind Jellal, he's a bit sensitive about this kind of thing." Zelda explained. "He's been through a lot - he gets nervous when people don't trust him, thinks that they know who he used to be. He used to be a real sick psychopath, and is doing his best to move on from that. But so many people know what he used to be, and he's always worried that the untrusting ones know exactly who he was."

      Brandish winced a little as she snapped her fingers and Tiger's wound shrunk until it wasn't visible. "Voila. It never happened."

      Lucina looked over at Blaize. "Nothing much, actually. Brandish used her life hack magic and saved the day. Surprisingly, considering most of the time she just eats in a corner and robs candy stores. And all that fighting in the background? Just another daily occurance in this gang."

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    • "I do know a bit about who he was because Tiger has told me a thing or two. He shouldn't take it personally if I don't trust him. I'm paranoid and am not a fan of people who have extraordinary amounts of power for very specific reasons. It's why me and Delta fight often," she explained to Zelda, not really looking over at Jellal despite the fact that she had been talking about him. 

      Luna let out a relieved sigh when Tiger's wound disappeared. She decided that once the gang got back to their hotel rooms, she'd give him a proper lecture about not taking bullets for near strangers.


      Delta sighed and gave Jellal an apologetic look, helping Tiger up. Brandish had certainly done a good job of fixing him up, and Delta was glad that at least someone had been able to help. Walking back over to the table, he tried his best to ignore the other gang members that were fighting one another as he sat down and casually took a sip of water, trying to calm his nerves.


      Blaize tilted her head. "Why're they fighting, though? Are they mad at each other? Delta and Luna get mad at each other all the time. They're like this married couple that can never get along. It's really funny sometimes," she told Lucina, giggling a little bit.


      Tiger nodded a little bit to Brandish, thanking her, before turning to Jellal and Zelda.

      "I'm really sorry about Luna. She's really uptight, as you've seen, and tends to follow her own set of rules. Don't take anything she says personally, it's just who she is," he told them nervously. So much for a first impression.

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    • Lucina opened her mouth to reply when Jellal yelled at Qrow.

      "Qrow, you're fucking drunk! Calm the hell down or else I'll Sema you into next year!"

      "I can handle your big fucking meteor. Come at me, bro."

      Lucina turned back to Blaize. "I'll explain. Tyrian and Qrow hate each other - that comes from their home fandom. Hiccup hates Viggo, also because of their home fandom. Mard's arrogance irritates everyone, but magic doesn't hurt him so no one ever attacks him. Irene has a crush on Hiccup, but she's insane. Invel hates everyone because most of them are crazy. Laxus and Ayden have a frenemy relationship since they both want to be the stronger Dragon Slayer. Midna has a crush on Mard, but he's not into her, so she tries to stalk him and fails. Peridot just likes shooting everything. Does that make sense?"

      "Pft, Jellal is used to it." Brandish grumbled. "It's mostly just that he probably thought that since we were meeting a gang we'd never met before, he thought he'd have a completely clean slate and no one would know of his past... fuck-ups."

      "I really hope Verity didn't tell you guys about his past..." Zelda sighed. "She knows how sensitive he is about it."

      Mard yawned as Jellal tried to break up Tyrian and Qrow's fight. The drunk wouldn't give up - he'd kill Tyrian despite Jellal's protests.

      Then, when all the crazy fighting members wouldn't respond to Jellal's attempts to stop them, the bluenette called down a meteor that decimated the entire cafe.

      Way to solve the problem, Jellal.

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    • "... fuck."

      Tiger stood still, trying to figure out what just happened.

      "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck," he cursed some more, fully taking in his surroundings.

      He was totally gonna steal some money from Clypti's bank account. Tiger seriously couldn't pay for all of this right now... or ever.


      Delta coughed violently, shaking dust out of his fur. This had ended badly, that was for sure. He made a mental note to give Tiger an I.Q test, or something like that, in the near future... or maybe he could just overthrow the stupid kid and take his place as the gang's new leader.

      Delta decided to have a discussion with Jellal about a similar topic later on, if he could. Right now he just wanted to yell at the blue-haired wizard, but he knew that that wouldn't end well.


      Luna stared at the wreckage for a moment before bowling over, laughing hysterically. This was amazing. Jellal had actually lost his cool, and she was there to witness it all.

      That, and Tiger was freaking out. Tiger freaking out was amazing. Holy hell Luna needed a camera. Why was she laughing so hard? 

      Dear God I can't breathe, this is gold, thank you Jellal.


      Blaize stared at the wreckage, trembling. She was now very afraid of Jellal and his magic, and had no problem with hiding behind Lucina. 

      "Nopenopenopenopenopenopenope," she muttered incoherently, trying to make herself as small as possible.

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    • The cafe was in ruins, and the fighting gang members were all scattered around. From his position away from the damage, Invel could see Lucina, Zelda and Meredy staring at Jellal, Viggo and Mard laughing their asses off and Brandish shrugging and continuing to eat. Tiger and most of his gang seemed a little shaken by this, except for Luna, who was laughing as well.

      My god, I should run while I can.

      Jellal breathed a sigh, then fixed his gaze on the gang members and plastered the fakest smile in existance across his face.

      "Now, why don't we continue this discussion we were having before this fight started?" the bluenette asked in the fakest sweet voice ever. "We're all friends, aren't we?"

