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Midnight is one of Verity's gang members. He is one of the most well-known members of the gang due to the ship Midity (which is now dead). He is also the father of Ayden in an alternate future.


Midnight's appearance

Midnight's appearance

Midnight's appearance is effeminate, to the point where many people have confused him for a woman. His hair is long, black and spiky (Verity also says it's soft and fluffy), reaching to the middle of his back. He has one lock of white hair, which is braided.

Midnight wears a full-body white suit that has a maroon stripe decorating the mid-thigh region, as well as a maroon neckline. He completes his outfit by donning a black vest, over which he also wears a white fur-trimmed brown coat. He wears black boots, which his bodysuit's pant legs are pulled over (kind of like Haru Glory from Rave Master - at least that's what I think). (His footwear isn't confirmed as boots, but that's what I go by.) In fanfics, Midnight has gained some scars, but since those were either old fanfics, scrapped fanfics or fanfics I never posted on the MB and ended up losing, I don't remember those scar placements.


Midnight is moody and has quite the attitude. He's argumentative and defiant toward the gang members, and disses their opinions a lot.

Despite this, Middy cares a lot about the other gang members. However, more than them, he cares about Verity. He's a passionate lover towards her, and would give his life to protect her.

The past is a very touchy subject for him. He doesn't like to talk about what he used to be and how he used to act. Midnight is trying to move on from the terrible person he used to be.



Appearances in Fanfiction

It's My World Now

Midnight is mentioned as pursuing Verity's affections, trying to win her back. Due to this, Jellal and Viggo leave him out of their plans to prevent Verity from ever taking her leadership.

He first physically appears after another rejection from Verity, and mentally laments about how the times have changed and how she doesn't notice him. He thinks of how the other gang members look down at him for his desperation, and curses Jellal for unknowingly stealing Verity's affections. Midnight also suspects that the rest of the gang is in on some secret involving Verity, one that he is left out of.

Midnight is with the gang when they are summoned by the Admins. When tasked with catching a rogue magic user, he is teamed up with Jellal, Mard Geer and Mirajane. The team is rather relaxed about their mission, knowing that they are nowhere near the rogue wizard.

At Verity's MB-Day party (after failing to get a pig as a present for her), Midnight sticks to Verity's side, and the two discuss Ayden's whereabouts and Jellal's plans, both of which Midnight doesn't know much about. When Ayden surprisingly arrives and tells everyone Verity is going to die, Midnight reacts with anger, though remains calm. After the party, he releases his anger and is enraged that Jellal and the others are just going to wait for Ayden to attack them, and sets out to finish the Dragon Slayer himself.

While on his hunt, Midnight is taken out by Senka Halphas, the rogue from the forest and one of Ayden's allies. He ends up in the hideout of Ayden and his allies, and Ayden himself shows up and taunts him. Midnight is then left alone for a few hours while the Dragon Slayer tends to business, and attempts to convince himself that Ayden is just pranking him. When Ayden reappears, he transports himself and Midnight to the future. Midnight watches in anguish as Verity's death is shown to him, but is shocked when this vision shows him that she gave birth to a child. When Ayden states that he prevented the birth of this child, Midnight demands why, prompting Ayden to reveal that he is Verity's son from the future, and that Midnight is his father, who he seeks to destroy.

Midnight is skeptical of this, and in frustration, Ayden transports them into his past. Midnight witnesses a young Ayden's inability to perform magic, and his future self's disinterest in his non-magic son. Eventually, Future Midnight ignited a rebellion against Jellal, who had taken control of the gang and created a kingdom to reign over, and this rebellion had lead to the destruction of the MB World, much to Midnight's shock. Still in the flashback, the future Midnight is revealed to have killed Meredy, and in revenge, Ayden tricks his father into committing suicide. Midnight is left shaken from this, even as Ayden explains how he ended up getting magic. Then, he transports the two of them back, and once he's alone again, Midnight decides that somehow, he'll have to stop this future from happening.

Midnight schemes to somehow snatch a key from the guards who give him food. Almost a week after his capture, he manages to nick one, and uses it to escape. Once outside the magic sealing room he was left in, he begins using his teleportation magic to get back home, hoping to prevent Verity's death.


  • Midnight's personality differs from his canon one, because his canon personality is pretty blank and doesn't give much to work with.
  • Midnight is the last gang member to physically appear in the fanfic.
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