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Midna is one of Verity's newest gang members. She is the titular character of the game Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. On the MB, Midna has the ability to shift between her imp and Twilli forms, and she is shipped with Mard Geer in the ship Mardna.


In her imp-like form, Midna appears as a small creature with a mask covering her head. She also has long yellow orange hair with a barrette near the end of it, presumably to keep in place. When the mask she wears is taken off, her head is revealed to have some brown thing on top, which may actually be a darker shade of her hair. She is normally in this form.

Midna's true form seems to resemble a human female that has dark tribal markings around her arms and thighs. She also has long orange hair that is kept in place by the same barrette she had in her imp form, and wears what appears to be a dark robe and a loincloth. It is notable that she has some sort of leg band around her right leg, as shown in her concept art. Her skin itself has both a dark and light side to it, which may actually be some sort of skin-tight clothes she has on.


Midna is very snarky and teasing, enjoying taking jabs and making jokes at the other gang members. She is quite cynical as well.

Midna has a huge, unrequited crush on Mard Geer. However she is not Yandere for him, and does her best to respect his feelings and not annoy or force herself on him (though she does have a few stalker-ish tendencies). She often tags along with him on days out, and when she's not acting romance-y towards him, the two actually don't have a terrible relationship.

Midna hates amphibians, for some reason.

She also likes cartoon musicals, particularly Disney movies and shows.

Appearances in Fanfiction

It's My World Now

Midna first appears at the gang meeting held by Jellal. She is one of the gang members who replies to his question of how they would react if Verity lead the gang, and she replies that the gang would likely disband to avoid the humiliation that could bring.

Later, she joins the gang when they are summoned by the Admins to catch a rogue wizard. Midna is on the team that finds said wizard, with her teammates being Ayden, Hiccup, Zelda and Irene. She watches in horror as Ayden disappears while attacking the rogue wizard.

Midna is present at Verity's MB-Day party, where she is following Mard around. Her reactions to Ayden's subsequent return in the middle of the party and his threats are not shown, though after the party, she states that his relationship with the woman who had accompanied him to the party seemed very close.

About a week later, Jellal goes out on a search for the missing Midnight, and tells the rest of the gang to watch a movie while he's gone. Midna suggests watching a cartoon musical, but this is met with disdain from Dagur and Irene. She promptly hides behind Mard at their comments.


  • Mardna is one of the only ships in the gang, with the other being Aydedy.
    • There will eventually be a fanfiction with Mard and Midna as the main characters, and Mardna will be heavily developed.
  • Midna can't shapeshift in canon - it's an MB exclusive ability.
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