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Princess Zelda is one of the newest members of Verity's gang. She is the princess of Hyrule, and one of the leadership figures in the gang. Zelda is not shipped yet, but she may end up in one eventually.


Zelda has long brown hair, with two pieces falling in front of her ears and reaching her shoulders. The rest of her hair is braided at the end, and reaches the middle of her back. As per a typical Hylian, her ears are pointed like an elf's, and her eyes are also blue.

Zelda's dress is white and purple, with the purple mostly covering her chest and a little bit of her waist and hips. The bottom is white, and the dress's skirt reaches the floor. Zelda has gold shoulder pads, and long white gloves underneath them. She wears a circlet with a blue gem in the middle as her crown.


Zelda has a very kind and patient demeanor. She is gentle with the members of the gang, and is a little like Mirajane. Unlike Mirajane, though, she is more predictable and reserved.

Zelda is confident in herself, and knows how to take control. However, due to her having no magic, she prefers to stay on the sidelines and let the more powerful gang members take control, only stepping in if necessary.

Zelda has a tendency to be a little negative and worry about bad outcomes of a situation.

As holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda is also wise beyond her years.

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Appearances in Fanfics

It's My World Now

Zelda is one of the first members of the gang to appear at the meeting held by Jellal Fernandes, and she is rather nervous and questioning about his plans of taking leadership of the gang.

A few weeks after the meeting, Zelda discusses with Hiccup, Ayden, Meredy, Lucina and Peridot about Jellal's mental situation, with the group worrying that he's going paranoid about Verity trying to take leadership from him.

Later, the gang is summoned by the Admins to catch a rogue wizard. Zelda is teamed up with Irene, Midna, Hiccup and Ayden, and is in the group that finds said wizard. Zelda watches in horror as Ayden disappears after trying to attack the mysterious figure.

She later helps prepare for Verity's MB-Day party, and worries about Ayden's whereabouts and how upset Verity will be when their lie about him planning a surprise is proven false. Her reaction to Ayden's reappearance is not shown, and she remains quiet in the discussion about him that takes place after the party is complete.

Along with Invel, Zelda is tasked with getting information on previous MB conflicts to learn how to resolve this one. The two ask senior MBer Rain for her opinion, and she tells them that most conflicts managed to end in peace. Unfortunately the chances of making peace with Ayden seemed slim, but regardless the two decide to bring this news to Jellal.


  • This is the Twilight Princess incarnation of Zelda.
  • Fans ship her with Link, but Verity actually full-on despises that ship.
    • That only goes for TP Zelda and Link. Verity ships Skyward Sword Zelda and Link, but this isn't that Zelda.
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