      Instantly, all of his gang (except Viggo and Mard, who were still killing themselves with laughter, and Invel himself) returned to the table. Which had ended up strangely untouched.

      This was comedic gold. Mard couldn't help it - apparently Viggo and Luna couldn't either.

      "I'M DYING!" the demon king cried out, clutching his sides.

      "Bitch you're already dead." Dagur grumbled.


      Lucina facedesked as Jellal fixed a glare at Mard, who returned to the table, still laughing. Viggo and Invel (who had run away during the chaos, but apparently had decided to come back) joined a few seconds later.

      Oh, Jellal, when the gang acts like this, why do you instantly summon a meteor? she sighed in her head. I mean, your confidence is admirable, but...

      She shook her head. Nopenopenopenopenope, she wasn't going to think about her giant crush right now. She looked over at Blaize, who seemed terrified. Not surprising. It wasn't every day a meteor got called down right in front of you.

      (Gah, I love making Jellal call down meteors on the gang. He's so sexy when he's pissed. <3)

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    • Blaize bounded over to Tiger, jumping up onto his shoulder, and then his head. She curled up into a tiny ball and tried to keep herself from trembling as Tiger casually followed Jellal over to the table. 

      Blaize wanted to be as far away from Jellal as possible, so she jumped down from Tiger's head and skittered over to the opposite end of the table from where the blue-haired wizard was sitting, settling down at the leg of a yet-to-be-claimed seat. 

      She sneezed a few times.

      (Blaize has the cutest sneeze ever. Nothing can surpass her adorableness when she's sneezing)


      "I'm not doing this,"  Luna growled and turned to leave, but she was held back by Delta, who was in his human form. He didn't say anything, but he gave Luna a steely glare that spoke volumes.

      Luna huffed reluctantly. 

      "FINE, but don't expect me to talk to anyone like, at all, okay?!" she barked angrily, giving in and shifting to her human form as well before taking a seat next to Delta.


      Delta sighed, settling down next to Luna and taking a couple sips of water. He now knew why Jellal was the leader of his gang.

      Sighing and messing up his hair, Delta stared at the inside of his glass and frowned. It was the only thing that he had control over in this... once was cafe. Water.

      Plain old, harmless water. 

      This really made him question how useful his powers actually were.


      Tiger sat down at the table, dismissing the fact that Jellal was clearly forcing that "sweet" smile of his. 

      He chugged the little Cola he had left (which was actually two servings of the stuff). Tiger knew that he'd have a lot of paperwork to do when he got home, that was for sure. Dear God what did he get himself into?

      Even worse, Clypti would be arriving back at home in like, what? Two days? Shoot. He'd have to get his brother over here. 


      (So, I'm thinking of bringing Clypti into the RP later? You cool with that? I wanna mess around with him and sorta experiment because he's a fairly new OC)

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    • (Ok, since I have new gang members, let's just say that Seilah didn't care enough to come to the lunch, the gang members wanted to protect Mipha's sanity from anything that could happen at the lunch and Salem was being Salem. That's why they weren't there. :P)

      "Maybe we should go home now instead." Zelda suggested. "Before security kicks us out."

      "They're probably too scared of us to do that." Midnight pointed out.

      "We can't just leave!" Meredy argued. "That would be rude, since we're dining with other people!"

      "Sweetheart, we're known for being rude." Mard sighed.

      "Don't make me call your sister, Mard." Jellal threatened. "She didn't care enough to show up for the lunch, but she'll come if we need help dealing with you."

      "She's not my sister!" Mard grumbled. "We're both Zeref's creations, but we're not related. Besides, I'm older and more powerful so she can't do anything to me."

      "She told us that you once made her brainwash human girls to make them call you daddy!" Tyrian protested. "She's got lots of weird stories about you!"

      "Just like Salem has a lot of weird stories about you."

      "So, everyone, how's your day been?" Brandish asked. Jellal had said start a conversation - she had done just that!

      So why was everyone staring so blankly at her?

      (Yeah, sure, bring Clypti! My new three are joining, so feel free to bring him as well! I feel like he might get along with Mard and Seilah. Maybe Viggo as well.)

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    • When Brandish asked how everyone's day was going, Luna stood and walked away.

      "Jesus fuCKING CHRIST, LUNA," Delta yelled after her, hoping to stop her from moving any further. It didn't work. 

      Sighing, he gave Brandish an apologetic look. 

      "I'm really, REALLY sorry about that, don't take anything personal, she just... she's probably reached her limit for today," he explained hurridly, feeling terribly guilty for what Luna had done. Someone seriously needed to teach her some manners... preferably Tiger.

      Tiger needed to learn how to take responsibility for the gang's actions.


      Tiger sighed and stood to go after Luna, but stopped when his phone went off. Looking down at it, he saw a text from Clypti.

      "I'm at the hotel. Room 416, wasn't it?" is what it read.

      "O-KAY," Tiger yelled "who the hell invited Clypti over to my hotel room?"


      Tiger glared at Delta and opened his mouth, closing it. He didn't want to yell at Delta right now. Instead he turned to face Jellal.

      "I'm terribly sorry," he said "but my brother just arrived at our hotel room, and I have to go see him. He and I have a lot of catching up to do."

