I thought that, maybe, if I could hear the sound of the ocean, then something would change.
— Riko

Sakurauchi Riko is a member of Rajani's gang, originally from the franchise Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a member of the nine-girl school idol group Aqours from Uranohoshi Girls' High School in Numazu. Riko is a second-year at that school. As well as being part of that group, she is also a member of one of Aqours' subunits, Guilty Kiss, whose other members are the first year Tsushima Yoshiko/Yohane and the third year Ohara Mari. Riko is a transfer student from Otonokizaka in Tokyo, and a pianist.

(The image on the right is one of Riko's UR cards from the rhythm game Love Live! School Idol Project.)

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