• Hey, it's Tiger. I've made a new account, so, uh, ya. How've you been?

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    • What do you know? I have a new account too. I literally only saw this because I decided to stalk your contributions. XD

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    • Oh wow that's great. How's the page I made for luna looking?

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    • Good good. She's looking good so far.

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    • Great. I'm thinking of adding in a few more references and then editing and finalizing it all. Anything you think that I should add? 

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    • (besides a backstory. i think i'm gonna add that one in when i feel like it)

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    • Other than backstory, I'm not sure what else there is to add. Though when you do add her backstory, you need to explain how she got so smart and got her powers and why she acts the way she does. ;)

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    • Yep. I just really need to redo her backstory, so, yeah. That might take a while

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    • Haha, take your time. There's no need to rush, it's not like there's a due date for this stuff. :P

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    • Lol yeah. I'll work on editing it in about a year or so, probably... idk

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    • XD

      That's what I do with everything. I'll work on it... eventually...

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    • Yay for procrastination 

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    • For some reason I feel like we should RP with our gangs at some point. Mine is smaller and manageable now, so I think I could handle it.

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    • Yeah me too! That'd be awesome, it's super fun to RP with you :0

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    • I haven't done a gang roleplay in so long, so that's why I'm suggesting it. Plus here... I can have all the swearing and smut I want! I MADE THIS PLACE, I MADE IT WITH NO RESTRICTIONS NYEHEHE! Just kidding, it can be as tame or as sexual and violent as you want it to be. XD

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    • Pffft I don't think I'll care too much as long as it doesn't have like, direct NSFW stuff in it. And LMAO yeah no swearing is a bonus too. I take it we'd just roleplay on here?

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    • I SWEAR 24/7! :D

      To be serious, though, I have restrained myself from anything gory, sexual and explicit in the past. If you want me to not swear, be violent or be smutty, I can most definitely do that.

      I've made a roleplay board on the forums where we can roleplay. :) It's how a lot of other wikis do roleplaying. So if we want to do a roleplay, we need to think of two main things: Story and character limit. You have a fairly small gang, and my gang is 18 members (but I still need pages for Dagur, Midna and Peridot). What do you think we should do about number of POV characters?

      Mard Geer: You should do an RP where I get to fu-

      THAT'S A NO-NO WORD! My apologies, Tiger, he and the rest of my gang like to show up from time to time. And a lot of my gang... well, they're immature and use bad language and are all together terrible influences.

      Mard: Verity, darling, I'm a villain. Of course I'm a terrible person. But regardless of what kind of influence I am, I get all the ladies, much to your jealousy. -winks-

      You know Mard, right Tiger? In case you don't, he's the demon king from Fairy Tail and resident player in the gang. And I get the feeling he'll be hanging around this chat for a little while...

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    • Yeeeeah. I know Mard, he's... certainly something.

      LUNA - I like him.

      DELTA - Luna, you already have enough bad influences.

      LUNA - Shut up you piece of-

      Guys, shut your faces please. The gang leaders are talking.

      And okay, cool. I've only got Wiki pages started on Luna and Delta. Blaize is out of the question, although I do have a reference picture for her, so I could show you that. I don't think I'm gonna roleplay with Angelica or Dexter. 

      As far as character limit goes, I think I'd start getting overhwhelmed at like, 7 characters. I've got no idea what we could do with storylines n crap, also.

      AND, Blaize just stole my coffee. Just thought I'd put that in there because I feel like calling her out for being a little brat.

      BLAIZE - hA >:D

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    • Mard: If by certainly something, you mean the best member of Verity's gang, then you are correct.


      Mard: You heard her, everyone, gang leaders only. -elbows Verity-

      Do I need to call Jellal? If we need our gang leader -

      Mard: -facepalms, picks up Verity and puts her in corner- STAY. Now, Tiger, what were we talking about again? Roleplays? Obviously I'm going to be one of Verity's characters. A limit of seven is perfect - less POV characters means more time for me to shine. I'll have Tyrian look over old RPs that Verity enjoyed, maybe we can get some ideas for stories from that.

      What is he, your secretary? And why are you calling yourself leader? That's Jellal's job!

      Mard: Hush, mortal, I've got everything under control.

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    • ... 

      okay Mard. You just... I'll let you do your thing. 

      ... eventhoughIdoubtthatyouhaveeverythinginorder


      DELTA - Blaize, shut up, I'd rather not see Mard rip you to shreds or something like that.

      LUNA - I dunno... she is pretty annoying.

      So. Yeah. Have Tyrian do whatever he needs to do, and uh... I'll just try to control these idiots.

      LUNA - I'm probably smarter than every person here combined.


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    • Mard: Thank you, Tiger, at least someone thinks I can handle myself. -glares at Verity- Tyrian is slow, so we may have to wait until tomorrow to get results on this. For now, I say we just talk.

      Luna, come to the corner with me, it will be less lonely.

      Mard: I'll gladly help with controlling people, Tiger. I used to run a bunch of demons, I'm pretty much a master at it.

      Where is the rest of my gang? Wouldn't they keep you from getting to my computer?

      Mard: I gave them tickets to Disney World, told them me and the rest of the trio would house-sit. Tyrian is surfing the web for good RP ideas and Dagur is getting my coffee.

      Crap. Well, Tiger, we're stuck with the Trio of Trouble for the next few days. I hope your gang can handle all the immaturity and insanity.

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    • Yeeeah. Blaize is the epitome of immature... Delta... he's gone through some insane shit. Luna... she'll probably be done by the end of today. She's not one to socialize. Especially when it comes to socializing with immature people.



      DELTA - Blaize, we don't need Verity's gang to know about that.

      LUNA - PFFT. If it'll be less lonely in the corner then I sure as hell AM NOT going TO THE CORNER

      Luna, stop being an antisocial jerk.

      ALSO, I just got an idea. The gangs go to Disney World. Thanks for the inspiration, Mard.

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    • Great, because on this thread, the Trio will probably talk a lot. And Luna, MEANIE PANTS. WHY U NO WANT TO BE FRIENDS?

      Mard: See, Verity, I told you I'd be great at helping pick a topic~ You're welcome!

      Ok, that was actually helpful. So now I just need to pick my characters and then I'm good.

      Mard: Obviously, you're using me. And might I suggest Brandish as well?

      Why, because you like her boobs?

      Mard: Pft, NO. Because she makes for good fun. ...And because she's smoking hot.

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      DELTA - Uh... (kind of disturbed by Mard's actions now) Okay Mard, maybe that last part was a bit too... out of context? Uneeded...? Not appropriate in the given situation?

      BLAIZE - (laughs hysterically) Delta, stop being a mannerly little wimp, we all know you're a jerk on the inside.

      Okay! Cool, so, just choose your characters and we can start roleplaying! (i'm actually super excited now) 

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    • -cries in corner over Luna's words-

      Mard: Out of context? No such thing. If she weren't so obsessed with sweets, I'd be dating Brandish by now.

      Why is food obsession a bad thing?

      Mard: It just is. Also, we've decided on which gang members we're using: the candy obsessed hot chick, the bitchy killjoy, a damsel at her finest and the only competent woman in the gang. And yours truly, of course.

      Why are you so mean to all of them?

      Mard: It's what I do, sweetheart. It's what I do.

      I'll get a thread on the RP board up when I shower. :)

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    • LUNA - (is under the couch again)

      DELTA - Uh... right. Can we stop talking about your... love? life? That's what humans call it, correct?

      Just ignore him Mard, he's easily intimidated sometimes and acts like a total wimp when in reality he probably WANTS TO RIP YOUR FACE OFF, YOU TWO-FACED JERK

      DELTA - ... shush.

      And okay! Can't wait! :0

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    • -crying in corner intensifies-

      Mard: Very well. No more love life. -claps hands- DAGUR! WHERE'S MY COFFEE?

      I think he and Tyrian went to TP some poor person's house.

      Mard: I'd like to see him try to rip my face off. I can regenerate anything and no magic can hurt me so it will be fun to watch him try.

      Hush, Mard, don't antagonize anyone (even though it's your specialty...). Also, Tiger, since the gangs are going to Disney World, I was thinking of calling the RP "The Happiest Place in the World". Is that ok?

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    • Yeah, go ahead!

      DELTA - (flattens ears) Please don't underestimate me, even if I'm a wolf that's half your size. It's really immature.


      LUNA - I WILL SHOOT ALL OF YOU IF YOU START FIGHTING (uses teleknisis to lift a shotgun)

      Okay, uh, Delta, go in that corner (points to a corner) Mard, do me a favor and go in that corner (points to the opposite corner)

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    • Roleplay is up!

      Mard: -shrug- Being overpowered does that to a man. People as strong as me underestimate EVERYONE.

      I don't own Mard (unfortunately), so I didn't make him this overpowered. You have Hiro Mashima to blame for that. If it were up to me, other people would at least be able to scratch him (and the Spriggans, by extent), but I tend to try to stay as true as I can to the canon version of the character (except with Midnight).

      Mard: And because of that, I'm still untouchable. :)

      -whispers- Irene can hurt him...

      Mard: Silence, human cockroach!

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    • DELTA - (grins at Mard's sudden outburst) Feel free to elaborate, Verity.

      Oh JEEZ OK

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    • Nah, there's nothing to elaborate on. Irene's just extremely powerful. She's supposed to be stronger than Mard in canon, but quite frankly, I'd only place her a little above him.