      A lot is an understatement. 


      Clypti yawned, stretching. His human form was a lot to get used to, so he tried to move around the hotel room as much as possible when he unpacked his stuff. 

      He purposely stole the bed that Tiger had claimed, and sat down on it, looking around and taking off the mask that covered the scarred half of his face. He set it on the nightstand next to him. 

      Clypti desperately wanted to head to one of the theme parks. He wanted to know why so many humans found it this entertaining... maybe later he could trick Tiger into riding on Everest, or something like that. 

      For now, he would just lay low, seen as the flight from the Crimson Isle to here was incredibly long.

      (Yeah, I think he would. He probably wouldn't destroy villages and stuff, seen as that's not the thing he does. He WOULD probably try to poison Tiger a bunch of times, though, and maybe he'd try to get Mard and Seilah to join in on that

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    • The gang all split up back into their groups. They all seemed grateful that this was over - Lucina definitely was. This was all stressful and nerve-wracking. She worried for her sanity during this lunch.

      She decided that she should go back to the hotel and find Mipha . The Zora princess had stayed in the indoor pool instead of going to lunch - no one wanted her to go insane from this meeting.

      "FREEDOM!" Tyrian chanted as he ran through the streets of the park.

      "That was pretty cramped." Dagur commented. "Only thing that would have made it worse would have been if Salem or your sister had been there."

      "Ugh, Seilah." Mard grumbled. "Hopefully Jellal doesn't want us to control her now."

      "I wouldn't be complaining." Tyrian replied. "She's fucking hot!"

      "You haven't known her for 400 years."

      (I'm a little lost on what to do now... Also I included links to pictures of Mipha and Salem since you probably don't know what they look like since they don't have wiki pages yet. And you already know what Seilah looks like. And she'd probably be easily convinced to poison someone. Mard prefers torturing them to death.)

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    • Tiger threw his hotel room door open, taking a deep breath at the sight of Clypti.

      "Why are you here?!" he demanded, walking over to him. His brother raised an eyebrow, putting his mask on. Tiger felt strangely satisfied when seeing the scar that took up half of his face. 

      "Nothing," Clypti said cooly "just taking in the scenery. Nice to see you too, Squeaky"

      "I sleep there, in case you didn't notice," Tiger growled, growing even more irritated when Clypti used his childhood nickname.

      "I did," he responded, yawning and laying down. He closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep. 


      (In your next POV we could timeskip to the next day. Maybe Clypti can meet Mard and Seilah in one of the theme parks? They could be causing some chaos and he could join in, or vise versa)

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    • (Sure, I'll do the timeskip now if that's fine!)

      Luckily for her, Lucina ended up with a rather sane group the next day. Mipha and Celestia. Two of the friendliest and most trustworthy ladies in the gang. Mipha was still new, so the insanity of the gang hadn't quite kicked in.

      "Where to go today?" Celestia asked. "We probably shouldn't go back to Animal Kingdom, but maybe Epcot? Hollywood?"

      "One of the water parks?" Mipha suggested.

      "I'm down for anything." Lucina agreed.

      Watch your sister.

      Mard sighed at Jellal's text. He and the Trio had been getting ready to head back to Magic Kingdom and hit on some of the princesses. If Seilah tagged along, this would suck.

      "Yay, your sis is coming!" Tyrian said happily, reading the text over his shoulder.

      "UGH." Mard grumbled, before yelling over his shoulder into Seilah's hotel room. "Seilah, we're leaving and we have to bring you with us!"


      (Still figuring out what the others are doing, plus I'm short on time. Mard ain't going to the Magic Kingdom with Seilah around, that's for sure. Also he's the stereotype always pissed off big brother who refuses to be seen with his siblings. :P)

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    • Clypti sighed, winging his way towards Epcot. He wasn't used to the weather here. It was awfully chilly compared to the desert heat in the Crimson Isle. 

      Tiger had told him to stay hidden, or, at least stay in his human form. Apparently dragons didn't exist here. No wonder Earth was so... bland. Clypti didn't really care for what Tiger had to say, so he touched down on top of a large, circular building. There was a line forming around and underneath it, and for a moment Clypti wondered what was inside. 

      But he lost interest soon enough because, at the moment he wanted to try and pull a prank on every person here. Best of all, Tiger wouldn't be here to stop him. (Not that he could if he tried)

      After a few moments spent in deep concentration, Clypti finally decided to cause an eclipse of sorts. He could use his illusion magic to make it look like the moon had passed over the sun. 

      So that's what he did, and pretty soon it was dark as night.

      He chuckled, lifting off and flying towards the Magic Kingdom to do the same thing there.


      Luna walked the streets of Hollywood, eager to take it all in. She had secretly been a fan of the Disney movies for years, and she was pretty close to having a total fangirl attack, no matter how humiliating that would be in front of Delta. She wanted to see everything Star Wars that this place had to offer.

      Delta hadn't been as talkative today, which was odd. He always got into this sort of funk when he was lost in thought. There was a time when Tiger gave him this unsolvable riddle, and he locked himself in his room for a couple hours, trying to figure it out. The look on his face was priceless when he realized that there wasn't a real answer. 


      Blaize curled around Tiger's shoulders as they walked towards Epcot. He looked really, really frustrated with himself

      She opened her mouth to ask him what was wrong, but stopped when she looked up at the sky to see stars, and to her surprise, an eclipse.

