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Princess Zelda is one of the newest members of Verity's gang. She is the princess of Hyrule, and one of the leadership figures in the gang. Zelda is not shipped yet, but she may end up in one eventually.

Appearance Edit

Look at picture for now. I'm lazy.

Personality Edit

Zelda has a very kind and patient demeanor. She is gentle with the members of the gang, and is a little like Mirajane. Unlike Mirajane, though, she is more predictable and reserved.

(More TBA)

Relationships Edit

Gang Edit

For the most part, the gang likes Zelda.

Jellal Edit

Midna Edit

Others Edit

Link Edit

Appearances in Fanfics Edit


Trivia Edit

  • This is the Twilight Princess incarnation of Zelda.
  • Fans ship her with Link, but Verity actually full-on despises that ship.
    • That only goes for TP Zelda and Link.
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