      Mard: Pft, I could probably win. Magic can't hurt me, and all she does is wave her staff around and cast magic spells. And if she turned into a magic-immune Dragon, no problem, I don't use magic. Therefore: I AM THE STRONGEST GANG MEMBER. :D

      ... Well, you and Irene will have to fight it out, then!

      Mard: I'll win for sure. Because you'll be writing the fight.

      -pauses- Oh crap, you're right.

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    • (laughs) Oh my god, that's so true.

      DELTA - Lovely...

      BLAIZE - WAIT. WAIT WAIT WAIT. I wanna see you two fight, though (gets popcorn)

      LUNA - We could just end it by giving Mard a machine gun and letting him do his thing.

      DELTA - ... please don't.

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    • Mard: I'd like that machine gun. That way I can kill Midnight and Zeref and Natsu and Gray and Acnologia and Igneel and... Kill everyone who pissed me off basically. :P

      -facedesk- I would love to tell him that he doesn't need to kill people, that he's my favourite gang member... But Mard's ego is bigger than the moon already.

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      LUNA - BITCH (uses telekinisis to lift a shotgun) 

      DELTA - (having a minor panic attack) Ohlord.

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    • ALSO, VER, I took the time to read your current fanfiction! I love it so much-

      Like... you're really good at making words and sentences flow. You use a really broad and creative vocabulary. AND, I think you've got pretty much every character down to a 'T'

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    • SHOTGUNS! -looks ready to tackle Luna and take the shotgun-

      Mard: Fine, maybe I'll spare Natsu... for a few days. He wasn't the one who defeated me, so he's not at the top of my list.

      Aw, thanks Tiger. I'm glad that you're enjoying it, and I hope you continue enjoying it. :)

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    • LUNA - mINE (aims it at her)

      DELTA - Luna please don't-

      mARD DO NOT KILL NATSU, LIKE, EVER >:0, also I probably will.

      BLAIZE - Are you still obsessed with that dude? The one with the pink hair?


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    • -cowers in corner-

      Mard: I won't kill Natsu. I'll have Tyrian kill Natsu. -grins-

      Tyrian: SAY WHAT, BITCH?!

      Mard: Nothing, nothing!

      Oh, look, the rest of the Trio is here! The scorpion guy who just screamed is Tyrian, and the normal human person with scars and muscles is Dagur.

      Dagur: Pretty sure Tiger would be able to learn who I am if you MADE MY FUCKING WIKIA PAGE, VERITY!

      -cowers again- I was literally almost done your page when my computer crashed! I SWEAR, IT GLITCHED OUT.

      Mard: Ladies, we have company, so save your petty disputes for when we're alone.

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    • I know who Dagur is! :0 (hugs Dagur) Big fan, by the way


      It's not an act, Luna >:0 (stops hugging Dagur and walks back over to her)

      Also. Mard. My friend. My buddy. My pal. If anyone kills Natsu I'm blaming YOU for it, so please keep that in mind.

      DELTA - (cowers in the corner with Verity)

      BLAIZE - (is staring at a wall talking in some weird unknown language)

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    • Dagur: Finally, a fan! Verity's my only one other than you.

      You're welcome.

      Dagur: Can it, I'm not thanking you until you make me a wiki page.

      ... Boi.

      Mard: Lots of people want to kill Natsu. Midnight, Invel, Irene, Verity... I'd say that blaming me is rather unfair, eh?

      Tyrian: AND ME!

      Mard: Why would you want to kill Natsu? You don't even know the guy!

      Tyrian: He reminds me of that STUPID HUNTRESS CHILD! And everyone who reminds me of her HAS TO DIE!

      Dagur: That's basically half the gang.

      Tyrian: ...

      Mard: You'll have to ignore him, he's stupid sometimes.

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    • Yep. I used to watch everything How To Train Your Dragon a TON. You were pretty cool.

      DELTA - (somehow pats Verity on the back)

      (sips Cola) Okay but why can't you just ignore Natsu? Pls. ;w;

      LUNA - (snickers) Ya. He obviously is.

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    • Dagur: -bows- Why thank you.

      Yay, now there are more people who watched everything HTTYD! I've watched both movies, Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk and all seasons of Race to the Edge. Dagur is especially epic in Race to the Edge. It's how he became my third favourite HTTYD character.

      Mard: You'll have to ask them why they hate Natsu. Honestly, he's not even close to the top of my people to kill list, he's just one of the first people that comes to mind. I know that Midnight has a lot against him... and Midnight's on my people to kill list, so once I do that, Natsu might be safe until he pisses someone else off.

      Dagur: Pretty sure the only reason everyone wants to kill Natsu is because his nakama speeches piss everyone else off.

      Mard: I'd kill everyone that's ever made a nakama speech, except for the fact that Irene and I had a one-night stand and I'm quite terrified that that stand resulted in Erza Scarlet being born.

      Tyrian: That would explain a lot about that stupid redhead... Wait, you could be a father?

      Like we all said, kind of stupid.

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    • (facepalms and pats Tyrian on the back)

      You're an interesting fellow, aren't you Tyrian? Also, Dagur, you are most welcome. (bows back)

      I'm not sure how much of HTTYD I've watched, but I don't think it was as much as you have. 

      DELTA - Mard... you do realize that humans are able to negotiate for a good reason, correct? I understand what wanting to iradicate someone feels like, but-

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    • Tyrian: I've been told that several times.

      Dagur: -chuckles- I think I like him.

      HTTYD is the new FT! I've watched it all and know everything about it. <3

      Mard: Good news, I'm not human! :D

      Also, I want to apologize for the slow rate I write POVs for the RP at. I don't like writing more than one or two per day, since I want to make sure I don't screw up my POVs by trying to rush them out. Even though there's not much to think about yet, I still don't want to rush through writing them. Plus I've got a lot of other Wikia work - 19 pages to update whenever I make a chapter on the fanfic, and all of them not up to date. So my POVs may come slowly.

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      LUNA - Wow. That's really sad, Tiger.


      DELTA - I expected as much. (lowers head)

      Ah, I was wondering about that. Okay, cool. I tend to screw up a lot because I'm really eager to roleplay and... yeah. I totally get it, thanks for clearing that up :0

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    • It's ok, Tiger, I have several members like that here. The Trio, Laxus, Jellal, Viggo, Irene, Zelda... PESSIMISTS ARE EVERYWHERE!

      Dagur: I'd say it's more like we're trying to keep you in touch with reality.

      Tyrian: Yeah, in our gang, we spend a lot of time trying to keep you from going batshit crazy.

      Meanies. And that's just the stuff I have to do on the wiki. Off of it, I have to work on the actual fanfic itself, care for my dragons on Flight Rising, checking the SAMB and brainstorming for the RWBY Fanon Wiki. So... yeah, I've basically overloaded myself.

      Mard: As you always do. But really, the only pages you have to worry about are Jellal, Ayden, Midnight and the actual fanfic page. The rest of us don't have as much scenes as those three.

      If you see my stuff on the recent activity and I'm not responding to your POV, I'm not ignoring you and I'm just trying to get some other stuff done. Hopefully I'll be able to knock out all the gang members who have only had minor roles and update the fanfic to chapter five today. And do everything else that's on my list. :P

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    • Yeah, I totally get it! Everyone's busy sometimes, so it's totally cool. RPing with me shouldn't be among your top priorities if you've got so much more stuff to do. (also, can't wait for the next chapter of your fanfiction, so keep up the good work! :0) 

      And yeeeah, your gang isn't filled with the happiest of people. Neither is mine, but my gang is so small that I think we should just call ourselves "The Four Compadres".


      (throws an empty Cola can at Luna)

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    • XD, my main focus is my fanfiction. I've been working my ass off on it, especially since the last chapter. I'm doing volunteer work this week (in order for me to graduate from my high school, I need 40 hours of volunteering. This will knock out about 30 of them), so my computer time will be extremely limited. Plus I need to go to bed an hour earlier because I'm waking up early for this work. So if I take forever to make a response to our roleplay, it's because of this. Especially because I know for a fact I'll be working twice as hard on the fanfic this week.


      Mard and the others will talk later since I have to get ready to sleep. It's getting kind of late in my timezone, so I have to prepare for my early wakeup tomorrow.

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    • I wish you good luck, my friend! Have a good night. Also, congrats on the five pages!

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    • DAMN. It's only the first day and I want to just collapse in a corner and sleep. But altogether I don't want to run away screaming for help so far, so I think that's good.

      Mard: But like you said, it's only the first day. And I quite enjoy seeing you screaming and panicking, so I'm keeping my hopes high that that will happen.

      Can it, you, or I won't update your page.

      Mard: I'm shaking in my boots.

      -angry Verity noises-

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    • (pats Verity on the back) There, there, things get better.  Normally first days are the worst, so you'll get a hang of it, I'm pretty sure of it. I totally believe you and support you all the way.

      If you don't mind me asking, what's the job you're volunteering to do? You don't have to tell me. Just curious.

      DELTA - (casually just glaring at Mard)

      BLAIZE - (hugging Luna)

      LUNA - (angry squeaking noises ensue) 

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    • I'm volunteering at an art camp, helping kids from ages 4-9. While not my ideal job, it's pretty easy and chill and is at a place I'm familiar with. Plus it will knock out most of the hours I need. And thanks for the support, boo! <3

      Mard: She needs it, we're pretty cynical of her being successful.