      "What's going on!?" she asked, more excited than worried. Tiger stared at the sky for a moment before facepalming. 

      "Clypti's using his illusion magic to create an eclipse, that son of a bitch," he growled, fuming.

      Blaize tilted her head. 

      "You guys are brothers, right?"

      Tiger ignored her question as he jogged towards the entrance to Epcot. He looked ready to punch something. 

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    • Invel was stuck with the evil geniuses. Viggo Grimborn and Salem. One a scheming sociopath, the other too mysterious to speak about her plans. Oh well, better than Irene. Considering Invel and Viggo were friends, in their own strange way.

      The three had headed to Hollywood Studios. Viggo had wanted to see the Star Wars things, and Salem had complied. Jellal had sent Invel with them to make sure they didn't make evil schemes to take over Disney.

      Hey, Invel wouldn't put it past them to do that.

      Having changed into her bikini, Lucina watched as Mipha slid down one of the Typhoon Lagoon waterslides. The two of them would probably head over on a raft ride once the Zora was done with her current slide.

      Celestia was sunbathing on a lounge chair. The alicorn had presumably cast an illusion spell to make her look human to any non-MBers and gang members. The passerby would probably find it strange that such a creature would be in Disney World.

      "Seilah, where do you want to go?" Mard grumbled. Tyrian and Dagur weren't helping - they were too busy staring at the woman demon in awe. Human desires were probably overcoming them.

      "Presumably a place where you won't want to fuck all the princesses." Seilah replied. "Then again, I've heard the place with all the princesses has some fairly decent rides..."

      "Well, Magic Kingdom then."

      While he was in no way pleased of bringing his demon kin along, Mard supposed he could just ditch Seilah and leave Tyrian with her while he dragged Dagur around to wreck havoc with him. Tyrian was absolutely obsessed with Seilah, probably due to her boobs.

      "Well, that's weird." Zelda commented. She and Mirajane had gone to Epcot for the day. But there appeared to be an eclipse in the sky.

      "Someone probably pissed Celestia off." Mira shrugged. "It's no big deal."

      The two walked into the park, Zelda using her Triforce mark as a flashlight.

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    • Tiger shoved his way through the crowd, swiveling his head back and forth to try and get a glimspe of his wretched excuse for a brother.  He ignored Blaize's questions (which were endless) as he continued his search. 


      Luna ignored Delta as she shoved her way through the crowd, heading towards the gift shops. She was ready to steal some Star Wars merchandise, and Delta, being the little prick that he was, would not ruin this for her.

      She turned humanoid, adjusted her khaki baseball cap, and walked into the nearest gift shop. Delta followed close behind, putting his hands in his pockets.


      Clypti landed on top of some sort of giant castle and shifted to his human form, trying not to be seen. He sat there for a moment, enjoying the view, before using his illusion magic once more.

      He watched as the sky darkened before turning back into a dragon and flying off. He decided to mess with the people at the water parks next.

      It was getting warmer outside, and as he flew over some sort of giant wave pool he relished the heat before turning humanoid and walking into the park. Another eclipse.

      He smiled as the sky darkened, realizing how fun this was.


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    • Dark skies wouldn't stop Mirajane, Zelda realized. The demon slayer mage was confidently strutting through the park looking for rides.

      "Shouldn't you be the slightest bit concerned?" Zelda asked.

      "Why? It's just dark. It won't kill you! Besides, darkness is kind of my element."

      The Trio and Seilah were on the boat to Magic Kingdom. Mard was checking his Tinder as Tyrian and Dagur talked. Nope, still no one who seemed good enough for him.

      "Look at the sky." Seilah commented suddenly.

      The Trio looked up to see the sky over Magic Kingdom darken.

      "The hell?" Dagur wondered aloud. "I didn't think Celestia was coming here."

      "Could also be Middy being an attention whore as well and casting an illusion." Tyrian suggested.

      "Well, if it's an illusion, we can dispel it." Seilah sighed. "Even though that may be a bit of work."

      "Or we could, you know, watch how scared people get and laugh at them." Mard suggested.

      "Quite fascinating..." Viggo commented as they entered the Star Wars simulation. "I'm impressed that the simple minded folk could make something like this."

      "I'm pissed that they give us 3D classes." Invel grumbled, looking at the pair given to him.

      "This reminds me of Atlesian technology..." Salem sighed. "Just perfect."

      The three sat down in the seats of the simulation, waiting for it to start.

      Lucina and Mipha had left Celestia sunbathing (but still in their sights) as they headed to a wave pool. Suddenly, the sky began to darken over, and both looked up.

      "What's this?" Lucina grumbled.

      Celestia sighed as her horn glowed, and the sky returned to normal. The alicorn shook her head.

      (Clypti and Celestia should have a fight over the sky. Clypti will cast an illusion, Celestia dispels it, and on and on! XD)

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    • Clypti frowned. Why had the sky returned to normal? This was unacceptable.

      He used his magic to cast the same illusion again. Clypti loved the idea of competing with another magic caster. He was sure that he had the upper hand, so this would be a piece of cake.




      Tiger squinted. He could barely see, and his impatience was getting to him. He tripped and fell over, nearly faceplanting.

