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  • Hello! I'm back! Also, read your gang fic summary thingy here, and is it just me, or is the time-travelling thing taken from FE: Awakening? :P

    More than that, though, Ayden's backstory rather surprised me. Great job coming up with that, btw. :)

    Oh, and can I get a response on the RWBY Fanon please?

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    • XD

      On another note, my headphones aren't working right. I'm only hearing sound through the left one.

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    • Aw shit! That's the worst! I have like a thousand pairs of earbuds just in case one pair breaks.

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  • Hey Verity~ It's Rajani! I'm alive and kicking, wanted to pop over and tell you just in case you didn't see my announcement on the SAMB, haha! It's great to be alive again!

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    • Maybe fireproof armor? He's secretly got superpowers that let him swim in lava? Dunno! I haven't checked up on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise in a while.

      Haha, I'm sure of that, based off what you've said. On that note though, I'm being forced to censor so many of the parts in my Protectors Origins fanfic because I want to put it on the MB. But dang, now I want to see spinoffs of your gangverse like small ficlets focusing on each gang member seeing how they change because of the MB...

      Ooh, I see. I enjoy that too- the good guys are usually either really damn pissed off or horrified at how hardcore the villains are going. Oh, I see, so that's Mihael's character! I find it interesting when protagonists and heroes have that sort of personality as well, because it really puts their humanity in focus. I adore it when characters pursue obsessions so hard they go crazy and everything goes to shit. That's why I like yandere characters, to be honest. I haven't seen Viggo, and all that praise is making me angry that I can't watch it from Hong Kong! Same, I'll probably check it out when it gets on Netflix because the YouTube uploads are always pretty blurry and I can't enjoy myself. Mm, that's true, people do like exalting. Apparently Arcane is planning a push in exalts for Starfall? After I finish that line I'm moving on to the Fresh Prince of Bel-air, though. 

      Alvarez wasn't handled well at all, if it had been more drawn out it would have given each character a proper portrayal. And yes, I'm so sick of FT people never dying. The worst example is probably Makarov. Like what the fuck? 

      Hmm, I'm edging towards Imperial right now. Maybe I should go scry her to see how it looks... Right now I'm buying dragons so I can personally breed the Protector dragons, and all the new ones have colors and genes that could potentially work, since I don't have a specific color and gene combination I want for them. Pyre and Raven are in my lair currently, I'm working on Rajani and Ilann now.

      Also, I posted on the Slumber Party RP!

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    • Ok I just checked it again, he never actually hit the lava. He just landed out of it. Which should have gotten him some broken bones but it didn't.

      NO CENSORSHIPS -flails- WHY MODERATION PHIL, WHY?! FUCKING FLOWERS! And haha I plan to make some of those. Mainly about the evolutions of gang members such as Mard, Viggo, Invel, Irene, Salem, etc.

      I did my best to put him in the morally gray area. A main character should have these human-like issues, they should have conflicts with themselves about killing and doing other things like that. His love interest is kind of Yandere... not full-on Yuno Gasai Yandere but still protective and will annihilate anyone who messes with him. Race to the Edge is on Netflix as well if you have it. It would make sense if Arcane starts exalting more dragons for Starfall. I remember that the fire flight was dominant for a bit during the Flameforger Festival... Yes, you're probably right! And XD, those poor hatchlings are named after song lyrics. I love it.

      Mashima did a lot of planning on the spot. Had he not done that then the arc could have been better handled and the villains better developed as you said. I would have loved to see characters like Invel getting more development, seeing as to me all the Spriggans had lots of potential. And YES MAKAROV DIE ALREADY PLEASE

      Definitely scry for her! That's how I get some of my dragon ideas. And I can't wait to see Rajani and Ilann. I feel like they'll look cool. The one I really want to see is Periwinkle, because I don't know her very well.

      I know, and I feel like I should warn you that my responses may take a while from here on, seeing as my school homework is killing me.

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  • Hi, welcome to Scholastica Gangs Wikia! I'm a member of Fandom's Community Support team. Thank you for your edit to User:Verity Evermore!

    It looks as though none of the admins for this community are active right now, but if you need help, check out our help pages or stop by Community Central to explore our forums.

    And don't forget to check out Fandom University for quick how-to videos.

    Enjoy your time at Scholastica Gangs Wikia!

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