      I have an abusive relationship with my gang... -cries-

      Mard: Oh, stop it, you know you love me.

      I do. Which is why I updated your page. <3

      Mard: -_- I think that you're the only one out of the whole gang who cares about updating them.

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    • You are welcome! It's what friends are for! <3 (pats back) 

      Not sure what my relationship with my gang is like, but I'm pretty sure it isn't very healthy, either.

      Also, Mard, Dagur seemed pretty upset when he complained about not having his own page, soooooooooo-

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    • Mard: Fair point. Though I'm pretty sure that now that he has his page, he's satisfied.

      I think Dagur is currently on a not-caring-about-pages mood, but maybe that will change. Speaking of pages, gonna try and get three more done! I'm hoping that all of them except Jellal, Ayden and Midna will be done by the end of the week. The latter two are missing sections other than the fanfic section.

      Also, Tiger, how would you react if Jellal came to your house to warn you about a madman from my gang? I'm asking because that's the scene in chap 7 that I'm stuck on.

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    • Well... I'd probably open a can of Cola, chug it, look at him, and say


      (i'd be internally screaming though)

      Delta would freak out and probably just... stand there frozen in place.

      Blaize would be oblivious

      Luna would just... leave.

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    • Hm, got it. So you'd mostly be chill about it then. That's good, just need to edit that scene and finish the chapter off and I'm good for posting tonight.

      Mard: Blaize is Brandish, Peridot, Meredy and Tyrian combined into one entity.

      I actually agree with that...

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    • BLAIZE - YAY PERIDOT! (completely forgets about all the other characters she was compared to and hugs Perdiot)

      Blaize is kinda addicted to cartoons...

      And yes. I agree with Mard. One hundred percent... just this once, though.


      I love your stories so much >u<

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    • Tiger, I'm so sorry I haven't replied lately. Camp and friends and everything... I've been especially busy these past two days, I'm getting pretty tired from it.

      Mard: Translation: I'm really lazy and the camp just increases my laziness.

      Shaddup, bitch! Anyways, I'm sorry for not replying to the RP today or tomorrow, my computer crashed yesterday and that also prevented me from making a new chapter. I promise to reply to everything tomorrow when the camp is over, but hopefully until then, the new chapter will keep you entertained and happy.

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    • (slaps Mard) SHUSH >:0

      Ver, no sweat, you're doing awesome, you should be proud of yourself, trust me.

      And the new chapter is AMAZING. You depicted me and my gang perfectly! I really appreciate you giving me a little cameo, it seriously made my day! :0

      (And seen as I love attention, I'm sure that isn't a surprise)

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    • -restrains Tiger- Whoa, I'm the only one allowed to slap Mard! XD

      Mard: Meaning that it NEVER happens because she loves me too much.

      Smartass. XD, glad you're happy with the chapter! The big reveal about Ayden is going to be coming either the end of chapter 8 or chapter 9! I'm quite excited to write it.

      Also, random: A little girl who I was helping at the camp asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said I had an imaginary one. She asked me to tell her about my imaginary boyfriend. And... -whispers- I told her about Mard. I used him as my imaginary boyfriend.

      Mard: Eh?

      -still whispering- But he can't know this! His ego is bigger than the moon already.

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    • (whispers back) okay

      LUNA - (whispers to Verity) This is perfect blackmail material, y'know?


      LUNA - That only happened in her fan fiction

      Well it's canon now >:0

      (whispers to Verity) How'd you describe him? Yknow, to the kiddo?

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    • -whispers- It's perfect blackmail material FOR HIM. For me, I'm fucked if he learns.

      Dagur: -joins whispering circle- Who are we talking about?

      Go away, Dagur! Go stalk Hiccup or something.

      Anyways, Tiger, I described Mard as king of the demons, and as being extremely hot and extremely powerful. I left out the insane part (didn't want to scare her), though I did include that he wasn't exactly fond of humans and that I was one of the only humans he liked.

      Mard: LIES.

      FUCK, I STOPPED WHISPERING. -continues whispering even lower- It was all good things. Not evil juicy gossip like you may want to hear.

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    • (whispers) DANG IT >:0 okay, well, that's pretty funny though. how'd they react?

      DELTA - (sobs in the corner bc he's spoken to the demon king)


      LUNA - Blaize, your imaginary friends don't exist.

      (casually just.. puts Blaize back in her box) Shhhhhh Blaizey, sshhhhhh

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    • She actually reacted well. But just for good measure, I avoided this child for the rest of the day. Just in case. I didn't want to be asked about my fake love life with Mard.

      Mard: Bitch, get over me! I'm done with us - I've moved on!

      -mutters- Unfortunately. I'd take you back any day.

      Mard: My apologies, Delta, I may have traumatized you. It's a mistake I often make.

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    • DELTA - (inhales) What? Nope. I'm totally fine. Nothing new. Not at all. Everything is a-ok

      (whispers) You're too good for Mard, anyways. (hands you some cola)

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    • NO I'M NOT. I WANT HIM BACK. -throws self in corner-

      Mard: Damn, you don't take rejection well. And it's been what, two years? I guess I made too much of a mark on her...

      -starts jamming to Breaking Benjamin in the corner- I'm fine!

      Mard: -shakes head-

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    • (internally screaming) Ssssshhhh Verity it's okay. (pats on the back and hands you some)

      DELTA - Is this... is this normal? (looks over at Mard uneasily)

      Okay, but guys, imagine this... you end up TOLERATING eachother. Like, as a MUTUAL THING (looks over at Delta pointedly)

      DELTA - (grumbles)

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    • -smiles while sitting in corner and drinks Cola- I'm in my corner so I happy. -purring sounds-

      Mard: Tolerating? I have to tolerate so many people. Midna, Verity, Viggo, Midnight... If I have to add one more person to the list, it isn't a problem.

      -still purring in corner- I love being on the tolerating list.

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    • Uhhh... you alright there, Verity? (stares at the Cola she's drinking)

      DELTA - I'm not tolerating this lunatic. 

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      Mard: Well, I must say, the feeling is mutual. You've been nothing but rude to me since we met... -jumps on Mard the dragon and flies off-

      I named a dragon in Flight rising after him... And don't mind him, he's melodramatic. Trust me, when he comes back, he'll have forgotten all about it. It's one of the perks of being Mard, you forget things that are of little interest to you.

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      okay but what if someone like, broke through his cieling and ran? Would he like, totally forget about it and walk downstairs to a flooded living room or something and be like "oh yeaaaaaaaaaah, that happened"?

      I dunno I feel like that could happen.

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    • Fuck, I have company over, so I'll have to re-type it tomorrow. I'm really pissed, because it gave a little insight to Mard, where he got upset that Delta seemed to be blaming them for everything. I feel like it shows that he's not completely made of stone, that too much hatred and misunderstanding towards him just makes him crack underneath the pressure. But by no means was Delta intending to be hurtful, Mard just tends to be a drama king and make things into bigger issues than they actually are. Still, I felt like it showed him in just a slightly different and better light.

      Nah, he'd be pissed about that. He didn't feel anything about this conversation, so that's probably why he'll be forgetting it. Didn't piss him off enough, I think. I don't exactly understand him, and I live with him.

        Loading editor
    • Ohhh, thats neat, can't wait for it, sorry to hear that you don't have time to write it today. 

      I kinda want Delta to like, develop some sort of connection with Mard. Like. Not neccessarily a friendship, but maybe mutual trust and understanding. To be honest, if Delta learned enough about Mard, he'd probably open up to him and maybe talk to him about deep stuff or somethin' like that. 

      I dunno, I don't think that Mard would open up to Delta, but maybe Delta would grow fond of him in some way.

        Loading editor
    • I can't really imagine them as friends, if you want me to be honest... At least not good, close friends. However I can imagine the mutual trust thing happening, but with time. And I can see only one problem with the learning about Mard part too - it's the fact that Mard has no excuse for the way he acts. A lot of the time, assholes have sad backstories that explain why they're such... well, assholes. Mard doesn't have a sob story - he was created to kill his master, and did whatever he deemed necessary to achieve his goals (and he also hooked up with several women during his 400 years). I suppose we could use the "trying to fulfill his purpose" argument to justify his actions, but I really don't think that cuts it. Still, I feel like a mutual trust is definitely possible, since Delta seems like he's fairly reasonable and understanding.

      Also, I made a new RP if you wanted to join. It's made for people with larger gangs, but I still would love it if you wanted to join. Give it a look and decide then!

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, that's sorta what I meant to say. I don't have a way with words "o3o

      Also, I'll check the RP out. You're right about my gang being small, that's for sure.

      On another note, from here on out I'll have like, only two hours to spend on the computer per weekday. On weekends, I'll have four. :)

      DELTA - (hesitantly just... rolls away from the corner and lays next to Tiger)

      (pets him) o3o

        Loading editor
    • That's ok. We'll still be able to talk, and make plans for all our shit. Also I FINISHED ALL OF MY PAGES :D They're all up to date with chapter 6, and after 8 is revealed, I just have to update Jellal, Mard, Tyrian, Dagur, Invel, Meredy, Zelda, Midnight and Ayden's pages. And maybe get to work on some fanfic exclusive character pages.