      "SHIT," he cursed. How many times did he have to get hurt during this so-called vacation?

      Blaize prodded Tiger with her paw as he stood, brushing himself off and sighing.

      (Right now I'm just seeing how many times I can get Tiger to injure himself)


      Delta watched Luna suspiciously as she eyed a Darth Vader costume. He was almost one hundred percent sure that she was going to steal it, and braced himself for the worst.


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    • Lucina watched Celestia grunt in frustration and restore the sky to its normal form. But then it kept on changing back, and she was in a never-ending argument with this other magic user.

      "Should we find whoever is causing this?" Mipha asked. 

      "Sure, but if a fight starts to break out, we need to leave." Lucina replied. "We're not equipped for battle."

      "Mirajane Strauss, you need to dispel this illusion immediatly!" Zelda ordered. "People are getting hurt!"

      "I can't do it alone." the demon slayer protested. "I'm not that trained in illusion magic."

      Suddenly, the women heard a familiar voice scream "SHIT!", shared a look, sighed and headed in the direction it had come from.

      The Trio and Seilah looked around the Magic Kingdom. People were panicking. A guy with a Mickey hat was trying to calm them down, saying stuff like "It's just darkness! You can still enjoy your day here!"

      "Drama queens." Mard scoffed, seeing the humans panic.

      "Are you two going to dispel it now?" Dagur asked.

      "Oh, give me a minute... Invel."

      "HEY! Don't compare me to that bitchy killjoy!"

      Speaking of Invel, the Star Wars simulation was boring him. He had never been interested in these movies. Half the gang loved them, but he saw them as a chance to take a much-needed nap.

      He hadn't thought that Viggo Grimborn of all people would be interested in Star Wars. Salem seemed to hate it - she said it reminded her of Atlesian technology, whatever that was.

      But Invel could relate to that poor golden robot guy - most of the gang members were the R2-D2 to his C-3P0.

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    • Clypti stared at the sky, smiling. He was actually really enjoying himself. Whoever this magic user was, they put up a good fight. He cast his illusion agan as it went away, and wondered if he should try to find the said spellcaster. 

      Clypti put his hand in his pocket, which was surrounded by a faint golden aura. If his new opponent was anywhere near him, they'd catch sight of it. 


      Tiger glared up at the sky. He looked just about ready to scream at the moon. Blaize found this funny and tried desperately to stifle her laughter, but the attempt was quite futile because she was on the ground, having a giggling fit.

      Tiger glared at her, picked her up, and put her back on his shoulder, sighing.

      "... Is Clypti still even here?" he muttered under his breath, messing with Blaize's fur.


      As Delta turned back around to see what Luna was doing, he saw that she was gone... along with the Darth Vader costume.

      "Oh, come on," he growled, barely managing not to yell. He walked outside and began his search, hoping to find Luna. If she was in the costume, this could take a while.

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    • After a few minutes of watching people screaming, Mard sighed and gave into Seilah's demands to dispel the illusion of darkness. The demons didn't use such magic, so naturally it took longer for them to get rid of this than it would for say, Irene or Jellal.

      "Now that that's done, let's grab some slushies!" Tyrian declared, dragging the demon siblings by the arm as Dagur laughed.

      As Lucina and Mipha looked around, Lucina caught sight of something glowing and gold. She steered Mipha in that direction, though kept herself in front of the Zora. Neither had any way to defend themselves - Lucina had left her swords with her clothes in the change room.

      "Don't pick a fight." she said softly, before seeing the guy who had caused it. "Hey, you! Are you the one causing this?"

      "That certainly felt fake." Viggo commented as they left the simulation.

      "3PO and R2 reminds me of Watts and Tyrian." Salem sighed. "The sane one worried about the risky daredevil one. Of course, R2 is a hell of a lot more innocent and likeable than Tyrian."

      "3PO knows how I feel." Invel grumbled.

      Suddenly, someone in a Darth Vader costume ran by. Invel rolled his eyes - crazy fans.

      "Tiger!" Zelda called out, seeing the orange hair in the crowd.

      She and Mira ran up to him and Blaize.

      "Do you know what happened here?" Mira asked.

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    • Clypti turned around when he heard someone yell: "hey, you! are you the one causing this?", and looked over at three woman. They were all giving him angry looks.

      He put on a charming smile, adjusting his mask. 

      "You three are about to make a very serious accusation," he stated innocently. He didn't even know these people, and yet he was already trying to mess with them as much as possible.

      His phone went off, but he ignored it. It was probably just Tiger. Clypti knew that his little brother was probably ready to sucker punch him by now. 


      Delta caught sight of someone in a Darth Vader costume as they were running away from the store. He followed without a second thought and waved to Invel, Viggo, and Salem as he sprinted by. Fancy seeing them here.

      Delta skidded to a halt when seeing that Luna was gone. He looked to his left and saw the Darth Vader costume on the ground. She had probably abandoned it, seen as it would've weighed her down.

      Delta groaned, facepalming. This was going to be a long day.


      Tiger sighed, relieved when he saw Mirajane and Zelda. Two friendly faces. That was all he needed right now.

      "Uh... y-yeah," he stuttered "my... er... one of my gang members did this. He's got illusion magic and I guess he decided to pull a dumb prank on us all."

