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Sans is a lazy pun-loving skeleton from Undertale in Katana's gang. He's also one of Kat's two boyfriends. Sans is the older brother of Papyrus.

Appearance Edit

Sans is short and big boned skeleton. His eye sockets have little white dots in them, representing his pupils. However, he can make the dots completely disappear, or make his left eye pupil into a flashing blue and gold circle.

Sans usually wears a white T-shirt, an unzipped blue jacket, black shorts, and pink slippers.


Personality Edit

(Note: Canon personality may differ. Also help, I keep making these personality things so long. Also still not done!)

Sans is very lazy and laid back. He loves sleeping and can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Sans also refuses to do practically any kind of work, which irritates Papyrus. However he does occasionally sell hot dogs to the gang.

Sans also enjoys making puns and bad jokes, constantly. He can think of a pun for any situation, and often will have pun wars with Kat to see who can make the most puns. He usually wins. But since Kat is already the pun god, Sans decided to make himself the pun goddess. Sans also loves annoying the gang with his puns. Mostly Papyrus.

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