      I guess we'll both be limited to one POV per day, I guess, if you have your time limit. Considering it takes me so long to write up a reply for this. -_-

        Loading editor
    • WOOO!!!! YES. PRODUCTIVITY. Teach me your hecking ways

      Annnnd ya, probably. It doesn't take me a long time to write my POV's because 

      a) i'm lazy

      b) i'm lazyyyyyy

      c) i honestly have no idea what to write 90% of the time :')

        Loading editor
    • -facedesks repeatedly- WIKIA ATE MY POST AGAIN. Oh well, at least it only took me like five minutes to make instead of fifteen like last time. I'll retype it when I do a bit more fanfic work.

        Loading editor
    • Yus. Can't wait for the newest update!

      LUNA - Yep. It's super neat. (holding machine gun)


        Loading editor
    • My computer is a bitch. It's eaten my posts so many times. But it's really only a bitch with this site and SA - which are coincidentially two out of my three most used sites.

      Mard: Imagine if it started bitching on Flight Rising as well.


      Mard: -shrug- You named a badass dragon after me in that game, so I suppose it would be a little tragic if your computer decided to pull stunts with that site.

        Loading editor
    • Pffft-

      I'm thinking about actually getting active on Flight Rising now. I've made an account, I just haven't invested ANY time into it. Nada. Zilch.

        Loading editor

      I'm MrsJellal so if you ever go back onto the site friend me!

        Loading editor
    • NEAT! Let's see if I can ACTUALLY REMEMBER MY USERNAME! >:0

      LUNA - I bet twenty that he doesn't.

      DELTA - Really, Luna?

      LUNA - Did I stutter?

        Loading editor
    • I'd recommend making a new account. XD

      Mard: Just like you, Verity, with your SA accouts.

      That's actually correct, I just guessed all my other passwords for everything and got it right. It was completely by chance!

        Loading editor
    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah

      I think I'll make a new account as soon as I can/as soon as I feel like it :')

      Also, Mard, I admire how much you know Verity. In fact, I admire how your entire gang, Verity, knows you so well.

      LUNA - Are you dropping hints now?

      DELTA - (sighs) Luna, if you knew anything about how to be social, you'd know that the answer is yes.

        Loading editor
    • Lit. I'm in the Fire Flight, previously Plague. A lot of other MBers play FR too - Prank and Kipper are in the Arcane Flight, Katana is in the Plague flight, Amber is in the Wind Flight... You'll be able to find several other MBers if you friend me. :)

      Mard: Well, as said in the fanfiction, we go back.

      The whole gang knows me well, better than I know myself, honestly.

      Mard: She tells us everything about herself.

        Loading editor
    • Nice! I dunno which Flight I should join. I'll just... cross that bridge when I come to it.

      And that's neat. I try to be open towards my gang members, but Blaize honestly doesn't have a care in the world, Luna hates talking to me, and Delta just... he's... he's more stoic than a brick. It's like talking to a living computer.

      DELTA - That hurt... even if I'm proud of you for making that analogy.

      LUNA - I DON'T HATE TALKING TO YOU. I hate talking to everyone.

      BLAIZE - (casually sitting on Delta's back) WEEEEE

        Loading editor
    • Sounds good. :) If you're not happy with the one you join at first, you have one free flight change so use it wisely!

      I always thought that Mard wouldn't care enough to listen, but I guess he does. Jellal, Mira, Meredy, Zelda, Laxus, Hiccup, Qrow, Celestia and Lucina are the ones that really care when I talk to them. Midna sometimes does too, depending on her mood.

      Mard: I don't care, we've just known each other for so long that I know all of these things because you've said them all at least a million times.


        Loading editor
    • Pfft.

      I wish I had a magical pony princess to talk to.

      Celestia is like, my favorite MLP character-


      DELTA - Jee. I wonder WHY you think that.

        Loading editor
    • I like Celestia too! I wish they focused on her more often - she's got a lot of potential.

      Mard: I like Sombra. Too bad he was in ONE FUCKING EPISODE AND HAD NO LINES.

      I thought you liked Discord...

      Mard: Then he became good. After season 4, he began to bore me.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah! Celestia is so amazing! :0

      Her design is so cool, and I really like her backstory, and she's so... majestic.

      DELTA - (sighs) I agree with Mard... for once... Sombra is my favorite, also, Discord did get kind of boring.... (awkward cough)

        Loading editor
    • To quote my pal Rajani, Celestia (and Cadence by extent) have so much potential and could be amazing characters. But they're always cast aside in favour of Twilight. Nothing against Twilight - she may be a Mary Sue, but she's cute, nerdy and laughable too. I just wish she failed a few times and let the STRONGER PRINCESSES HANDLE THE HARD SHIT. Luna is the only one who's really lived up to her potential.

      Mard: Which Tiger's Luna is probably quite pleased about.

        Loading editor
    • LUNA - Indeed I am, Mard. Indeed I am.

      Yeah... I really liked Twilight, but once she became an Allicorn I got super disinterested. Like, okay, sweet, she's got wings now and she's a princess... but... I dunno. I don't really like change, and that WAS a huge change for me. 

        Loading editor
    • Twilight's really become more of a Mary Sue now that she has wings. They make her insecure, but I was really only fine with that in S4. Starting with Rainbow Rocks and everything after that, any insecurities she has are just too forced for me. Like, BITCH, YOU BEAT TIREK. YOU BEAT NIGHTMARE MOON. YOU BEAT DISCORD. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO INSECURE. YOU CAN HANDLE ANYTHING SO JUST GROW A PAIR.

      I like her for who she used to be. Now she's lost quite a bit of appeal for me, but she does hold a special place inside my pitch black heart.

        Loading editor
    • Hah, yeah... I can't really bring myself to hate Twilight.

      ... the sad thing is, ever since season four came out, I've only really been watching the season finales and the season premieres. I'm just..  not that interested in MLP anymore.

      But seen as I saw/read about some interesting tidbits in Season 7, I'm probably gonna watch all of it. I've heard some things about AJ's family and Daybreaker? Daybreaker seems cool. 

        Loading editor
    • I've watched a few episodes of S5 and S6, but other than that, I only watch the premieres and finales too.

      I haven't watched S7 yet. I watched the episode with Daybreaker in it, because that one seemed interesting, but I don't want to waste my time looking for the other episodes since none of them are on Netflix. Spoiler alert - Daybreaker appears for literally three minutes.

        Loading editor


      (inhale) Well that's grEAT... darn it. Well, I'm still gonna watch the episode anyways because yeah, I'm still interested in it...

        Loading editor
    • Well, maybe five... I'm not exactly sure. :P

        Loading editor
    • Hah, okay.

      So, I've been thinking of writing a short story (16-20 chapters long) with the gang and stuff. Sorta hoping that it's gonna bring me onto the SAMB more often... I just need to think up a plot :')



      LUNA - ... explosions. Guns.


        Loading editor
    • Good idea! Fanfics and gang shows always keep you on the MB. I'd love to read it, seeing as I don't know much about your gang and their backstories.

      Speaking of fanfiction, the Ayden reveal in the fanfic is coming tonight! As well as a scene of bad guys being edgy.

        Loading editor
    • Edgy bad guys, WOO. I cant wait! :0

      Also, I'm really excited to write about my gang, I just... need ideas. HHhhhhhhh

      LUNA - This is what you get for making the gang so small. You barely have any characters to work with.

      Thanks, Luna. (slowly collapses)

        Loading editor
    • Hm, what about Angel and Devil? What ever happened to them?

      Mard: Devil? SHE BETTER NOT USURP ME

      -facedesk- Mard, you're not like, the king of all demons. There are other demon kings.

      Mard: Not anymore, bitches! 

      God, you just killed them all, didn't you?

      Mard: Of course not! But my minions don't always listen to me when I say no killing~

        Loading editor
    • Angel (now Angellica) and Devil (now Dexter) are off doing their own thing. MAINLY being badasses and fighting demons and the heavenly government. They're great. I'll make a spinoff focusing on them if I ever do finish the book thing featuring the Trio.

      DEXTER - (walks by, sipping coffee)

      (closes the blinds) 

      DELTA - What was that?


        Loading editor
    • Devil had a gender change? :O

      Mard: I have my own spinoff planned someday...

      It's debatable. I'm considering making a spinoff with Mard as a point of view character. I have several potential sequels and spinoffs planned, actually, though I'm not trying to think too hard about the details.

      Also, speaking of fanfics... what did you think of the Ayden reveal?

        Loading editor
    • Ah yeah! The Ayden reveal was-


      DELTA - Well, she can... so...



      ... that was-

      yeah it was very mindblowing

      (and yeah, Dexter's now a dude)

        Loading editor
    • -trollface-

      I thought of it back in late April, and I've been itching to do this for so long! It's kind of a little shoutout to Midity shippers - Midity is dead but y'all get a Midity son so go with it!

      Mard: Something tells me that said Midity son doesn't want to be the Midity son.

      Well, he wants to kill his dad. AND WE WILL EXPLORE THAT NEXT CHAPTER! I'M SO EXCITED! :D

        Loading editor
    • WOO YAY NEXT CHAPTER. What a happy family.

      DELTA - Yes. How "delightful".


        Loading editor
    • Indeed, a picture perfect family. Verity probably could have held them together... but in Ayden's future, she's dead, so... I LOVE FUCKING UP EVERYONE'S LIVES! :D

        Loading editor

      LUNA - I thought that was MY thing >:0

      DELTA - Why does it have to be ANYONE'S THING? WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST BE HAPPY?