      Tiger didn't want to tell them that he was related to Clypti, seen as it embarrassed him. His family was supposed to be made up of the good guys, not whoever his stupid excuse for a brother was. 

      Tiger got his phone out and texted him.

      "Cut the shit and get back to the hotel NOW, Clypti," he wrote.

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    • Viggo and Salem stared as they were waved to, and Invel facepalmed. "Of course this gang is causing it. They're almost as bad as ours."

      "Shall we watch him struggle?" Salem asked.

      "First popcorn." Viggo replied.

      Invel sighed as the villainous couple walked off.

      "Where are the purple ones?" Mard demanded as he looked at the slushy options. "You two know that I like the purple ones best!"

      Tyrian had a blue one and Dagur a red one as they watched him. Seilah had already deemed the slushies disgusting and refused to drink one.

      "Try new things!" Dagur preached.

      "Take chances!" Tyrian agreed.

      "You guys are idiots." Seilah sighed.

      "If we get Irene over she can dispel it." Mira said. "She'll be able to dispel it even if he's cast it over multiple parks. Illusions are just a parlor trick for someone of her caliber."

      "Do we really want to ask Irene for help?" Zelda inquired.

      "Nope. She'd probably help with the prank unless we called Viggo as well. She's scared of him for some reason."

      "Actually, it's not serious." Mipha pointed out. "If we were accusing you of vandalism or kidnapping then it would be serious. But we're just asking if you're the one pulling this little prank."

      "Mipha, let me handle this." Lucina told her. She wished she had her sword. "You just need to answer - though it's pretty obvious you're the one causing this."

      If Celestia hadn't stayed in her sunbathing area to make sure no one panicked, Lucina would have asked her to blast this guy to Pluto.

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    • Delta looked around, wondering if he should just give up. He knew that he'd regret it if he did, because Luna had almost surely snuck more grenades into the park. But... Luna was sort of Tiger's problem. Right?

      ... right.

      Delta shrugged and walked away, whistling innocently. If Luna was going to blow something up, it wouldn't be his fault. He deserved this vacation, after all, seen as he was always babysitting his fellow gang members.


      Luna stared at the snack cart. She was sitting under a bench (in her husky form) and waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal a popsicle. She tried to catch sight of a blue one. Those were her favorite.

      When she finally did, she got up and snuck over to the side of the cart, managing to grab one of the frozen treats before skidding away and settling down underneath some bush.


      Tiger shook his head.

      "Look, guys, I appreciate your offer, but right now I kinda have to take responsibility for this," he sighed "all I gotta do his find Clypti and knock some sense into him."

      That is, if he's still here... and if I can actually land a punch on him before he totally mops the floor with me.


      Clypti chuckled a little. They were right, it was just a "prank".

      "Yes. I did do it... but which of you keeps getting rid of my illusion? I must say, I didn't expect some other kind of magic user to be here..."

      Then again, I am apart of a "gang" that has three of them in it.

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    • "Celestia is probably already solving it in some places." Zelda thought aloud. "Seilah would force Mard to dispel it... Our gang's pretty split up today, so they're probably handling this already."

      "Plus they're all strong magic users and can definitely take Clypti if they meet him." Mira added. "If he meets Irene or Jellal, he's as good as dead if he pisses them off. Irene will eat him in seconds."

      "Assuming he doesn't get her to help him with pranks."

      "No one likes negativity, Zelda!"

      "You thought wrong." Lucina replied. "There are several other magic users here, and I warn you, they're quite overpowered and capable."

      "Celestia, who's the one dispelling your illusions, could probably easily be taken down by a few of our other magic friends." Mipha agreed. "And she's pretty strong! She's... not with us, I can see."

      And good riddance for that. Lucina hoped that Mipha wouldn't point this guy in the direction of Celestia. She didn't trust him.

      With the villains off buying popcorn, Invel took the chance to get his own food at the popsicle stand. He was aware Tiger's gang was here and hoped that they wouldn't interect at all. It would be better that way, since that Luna did not need to meet Viggo and Salem.

      He took a pina calada flavoured popsicle and walked off. These popsicles were the closest thing to alcohol the wizard had ever had - he wasn't a drinker like Qrow and Mard.

      "I think we're the only gang members here." Seilah commented. "After the Irene chaos I don't think anyone wanted to come back here."

      "Good riddance for that - peace at last." Mard replied. "I need a day without the killjoys on my back."

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    • Tiger laughed nervously. He highly doubted that Invel or Jellal could kill Clypti, no matter how strong they were. His brother had a habit of "coming back to life" whenver he was presumed dead.

      "Um... it'll be kinda hard to eat Clypti, because he's a dragon? Sort of?" Tiger stated nervously. He didn't like talking about his brother, that was for sure.


      Clypti exhaled sharply, rolling his eyes. 

      Oh please.

      "Okay, so there might be some pretty powerful people here, but have you considered the fact that I myself might be quite overpowered as well? Yes, I may be pulling this stupid, and immature prank, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing that I can do with the powers that I have," he scoffed.


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    • "Nice going, Lucina." Mipha nudged her. "Just because you're crushing on Jellal doesn't mean you glorify him like this all the time."

      Lucina glared at her as the Zora princess turned to the guy.

      "My apologies, she's got a crush on one of said wizards. We didn't mean to make it seem like you're weak - in fact you're very capable considering you're giving Celestia a hard time!"

