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Gang Edit

Jellal Fernandes Edit

Main article: Jellal Fernandes

Midnight and Jellal have a salty and toxic relationship with each other. The two are almost the exact opposite of each other, with Midnight being cruel, sadistic and lustful and Jellal being patient, loyal and kind. Midnight harbors a grudge toward Jellal, secretly despising the way that the other man is liked by Verity, and wants to eliminate him.

In canon, not much of Jellal and Midnight's relationship is explored. They do have an unfriendly relationship, however the true extent of that is never specified.

Cobra Edit

Cobra is probably Midnight's best friend in the gang. The two have been friends since childhood and have fought in many battles together.

Angel Edit

Main article: Sorano Agria

Angel and Midnight are good friends, but not as close as Cobra and Midnight.

Mard Geer Tartaros Edit

Main Article: Mard Geer Tartaros

The relationship between Midnight and the Underworld King is a mostly hostile one.

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