      DELTA - You're haunted by a godamn demonic entity, why the HELL ARE YOU HAPPY?

        Loading editor
    • We can't be happy because I like ruining lives. :D Just wait until the full backstory reveal...

      Mard: At least a quarter of the gang likes ruining lives. Probably more.

        Loading editor
    • Oh, well that'll be fun, I'm actually really excited for the next chapter, I bet it's gonna be amazing! :0 I really need to get started on thinking up a plot for my story thing.

      Gee I wonder how I'll ruin everyone's lives too. You should teach me your ways.


      DELTA - Believe me Mard, nobody's surprised.

        Loading editor
    • Just trash their backstories. :D Make them start out cute and innocent then have an event that FUCKS UP THEIR MINDS! BAHAHA! -psychotic laughter-

      Mard: And to the asylum we go, Verity!

      Hey, that's not your line! -flips through ancient posts- Someone else said that so long ago... I MUST FINDETH IT!

        Loading editor


      ANGELLICA - Holy shit you swore I'm so fucking proud of you-

      DELTA - I sincerely hope that you die in the next few hours, Tiger.

      I actually think Blaize needs an asylum because she... i... well, she needs an excorcist, not an asylum. EITHER WAY, I SUPPOSE THAT WE'RE ALL SURROUNDED BY SOCIOPATHS.

        Loading editor
    • I'm pretty sure your gang has a more abusive relationship with you than mine does. XD. Mine don't tell me to die.

      Mard: We just take her to the asylum weekly.

        Loading editor
    • PFFFT, my gang LOVES me and they know it. We're best friends.

      LUNA - Keep telling yourself that, kid.

      DELTA - (sits in the corner) -.-

      BLAIZE - (chases a butterfly)

      (sighs) Okay, maybe not, BUT-

        Loading editor
    • Pft, that's my gang's relationship with each other. If I were to write a casual scene in the fanfic (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE IT'S SO DARK AND SERIOUS), then they'd probably act like your gang acts towards you, except towards each other. I don't put Verity as a major character since I feel like she'd get in the way of relationships in the gang.

      Mard: Honestly the gang show that you cancelled was so much better than all of your old ones. All your old shows had too much you in them, and didn't focus on the rest of the gang and their relationships. Plus the old stuff didn't have me in it.

      I get it, Mard, all of my 2015 stuff SUCKED ASS. Stop rubbing it in. :P

        Loading editor

      DELTA - Oh my GOD Tiger it doesn't work on Luna it sure as HELL won't work on Mard

      ANGELLICA - DID SOMEONE SAY HELL? (kicks door down)


      (shoves Dexter and Angellica out the door) AS I WAS SAYING, Verity, I'm sure your 2015 stuff was much better than MY 2015 stuff. I tried writing two fan fictions, but both failed miserably.

      ALSO, I need to do this

      (hugs Tyrian)

      Mk, there

        Loading editor
    • No, Mard is right. My old stuff was SHIT. I either ripped off something else completely or destroyed the canon in the cringiest way possible. My Midity fanfic... -buries face in hands-

      Mard: Re-reading this fanfic was what inspired her to sink Midity.


      Tiger, just because your fanfic failed doesn't mean it's bad! They were probably well-thought out, and even though I don't remember them, they were leagues better than mine. Mine were well-written, but horribly thought out. The one with the gang kids had potential, but I completely ripped it off of Descendants. And the Midity one... -goes under table in shame- ...that one was a complete shitfest.

      Mard: She's not coming out from under that table now. Anyways, Verity wanted to also say that the Welcoming Week for Flight Rising starts today and that if you wanted to re-join, now's your chance.

        Loading editor
    • OH YEAH.



      Also, I just puplished a soon to be collection of one-shots starring the Three Amigos. It's on Wattpad, so-

        Loading editor
    • -still under table- Yay! Remember, friend MrsJellal! I'll gift you a dragon or two once I find you. :P

      I'll check it out next time I'm on WP. I'm drifting from those sites TBH... I don't use them and am probably going to delete all my stuff on all those writing sites. It was bad anyways. :P

        Loading editor
    • Alright. Let's see if I'm actually able to join.

      Heheh, I don't really write much on WattPad. I've only got my art collection and the soon to be oneshot book thing (I seriously don't know anymore-). 

      DELTA - (sips Cola)


        Loading editor
    • Well, I can't wait to see it! :D

      Both the oneshots and the FR account.

        Loading editor
    • Yeh! 

      I'm working on the first oneshot rn, kinda not motivated enough to make the FR account :') I'm so hecking lazy-

        Loading editor
    • XD, just remember that FR is only open for this week and if you miss it, you have to wait until September. I've been getting an overload of female hatchlings - I've had four nests laid in the past month. ALL OF THE HATCHLINGS FROM THOSE FOUR NESTS WERE FUCKING FEMALE! Not one male in those four nests. I've bred two new pairs today, and both have three eggs in them. I am praying that the children of my Nocturne and Bogsneak dragon contain at least one male. I need one badly, XD.

      Also I have an urge to make a Mean Girls parody with the Trio as the Plastics. The only problem is that I don't have many gang members so it will be hard to find a Cady. And then MG isn't SAMB friendly...

        Loading editor
    • PFFFT. The Mean Girls parody would probably be pretty funny. I dunno, I haven't seen it. I'm more into the shows that DC produces, and I don't find much time to watch anything else.

      And yeah. Mean Girls doesn't seem SAMB friendly.

        Loading editor
    • My friend showed me Mean Girls back around Christmas. I remember cracking up at Karen Smith. "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" "I have a fifth sense. I'm kind of psychic, it's like I have ESPN or something." "My boobs can tell when it's about to rain... at least, they can tell when it's raining."

      She's so Tyrian, XD.

      Also I can quote this whole movie so well.

        Loading editor
    • Oh my god Tyrian... okay bud... lemme just... (sits down on the floor)

      DELTA - Is he... is he that stupid?

      LUNA - Don't worry Delta, nobody can out-stupid you.

      BLAIZE - (noms cake) I LIKE TYRIAN

      LUNA - You like everyone.

      Guys, please :')

        Loading editor
    • He might not be as stupid as Karen... But he's well on his way there. :P That's why he would be the perfect Karen in a genderbent Mean Girls parody. Dagur is left to be Gretchen, and he doesn't fit her as much, but she's the only one left. Mard is obviously Regina - the manipulative, bitchy boss.

      Honestly, there are so many characters that Mard could play in a parody. Regina George, Jenko from 21 Jump Street, Flynn Rider (since Flynn started out a snarky asshole)... Why is there such a long list, XD.

        Loading editor
    • Dude, I love Flynn Rider. He's super funny and just all around really cool. 

      Sorry for not replying yesterday, shit went down between me and some friends.

        Loading editor
    • I feel like Mard is an evil Flynn. At least on the MB, XD. You know, this reminds me of that trailer parody thread I made, where I replaced the characters in the trailer with gang members... -le gasp- I CAN REBOOT THAT! AND THEN MAKE A MARDNA PARODY OF TANGLED! -jumps with joy-

      Mard: Oh, hell no.

      Woot woot! -celebrates- Also, what happened with your friends? Do I need to kill anyone?

        Loading editor
    • hA. THAT'D BE SO AWESOME, DUDE. I'm terribly sorry Mard, but I have to go with Verity on this one.

      DELTA - No you're not

      No  I'm not. Also, sorry for the late POV coming up, I don't think my last one went through.

      Everything's fine right now, it's died down a lot and the argument was over something very stupid. No need to worry, I'm fine.

        Loading editor
    • Well, I'll have to reboot that then! It was a lit idea, and with new gang members, it will hopefully be even better. Maybe I'll be able to include other people's gangs even since my gang is smaller.

      Mard: Fuck, I should have swiped left on Midna's Tinder page.

      Hey, she used her human form as her profile picture. I'd swipe right on that as well! -drools-

      Ah, did Wikia eat your post? That's the worst!

      As long as everything is alright, that's good. :)

        Loading editor
    • (awkward cough) Can't relate to that. I don't think Midna would be... my "type".

      DELTA - Right. Because Midna isn't Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, or Captain Cold


      DELTA - Not to mention how you once were very fond of Hiccup, Natsu , an-

      (throws Delta into the closet, locks the door, and hides under a table)

      I knew that my past mistakes would come back to haunt me. Also, yeah, wiki ate my post. I dunno, it  didn't seem too delicious or anything (i'll go home now), and everything's fine rn with my friends.

        Loading editor
    • Love interests... Want my list? XD, it's not short and I am proud of it!

      Midna's human form is FUCKING HOT! I'd smash that, trololol. Just like I'd smash basically all my gang. Even Peridot and Celestia!

      Mard: Verity, you kinky and perverted fuck.


      Mard: I don't want to smash everything like you do. I think you're worse than me and that I have the right to call you out on it.

      Eh, you're probably right. ALSO TIGER SHIT WENT DOWN IN THE FANFIC CHECK IT OUT :D

        Loading editor

        Loading editor
    • Poor little Ayden... I felt sort of bad while writing that, which is new for me. I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF I MADE A GOOD FANFIC

        Loading editor
    • I hate to admit it, but I didn't feel bad for Ayden.