      Yeah, nice going, Mipha, you're sucking up to him. Stop being so nice just for a minute.


      "Irene eats anything. I'm not sure if she'd be against cannibalism though." Zelda admitted. "But how is he a dragon if he's related to you? Transformation magic?"

      "And don't underestimate Jellal." Mira warned. "Verity will throw a bitch fit if she ever gets her ass over here and we don't want a crazy Yandere fangirl chasing you. Of course she'll probably never show up so you'll be safe."

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    • Clypti raised an eyebrow again, and turned his head to look at Lucina.

      "Having feelings for someone can weigh you down quite a lot... but you probably know that already, don't you?" he said to her, trying to get rid of the bitter taste in his mouth.

      Out of habit, he used one of his hands to fiddle with the ruby pendant that was strung around his neck. Clypti did this when he was distressed because it helped to calm his nerves... he wasn't really proud of it.

      His phone went off again and this time he bothered to check it.


      Clypti sighed... his brother was such a nuiscance. 


      Tiger paused, not really hearing what Mirajane had said.

      "U-uh... y-yeah... my brother... he... uh... it's.... complicated?" he stuttered. Tiger seriously didn't want to go into detail on how he was maybe adopted, and that he didn't have his powers anymore due to very unfortunate circumstances.

      Tiger got his phone out again and texted Clypti. He was ready to sucker punch the little shit.

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    • In Hollywood Studios, Invel noticed the evil couple returning with popcorn. Salem seemed disappointed that nothing had happened while she was gone, and Viggo just took a handful of popcorn.

      "We get it, it's Mard and Seilah all over again. A relationship that makes no sense." Zelda shrugs. "It's alright, you don't need to explain it."

      "We should keep him away from Mard." Mira pointed out. "He can't go to Magic Kingdom whatsoever if he's this bad."

      "Hey, you don't know that!" Lucina sputtered, going a bit red in the face out of shame. "Besides, you don't know Jellal, he's heroic and powerful and a good guy and..."

      Mipha giggled a little. "And you're crushing on him!"

      (Mard and the gang are literally just drinking slushies and eating, so there's nothing going on with them.)

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    • Luna grinned, atttaching a timebomb to a wall. She was in the sewer syrstems below Hollywood, and had planted three other explosives beneath the busy amusement park. She was nearly ready to blow some stuff up. All she had to do was finish putting the timebomb in place, and then she'd run like hell.


      Tiger nodded.

      "Clypti doesn't normally make friends, or gain allies, or that sort of stuff... but when he does, he's really formidable. I should know... maybe if he actually listens to me for once, we can keep him away from the Magic Kingdom," he sighed. Clypti was never going to listen to him, that was for sure.


      Clypti snickered. Lucina was very fun to watch when she was flustered like this. He gritted his teeth as his phone went off again.

      "... Well, you do whatever. I need to take my leave now, seen as an... aquaintance of mine is just dying to see me," he growled, irritated. Why wouldn't Squeaky just leave him alone? The little maggot couldn't stop worrying for just one second, and it was starting to get on his nerves.

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    • Dagur was staring at Merida in awe. The Trio and Seilah had gone to see the Scottish princess, and Dagur was amazed by her.

      "She's a ginger like you!" Tyrian had commented.

      Mard personally preferred Belle, but Merida was cool too.

      "Alright." Lucina replied. "Come on, Mipha."

      As the two royals headed back toward the wave pool, Lucina wanted to glance back over her shoulder to see if Clypti would pull anything. She didn't trust him... Awful as it sounded.

      "Oh, Invel, if you could perhaps create an ice platform for us?" Viggo said suddenly.

      "Eh? Why would I make something for you?" the ice wizard demanded.

      "Someone's blowing up the park." Salem replied. "Naturally that will be amazing to see, but to avoid getting caught in the explosion, we need one of your ice shield spells."

      "No, we need to get out of here and get the park evacuated." Invel told them both as he headed toward an employee. "Then get Irene here to restore everything."

      "Well thankfully Mard's ego is roughly the size of Jupiter and he never wants friends or help unless it's the Trio, so hopefully he's not going to be interested in befriending Clypti." Mira replied. "Clypti will have to do something amazing in order for Mard to be too interested."

      Zelda nodded.

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    • Clypti sighed, waved goodbye to the two women, and snapped his fingers. In the blink of an eye he was standing next to his orange-haired cousin. Using his brother's head as an armrest, he forced another charming smile. 

      Great. More people. he grumped, seeing two women in front of Tiger.

      "Squeaky, I know you love seeing me, but sometimes I seriously need my space. What on earth do you need now?" asked through gritted teeth, messing up Tiger's hair. Clypti was very fond of the startled look that was on his brother's face, and he found it hilarious.


      Tiger glared at his annoying excuse for a brother and shoved him away.


      It made Tiger angrier when Clypti shrugged and snapped his fingers. The sky brightened and the pretty-faced spellcaster was still presenting himself with a charming, innocent smile... the one that made Tiger sick. 

      "Now, now Squeaky. Calm yourself. I'd like to meet your friends! Why don't you introduce them to me?" he purred, waving to Mirajane and Zelda.

      Tiger sighed and exchanged an uneasy glance with Blaize.