      BLAIZE - hOW COULD YOU!? >:0 (hugs Ayden)


        Loading editor
    • I felt bad for him when he revealed his father was neglectful... Damn, I made Future Midnight too much of an asshole XD

        Loading editor
    • Wow, I thought that was impossible.

      DELTA - Was that sarcasm

      (puts the gang members back in their box)

        Loading editor
    • I hate asshole parents who mistreat their kids. I really started to hate FMidnight when Ayden revealed that, XD. Lord, I'm even hating my own characters. :P I hope that makes it good.

        Loading editor
    • -pokes- Tiger, did you die or something? :P

        Loading editor
    • Argh, I'm really sorry. I haven't had the motivation to do anything lately, which is why I haven't been replying, I promise that I'm alive.

        Loading editor
    • It's ok. I'm impatient and an attention whore, so I get demanding when I don't get a response within a day. Take your time, I don't rush you with anything. And I'll definitely help you with ideas for the role if you need anything. :)

        Loading editor
    • Nah it's okay, I've sorta got something. I really like attention too, so it's understandable. 

      Also, I was thinking of adding in a new gang member, someone from Tiger's past. I might introduce them into the short story thing that I'm planning. 

      Either they're going to be evil, or Tiger's just going to be really pissed at them all the time

        Loading editor
    • That's a good idea. I'd like to see where you go with that, especially because we don't know much about your MB self.

      I might be getting new gang members too - Salem from RWBY (Qrow is gonna kill me) and Mipha from Zelda are definitely going to join within the next few days. Possibly Seilah from FT as well, though she'd be rejoining.

        Loading editor
    • Woah! Cool! I'm excited to meet them. I just added the new gang member I was talking about into the group. Meet Clypti.... 

      CLYPTI - This place reeks of 'imminent diasaster'. May I take my leave?

      No, Clypti, you're staying. For like, forever... sadly. 

      I'll have Clypti's reference posted on WattPad when or if I ever finish it. 

        Loading editor
    • Imminent disaster? Nah... Right, Mard?

      Mard: Maybe not imminent disaster, but definitely some kind of disaster.

      That disaster probably being Vilem/Salgo destroying the MB world with their combined evil genius!

      Mard: Salem hasn't even been here for a day and you're shipping her with that madman?

      She's a big girl. She can handle it.

        Loading editor
    • Well, normally when Clypti is around there IS disaster. It's kinda his thing, because of stupid Crimson Isle magic and stuff.

      CLYPTI - I'm sorry for not being born as our family's stupid good luck charm, unlike you


      CLYPTI - Hi "offended by that", I'm Clypti

      That joke was forced, and only because you want to be a cheeky little son of a bitch

      CLYPTI - No, it was comedy gold, and if I'm the son of said bitch, so are you

        Loading editor
    • I am sensing a severe sibling rivalry here...

      Mard: Makes me glad I don't have siblings.

      Isn't Seilah kind of your sibling, Mard?

      Mard: No, she's my suboordinate who makes people fear my name!

      Apparently one time, you forced her to brainwash some poor attractive human girls into calling you "daddy". And she told me that herself.

      Mard: -sweatdrop- Oh, Seilah and her silly rumors... Hehe...

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I like this guy (pats Mard a couple times on the head with wing)

      "Severe" is an understatement. We literally almost killed eachother once. 

      CLYPTI - Correction. I almost killed you, and you just screamed like a little girl the entire time. 

      shUT UP. 

      LUNA - (eats popcorn)

        Loading editor
    • Mard: -jumps away- I do enjoy being liked but not being touched.

      Damn, Tiger, that reminds me of Qrow and Tyrian - Tyrian is always screaming like a little girl when Qrow gets drunk and attacks him.

      Seilah: That man is a pussy.

      Mard: -sweatdrops- O-oh, Seilah, you're here too...

      Seilah: Just because I heard that you were here, and knowing you, you were probably being an annoying fuck.

      YAY! MORE SIBLING RIVALRIES! -huggles them both- I'm surprised no one reacted to the calling Mard daddy thing. XD.

      Seilah: And thank god no one did. Brainwashing those girls and making them call him that is the most terrifying thing I've ever done.

      -gasp- MARD CAN I CALL YOU DADDY?!

      Mard: -sweatdrop- Seilah, look what you've done by telling her that story...

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I don't understand humans, with their weird obsessions and crushes and kinks and fetishes and whatever else I should be naming off. (kinda shoves Mard with wing, just to be annoying)

      Huh. Well, uh, that's neat. I feel bad for Tyrian. Having some annoying rival is the worst.

      CLYPTI - He loves me like the sweet little baby brother that he is.


      CLYPTI - Shush, the adults are talking, Squeaky.


      CLYPTI - No it isn't and we all know it

      (incoherent, high pitched, squeaky screaming)

        Loading editor
    • Aww, squeaky! -pats Tiger on head-

      Mard: Yes, Clypti is right, let the adults talk, Verity... -kicks Verity to outer space-

      Seilah: Thank the lord she's gone.

      Mard: I like that name... Squeaky... I should use it on Tyrian, he has such a womanly scream.

      Seilah: Shall we go terrorize a village, demon brother?

      Mard: We shall!

      Ok, now that they're gone, I can fangirl over how those two are just like siblings. I mean, they really could be siblings! I'll find pictures comparing them in my next post, I swear they could be twins!

      Also now I want an evil sibling like Clypti. I'm so jealous since I'm alone -cries in corner-

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I can pretend to be your evil sibling, Squeaky's adopted anyways.


      CLYPTI - Shush, Squeaky, I am having a conversation with this very nice... human? Not sure what you are. 


      CLYPTI - (shoves wing in his face to shut him up) Jeez Squeaky, I should've thrown that potion down your throat, it would've shut you up.

      DON'T PLEASE (hides under the couch)

        Loading editor
    • Shit, you and Mard would get along well. Once he gets back from terrorizing a village with his demon sister, you two will have to sit down and have a nice conversation.

      I don't know what I am either.

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Well, whatever you are, I'm sure I'll be able to tolerate you, at the least. Also, I think it'd be pretty amusing to have a conversation with Mard. I'd like to hear what he has to say about himself.

      (sips Cola under the couch)

        Loading editor
    • What he has to say about himself? A lot. He LOVES talking about himself - in fact, he probably has a five page essay about himself. Has Tiger told you about Mard's bigger-than-the-moon ego, Clypti?

      Also, a comparison of Mard and Seilah: MardSeilah. Do they look like they could be siblings or is it just me?

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Tiger and I don't say anything to eachother at all, and if we do talk, it's 90% me antagonizing him and 10% him yelling at me... tell Mard that I'd like him to humor me with this five page essay about himself, assuming that it does exist.

      They do, oh my god you're right! :0 GUYS, MARD HAS A SISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

      DELTA - fuCK NO (walks away)

      LUNA - Don't care.

      BLAIZE - hOORAY! :0

      That went well. 

        Loading editor
    • Poor, poor Tiger... XD. Ad said essay probably does exist.

      Mard: Essay? You mean this? -pulls a pile of paper out from hammerspace- I wrote it about myself!

      Seilah: We're not blood related! We were both created by Zeref, but we're not siblings!

      Aw, shut up, you two are siblings!

      Mard: So, Clypti, you want to know about the best gang member? -raises eyebrow- I can do that.

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Your ego is indeed bigger-than-the-moon. I find it irritating. No, I don't want to know about the best gang member, I want to know about you... for now, that is. 

      Clypti, Mard's stronger than he looks-

      CLYPTI - Good for him.

      BLAIZE - (pokes Seilah) Eh?

        Loading editor
    • Mard: I heard you say best gang member. Which is me. Anyways, which part of the essay is the part that talks about my power... -reads-

      Clypti, if you fuck with Mard, I will sic myself on you. :D

      Seilah: Oh, how intimidating... Dumbass.

      Shut up! I know that you'll defend your bro, so don't yell at me for wanting to protect him too!

      Seilah: He's not my brother! Don't you guys understand that?

      Mard: I KNOW YOU LOVE ME! Now, where was I? -still flipping through essay-

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Calm down Verity, I'm only going to insult him a little bit, that's all. I do it to everyone, it's nothing personal. Also, Mard, thank you for talking about yourself. I think I've heard enough about you for now. 

      Guys please don't attack eachother that'd be great I want to be the one to kill him-

      CLYPTI - We all knew you'd die trying. From experience, mind you. 


        Loading editor
    • Hmm... Jellal insults him.

      Mard: Jellal thinks I'm stupid. He's just jealous that he didn't get to take me down.


      Mard: Wut.

      Oops, did I say that senpai part out loud?

      Seilah: So that's why she wants to call you Daddy, brother... XD.

      Mard: Verity, for the billionth time, I am SO over you!

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - (snickers) Wow. Does Verity not take rejection well?

      Clypti used to flirt a lot with unicorns back on the Crimson Isle. I know this because he doesn't take rejection well, either. 

      CLYPTI - I will force feed you potions until you die a horrible death, you little shit.


        Loading editor
    • I don't take rejection well at all! Neither does half the gang, so it's normal. He flirted with unicorns? Will he flirt with Celestia? -hides Celestia-

      Mard: Unicorns? Now that's a breed I've never even looked at. I prefer to limit myself to humanoids... Animals don't meet my standards.

      Seilah: Yeah, you like getting your girlfriend to submit to you and listen because you're insane.

      Mard: Seilah, what did we say about telling people about my dating habits?

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Who's Celestia? (clears throat) Anyhow, yes, I did flirt with unicorns... I'd rather not talk about it. 

      Clypti prefers not humanoids? Because he's more of a dragon who can turn into a human instead of vise versa (i dunno clypti is clypti and i don't care about his love life enough to learn about it)? On the Crimson Isle there aren't many humans. Like, as in, actual humans. We do have dragons, pegasi, unicorns, and other... lovely mythical creatures. 

      CLYPTI - (kinda hands Mard a potion that kinda sorta makes anyone bend to his will if it's used on them) 


      CLYPTI - FIRST of all, I never do anything at random. SECOND OF ALL, villainy is in the eye of the beholder.

        Loading editor
    • Mard: -runs off with potions gleefully-

      Oh, Celestia is no one... You don't need to worry about her. And that makes sense. :P Mythical creatures like mythical creatures, just like humanoid demons like humans and other humanoids. And how humans like me like hot and attractive guys that coincidentially aren't real!

      And Clypti you'll regret giving him that. XD. Wish he'd use it on me... Sad face.

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I rarely regret anything, and when I do it's either partially Squeaky's fault, or, ironically, when I flirt with unicorns. I can't wait to see what Mard does with the potion.... or, actually, I think it'd be best if I just heard about it. 

      Since when do you cause mischeif?

      CLYPTI - Since when are you a powerless, noodle-armed, seventeen year old boy?


      CLYPTI - I'm not. I just get irritating when I'm bored.

        Loading editor
    • SQUEAKY SQUEAKY SQUEAKY SQUEAKY -runs around chanting "squeaky"- -boops Tiger on the nose- SQUEAKY!

      Seilah: I hate noodles. Too stringy and... -shudders- Gross. Human food is gross. Mard loves it for some reason.

      Mard: Hey, even if I hate humanity, I can admit that some of their food is good. Better than our disgusting demon food!

      Seilah: What did you do with that potion?

      Mard: My secret. :)

        Loading editor
    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (hides face with hood) my name isn't squEAKY

      CLYPTI - I've only tried sushi, and I was impressed. It's literally the only thing I've eaten here on earth, and I only ate it because Squeaky kept bugging me about it, saying that sushi was almost as good as Cola. 

      IT IS

      CLYPTI - I think that Cola tastes awful. I'd rather have Pepsi

      LUNA - What's the difference?

      CLYPTI - Shut up, mortal

      You're mortal too, Clypti

      CLYPTI - For now, you little frick.

        Loading editor
    • I'M MORTAL! Sadly. So many of my gang is immortal. I feel so left out!

      Seilah: Actually, only Mard, Celestia, Peridot and myself are.

      Shut up, Seilah.

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Fun. I'm currently working towards making a potion that can give me immortality. Along with murdering my brother, I'm set on living forever.

      It's a stupid goal.

      CLYPTI - You sure about that? Keep in mind that my life goals are a lot better than your's, Squeaky. Why? Because your life goals are nonexistent.

      Shut up, I am currently in charge of three not so tame, canine, humanoid, magical things, okay? My life's not as straightforward as your's.

        Loading editor
    • Seilah: Poor human boy. -pats Tiger on head- I've dealt with my own Clypti for 400 years. -looks at Mard-

      Mard: I never tried to murder you.

      Seilah: Fair.

      -flailing in corner, foam coming from mouth- IT'S TRUE. MY HOPES HAVE BECOME A REALITY.

      Seilah: Lord, Verity, are you alright?

      Mard: I get the feeling that this has something do with a certain evil British guy. Someone who is worse than me.

        Loading editor
    • (sobs) Thanks Seilah-

      CLYPTI - Dear lord. Verity, what's going on with you? 

        Loading editor

      Mard: Stop it before he hears you!

      Seilah: I don't get it. Why is Viggo so bad and why is she obsessing over him?

      Mard: Viggo Grimborn is worse than me! He's scheming, manipulative and tricky - always one step ahead. No one ever knows what he's planning, and he's a merciless enemy.

      Seilah: Sounds to me like you're just jealous of him.

      Mard: I have magic, he doesn't. And you really want to know why Verity is obsessed with him right now? -whispers the answer to Seilah-

      Seilah: ... O_O

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - ... I'm not going to ask. I remember this one time Squeaky had a weird crush on-

      (throws a chair at Clypti) STOP. NO MORE TALKING

      CLYPTI - ... Did you just hit me, you little shit?


      CLYPTI - Hmph.

        Loading editor
    • Actually I don't have a crush on Viggo. HE'S NOT DEAD I CAN STILL HAVE MY VIGGO X HICCUP -runs in glee-

      Mard: If you had a crush on Viggo, I swear I'd-

      Viggo: You'd what?

      Mard: -sweatdrops- AH FUCK!

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I'm guessing that this is Viggo? Greetings.


      CLYPTI - Squeaky, I told you, vilainy is in the eye of the beholder.

        Loading editor
    • Viggo: -shakes head at Tiger- Poor, poor Hiccup 2.0.

      Mard: He's in charge of the account since Verity is currently screaming and rolling in a corner. Unfortunately.

      Viggo: Oh, shush. You're jealous because I won while you lost. Worry not, Mard, your only sin was being created by Mashima.


        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - (grins) Wow. I could watch you two argue for days. It's really amusing.


      CLYPTI - Assuming that he IS cool, yes, he is much cooler than you.

      SHUSH, VIGGO 2.0

      CLYPTI - I'm not a carbon copy of Viggo, Squeaky. I don't think we're very similar, but then again, I've just met him.

        Loading editor
    • Mard: You remind me of Viggo enough to be Viggo 2.0.

      Viggo: Actually, I believe he's more like you.

      Mard: He's the you to Tiger's Hiccup. Hiccup and Tiger both have concending evil guys who put them down at every turn.

      Viggo: On the contrary, I compliment Hiccup when he nearly succeeds. The insults only come when he gets annoying.

      Mard: ...Huh you're right. On the MB you tease him though...

      Viggo: Because I do enjoy seeing him turn into a tomato.


        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - (laughs) Wow, getting impatient, aren't we, Mard? I'd hate to see you mad. 

      The scary part is that Clypti has a very good fake British accent.

      CLYPTI - (in British accent) Indeed I do

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    • Viggo: An angry Mard is a good source of entertainment.

      Mard: -takes deep breath- Come on, Mard, do those exercises Dagur showed you... You're better than Viggo.

      Viggo: -shakes head-

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I agree. (prods at Mard with wing)

      Clypti please-

      Where's Verity? 

      DELTA - (casually eats some popcorn)

        Loading editor
    • Mard: Viggo killed her.

      Viggo: Correction - overexposure to my TV show killed her.

      Mard: She's only fangirling because of you.

      Viggo: True, but that certainly isn't my fault. I can't help being such a charming British villain.

        Loading editor
    • I-

      ... (walks into a closet and locks the door)

      CLYPTI - (still speaking in a British accent) Good riddance... and yes, I agree. It isn't your fault that you're so charming, Viggo.


      CLYPTI - If you want it to be.

        Loading editor
    • Viggo: I'm simply quoting Verity on the charming part. She states that I'm a polite British guy, which supposedly equals charming for her.

      Mard: Surprisingly she isn't crushing on him. She wants him and Hiccup to be together. But also ships him with Salem in the gang.

      Viggo: -facedesk-

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - HAHA! How does Hiccup feel about that? I'd like to see someone try to ship ME.

      Careful what you wish forrrrrrrrrrrrrr~

      CLYPTI - Squeaky, do you want to be set on fire again?

      Nopleasenodon't (retreats back into closet)

        Loading editor
    • Viggo: Hiccup is very vocal about his displeasure. He even threw his leg at Verity when she tried to draw fanart of us.

      I still have the bruise!

      Mard: Oh... she's alive. -grumbles-

      Meredy will ship you if you want, Clypti! :D

      Viggo: Go back to fangirling, Verity. -throws Hiccup/Viggo fanart at her- Do not ask how I stole these from her.

      -screams and clutches fanart with stars in her eyes-

        Loading editor
    • YES. SHIP CLYPTI. MAKE HIM SUFFERRRRRRR. Also, how DID you get that fanart, Viggo? 

      CLYPTI - Squeaky. Shut. Your. Mouth.

      AHHHHHHH (hides behind Verity)

        Loading editor
    • Mard: We don't have many single women that would get along well with Clypti...

      Ship him with Luna! -runs and hides in corner-

      Viggo: I found them in Verity's room. Now I am not sure how she managed to get them. There can't be this much fanart of us online.

      Mard: Probably paid people to draw it.

      Viggo: I'm off to burn it while she's hiding.

        Loading editor
    • LUNA - HELL NAH. 

      CLYPTI - ... I-

      Luna, weren't you an Del- 

      LUNA - NOPE. NO. (throws a chair at Tiger and leaves)

      (catches the chair... with face)

      CLYPTI - ... (sets said chair on fire)


        Loading editor
    • Viggo: Fascinating...

      Mard: Can't imagine those two as a couple at all. Luna is very similar to myself and the rest of the Trio and Delta is basically Jellal or Invel.

      Yeah, you Trio members don't get along with those two...

        Loading editor
    • It's a myth residing throughout the gang. You have Angellica to thank for that.

      Worst matchmaker ever.

        Loading editor
    • Kind of like Meredy XD

      Mard: All the ships in the gang came from that beast... She makes several of my demons look sweet and safe.