      Luna sprinted towards the park exit, glancing at her wristwatch. She had two minutes to get out of here before the bombs exploded. This was going to be great.

      Delta, meanwhile, was taking the time to examine how cotton candy was made. He never really saw why humans found the fluffy cotton floss to be so appetizing. It was basically just sugar in the form of an unflattering bundle of colorful cobwebs. 


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    • "Irene, get over here." Invel said, having called her. "Your enchantments are needed."

      "Why do you only call me when you need my magic?" the enchantress grouched. "Don't you care enough to call just to say 'hey, whaddup homie'?"

      "I don't."

      She sighed like an annoyed teenager before hanging up. Invel took that as the sign that she was coming. The park had been mostly evacuated, and now they just needed to get the damage control that was Irene Belserion.

      "What happened?" Celestia asked as they returned.

      "Some Mard 2.0. casting illusions everywhere." Lucina replied. "We got him to stop."

      "Actually he got a text!" Mipha corrected, and Lucina groaned.

      "We can let you guys - " Zelda started to say, before Mira cut her off by shrieking  "IT'S THE ILLEGITIMATE CHILD OF MARD AND VIGGO!"

      "Mira, they're not a thing!" Zelda facepalmed.

      "That's what they want you to think! They're cunning villains, those two."

      "Just ignore her, she's kind of crazy."

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    • Luna sighed, relieved when she got off the bus. Laying down on one of the twin beds once she stepped into her hotel room, she got her phone out and  checked her email. 

      Delta, on the otherhand, was confused. He had been so focused on cotton candy that he didn't notice that the entire themepark  had been evacuated. 

      ... did it have something to do with Luna...?

      Turning into a wolf once again, he decided to look around. Carefully, he wandered the earily deserted streets of Hollywood. Delta was mainly worried about finding his... companion? Adversary? Rival? Whatever Luna was to him.


      Clypti raised an eyebrow and his smile dwindled for a few short moments.

      "Mard? Viggo? Who might they b-"

      He was interrupted by a very loud and exaggerated cough coming from Tiger. Clypti gave hs brother an icy glare before looking back over at the two women.

      "As I was saying," he spoke through gritted teeth, elbowing Tiger in the side "who on Earth are Mard and Viggo?"


      Tiger huffed, trying to ignore the pain in his ribs. Stupid Clypti and his stupid fake, shit-eating grin. Why was he here again? 

      Oh, yeah. His brother was probably figuring out how to murder him or something. 

      Shaking his head, Tiger took a small step away from Clypti. All he needed to do right now was keep his brother as far away from Mard (and Viggo) as possible.


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    • "Sociopaths that should be locked up." Zelda replies, and as Mira opened her mouth to reply, she grabbed the wizard by the arm and dragged her away.

      "Come on, Zelda!" Mira protested. "I'm trying to be nice!"

      "Like you said, he's like Mard and Viggo! You don't just be nice to someone like that!"

      As she was pulled away, Mira looked back at Tiger and Clypti, then smiled and waved sweetly.

      "THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!" Irene declared as she landed in Hollywood Studios. "What do you need, peasants?"

      "I'm sorry, what was that?" Viggo asked her, causing her to jump behind Invel, who sighed.

      "Irene. Protection spell." the ice wizard told her. "The one that keeps everything from blowing up. In other words, the one you always use in the gang."

      She rolled her eyes before starting to cast it.

      The visit with Merida had ended with Dagur and Tyrian fighting over who got the first picture. In the end, Mard had been the only one who had gotten a picture with her. He had also asked for her number for Dagur, and she had tried to slap him for that.

      (Sorry for the late reply - as I said earlier, my only excuse is school.)

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    • Clypti raised an eyebrow as the two women went a ways away to talk. He leaned towards Tiger and whispered in his ear.

      "So.... not everyone here is a goodie-two-shoes?" he purred.

      "No," Tiger growled, irritated. "I thought you already knew that, seen as you've met Luna already."

      "Yes but... Luna's still considered to be... good? Heroic? Not totally diabolical?"

      "Clypti. Shut up. I know you want to meet Viggo and Mard, but it's not going to happen."

      "Says who?" 

      Tiger was about to respond with the words "me, who else?" but when he opened his mouth, he realized that trying to argue with his brother was futile. He held back his bitter frustration when Clypti gave him a shit-eating grin. 


      Delta's ears twitched as he picked up the sound of distant mumbling. Cautiously, he trotted over to where he had heard it. Maybe Luna was there... he sort of hoped that she wasn't.

      "THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!" Delta heard someone yell suddenly.

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    • "Ok, I don't think everything will blow up now." Irene rolled her eyes. "Think being the key word."

      "Did you do the spell or not?" Invel demanded as Salem snatched some of Viggo's popcorn, resulting in her hand getting slapped away.

      "Geez, Invel, I did it, alright! Get off your period and calm down."

      "Excuse me, Irene, men don't get periods."

      Zelda continued dragging Mira along until they got to the statues of Frozen characters.

      "Why would you mention Mard and Viggo?" she asked the demon wizard. "This guy is trouble! You don't give people like that the idea of meeting those two!"

      "Zelda, they don't want to make friends or talk to people. Mard will laugh and Viggo will walk away if any strangers try to talk to him. I think we're alright."

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