      Viggo: Not surprising, she used to be a villain herself.

      Mard: -is shook-

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - (pokes Mard) You seem...


      CLYPTI - Pardon?


        Loading editor

      Mard: -blasts Verity to the sun-

      Viggo: How exactly is she still alive? She's been blasted to outer space more times than I can count.

      Mard: Thankfully she's permanently dead in the fanfic. :)

        Loading editor
    • ...


      CLYPTI - Mard, my friend, breaking Squeaky is MY job.

        Loading editor
    • Mard: Hey, I don't know what breaks your little bro. Verity dies all the time, we're all used to it here.

      Viggo: That is correct. Only difference is in this fanfic she's dead permanently.


        Loading editor
    • bY DYING? (sobs louder)

      CLYPTI - ... (sighs and teleports Tiger into a ditch)


      I'm gonna post my new POV for the RP tomorrow, just a head's up 

        Loading editor
    • Yes, by dying, I had to destroy Midity. And I enjoyed it! BAI BAI MIDITY!

      Mard: Now who will her next hoe be, I wonder?

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - ... (throws a hoe at Tiger, the gardening tool, specifcally)


      CLYPTI - It was Luna

        Loading editor
    • Mard: Wrong type of hoe, Clypti.

      -pulls out dictionary- Now let me teach you a few adult words, Clypti...

      Viggo: -slaps dictionary out of Verity's hand- Do not discuss this.

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - I am aware that it was the wrong type of hoe. I just really wanted to throw something at him.

      He's kinda the one who taught me like, most of the cuss words that I know.

        Loading editor
    • Viggo: You gang members are so fond of throwing things at each other.

      Mard: Like how I throw things at Midna, Middy, Invel... All the people who bug me!

      I learned my swear words from my gang! -lets out a string of curse words-

        Loading editor

      LUNA - Fuck off.

      BLAIZE - ... (cries)


      CLYPTI - ... Imbeciles

        Loading editor
    • Too many no-no words? D:

      Mard: I regret ever letting Verity Evermore into my life and teaching her what she knows. -screams something in Japanese-

      I wonder what he said...

      Viggo: -pulls up Google translate- This is what he said.


        Loading editor
    • Oh my hecking god-


      LUNA STOP-

      CLYPTI - ... (facetalons)

      BLAIZE - (sobs hysterically)

      DELTA - (dying inside)

        Loading editor

      Also sorry I've been inactive. I have one excuse - SCHOOL. It started this week, I've been swamped with homework. Tenth grade English is NOT fun.

      Mard: This is why I'm glad I didn't have a childhood.

        Loading editor
    • Hahahahaha Luna's lying-

      and also yeah, I totally get it, school sucks but it's a priority (sadly). i would offer to do your homework, but

      a) im like... below the tenth grade level in english

      b) idk how i would manage to actually DO your homework

      CLYPTI - ... ditto, Mard. 

        Loading editor
    • I'm in all academic classes - meaning I took the hardest courses and have the most homework. Haha why am I in the smart people classes, I'm stupid XD. I asked my mom what a microwave was once.

      Viggo: Well, there are people out there far stupider than you. For instance, that boy who fell asleep in class, then announced that he had a dream about his gym teacher.

      Mard: And that guy who was hardcore crushing on your French teacher!

      True, true... Wait, why are you two making me feel better? You're supposed to be assholes!

        Loading editor
    • Because these assholes are probably at least a LITTLE fond of you. Plus, I think you're pretty smart! :0

        Loading editor
    • Mard: BAHAHA CUTE JOKE. I don't care about her. -snorts and fakes laughter but fails-

      Aww, thanks Tiger. <3 I guess I am kind of smart - at least smarter than the two guys Viggo and Mard mentioned.

      Viggo: Not much of a feat. But I must doubt your intelligence for a minute - didn't you have a crush on the boy who fell asleep in class for a while?

      -sweatdrops- I'M NOT GUILTY! I WAS FRAMED!

        Loading editor
    • OH SHOOT-

      CLYPTI - Why are we discussing this?

      It's fun.

      CLYPTI - ... "fun"?

        Loading editor
    • Viggo: It is fun embarrassing Verity. Almost as fun as with Hiccup.

      -is beet red and in a corner- IT'S SOCIETY'S FAULT! I'M YOUNG AND IMPRESSIONABLE!

      Mard: Keep telling yourself that.


      Mard and Viggo: XD

        Loading editor
    • (wheezing)

      CLYPTI - I'm not amused. 

      you're a killjoy

      CLYPTI - You're a hypocrite 

        Loading editor

      Viggo: -unamused-

      Mard: -snorts with laughter-

        Loading editor
    • (starts laughing hysterically) whAT-

      CLYPTI - (sits in a corner and plays with magic)

      DELTA - What the hell-

      (AAAAAAAAA the second oneshot is up on WattPad :0)

        Loading editor
    • -shouts more excuses for this-

      Mard: Admit it, Verity, you're stupid and don't know any better.

      Viggo: Hypocrisy!

      Mard: Oh, like you haven't been hypocritical in your life!

        Loading editor

      CLYPTI - Well, you do kinda make her look like a genius

      excUSE ME?

      CLYPTI - Admit it. You're as naive as you are brain-dead


        Loading editor
    • Mard: Hate to argue with you, Tiger, she really isn't that smart.

      -looks at a mirror, mirror breaks- D:

        Loading editor

      CLYPTI - ... (facepalms)

        Loading editor
    • Mard: I don't shut up for anyone!

      Viggo: Shut up.

      Mard: What are you going to do, Viggo? Throw the Dragon Eye at me?

      Viggo: -pulls out a book titled "Mard's Diary"-

      Mard: -sweatdrops- THAT ISN'T WHAT IT SAYS IT IS!

      Viggo: Now, shut up.

      -still crying about the mirror-

        Loading editor
    • CLYPTI - Ooooh, what might that be, Viggo?

      (tries to help Verity) aAAAAA IT'S OKAY-

        Loading editor
    • Viggo: A closely guarded secret. I may share this with you, should you prove yourself. -puts diary back in hammerspace-


      Viggo: Rude.

      -finally holds up a mirror that doesn't break and screams in joy- IT DIDN'T -mirror shatters because of her scream- D:

        Loading editor
    • don't worry, you're too good for mirrors anyways. try looking at water instead?

      DELTA - I'm sorry, but I am most certainly worthier than most people here.

      BLAIZE - ... you sure?

      DELTA - Yes. Positive

      LUNA - (wheezing) 

        Loading editor
    • AH MOTHERFUCKER I DIDN'T REPLY TO THE ROLEPLAY! -runs off to go do that-

      Viggo: Perhaps I'll reveal this all to you soon...

      -pops head back into the room- Also, my posts on the RP may come a little slower than they normally do... Today I made a big decision. One that matters a lot to me. And something I've wanted to do for over a year now but didn't have the balls to do. Anywho this new thing I'm doing, it may take up a lot of my time on the computer. I'm just nervous and excited about this, and it may take some time to balance it with school, Flight Rising and my other on and off the computer activities.

        Loading editor
    • Oh okay! That's totally fine. I'm glad that you're working hard and shaping your life to how you want it to be. I'm super proud of you, Verity! :0

      DELTA - I will read it if I wish to read it, which I don't, by the way. 

      LUNA - I will reAD it iF I WisH TO ReAD It, whiCH I DONT, byY the wAY

      BLAIZE - (hysterically giggles)

        Loading editor

      ...Damn, teachers put a lot of pressure on us high school kids to want to decide our whole life.

      Anyways I'm finally pulling my life together, XD, like you said. Finally getting off my ass and getting ideas for things, doing what I should have done ages ago.

        Loading editor

      0 this is so hecking exciting-
        Loading editor
    • I'm still pissed that they're testing me on whether or not I'm qualified. I'm only tenth grade, I still have time! URGH DON'T PRESSURE ME ASSHOLES

      Brace yourself, Tiger, the pressure on high schoolers is a great one. 

        Loading editor
    • Well shit. 

      Highschool, can you like, go away please? I'd rather not grow up, please ty, I'm dealing with enough shit right now. 

      (sorry for the late reply-)

        Loading editor
    • It's ok, I'm always late. And yes, fuck off high school.

        Loading editor
    • eouhewhfehfrkewhesohfeiuawhuoeahufieasufwuifd

      is middle school drama worse than highschool drama, or vise versa?

        Loading editor
    • Middle school? Tbh I didn't have middle school, my pre-high school school went from kindergarten-gr 8. Middle school is grades 5-8, right?

      Anywho I haven't had high school drama but then again I'm not popular so I avoid most of the drama even if there is any.

        Loading editor
    • Ahhh okay, avoiding drama is a good thing to do, it helps with stress n shit

        Loading editor


        Loading editor
    • (throws chair down, sits on said chair) spILL

        Loading editor
    • So you want to know about the new bae? -trollface-

      His name is Zuko and he's sixteen and he's in the gang now! -pulls Zuko close and huggles him-

      Viggo and Mard: -minds are broken-

        Loading editor

      CLYPTI - (opens mouth)


        Loading editor
    • I don't know if he likes dragons lol. Haven't reached that point in the series XD but I assume he does if he's pictured with one.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, probably. owo He seems neat!

      LUNA - ...Who're we talking about...?

        Loading editor
    • A FANDOM user
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