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Merle Darya is a more-recent member of Jade's gang, and one of her RWBY OCs. He joined sometime in (TBA), and is not shipped with anyone.

As a RWBY OC, Merle attends Beacon Academy, and is a member of the first-year Team ---- (Unnamed). He dual-wields a longsword-shortsword pair, the longsword able to transform into a sniper rifle.

Appearance Edit

Merle is a tall, fair-skinned boy, standing at a height of 5'11". He has black hair with short, swept to the right bangs, and deep, dark-blue eyes that often seem to be staring into space.

Usually, Merle can be found wearing black, finger-less gloves with his emblem on them.

Personality Edit

Merle is a thinker. He's often lost in thought, as shown in his eyes, with the topics varying from "what could have been better" to philosophical musings. Getting him to focus on something for more than a minute or two is rare.

In battle, though, it's quite the opposite. Merle focuses so intensely in combat that it's almost impossible to distract him. This is either because he knows his life could be on the line at any moment, or his life is on the line.

Often, Merle seems like a know-it-all, correcting others without any thought of how he looks to everyone else. This behavior boils down to one fact: Merle likes having things be exact, getting annoyed when things aren't and impulsively correcting anything wrong.

Having a healthy curiosity, Merle is the type of person who will keep pestering till either told what he wants to know, something else catches his attention, or he suddenly goes back to being lost-in-thought. Eventually, though, Merle will come back to it - even if it takes several months for him to remember. However, you can rest assured that whatever you tell him won't be used against you, unless you become an enemy to him.

That said, Merle is also a very determined individual when it comes to his goals. He will not rest till his goal is completed, even if he has to come back to it multiple times because he keeps getting distracted. Ever since he decided to become a Huntsman, he has focused in on it like a hunting cat, and won't stop training to become one.

History Edit

Merle was born in a semi-big town called Earna, not far from the outskirts of Vale. He had a mostly normal life, up until age 8, when a few Ursai stumbled upon the town and immediately went to destroy everything in sight.

Thankfully, before the town could be fully destroyed, a team of Huntsmen who'd been visiting the town appeared, making short work of the Ursai. Merle and his family were fine, but the scenes of destruction he had seen were imprinted on his brain.

In the time that the Huntsmen stayed, tending to the wounded until actual doctors could get there, Merle became very curious, and started asking them questions. He knew about Huntsmen, of course, but had always wondered what it was like.

Intrigued by the answers he got, and wanting to experience it for himself, Merle proclaimed that he wanted to be a Huntsman too, not knowing how hard the path he'd chosen would be. His parents weren't sure what to make of their son's decision, thinking it naive and a passing thing, not knowing how wrong they were.

During the next couple years, Merle secretly read about fighting styles and battles, as well as Huntsmen and Huntresses and the Academies that trained them. He was intent on becoming a Huntsman.

After reading many books on weapons and fighting-styles, Merle decided he liked the sword. Now 10-years-old, he approached one of the better sword-fighters in town, and asked to be trained, saying he wanted to be a Huntsman. The older man considered the boy, saw his conviction, and told him as long as his parents agreed, he'd teach him. Merle did so, and his parents, finally realizing their son's decision hadn't been a simple phase, agreed, but asked him to be careful. Once Merle promised he would be careful, his training began, starting with physical exercises to get in shape.

Merle applied himself to the training with unwavering determination, though he was annoyed that he didn't get to immediately learn to wield the sword, and often argued with his teacher about it. His teacher just said that Merle was still too young. Eventually, the arguments ended when his teacher let him pick up a sword, and he almost cleaved his feet off due to the blade's weight.

Only two years later, when Merle was twelve, would he finally be able to pick up a sword. However, despite having his Aura unlocked half a year before, wooden practice swords were used for initial training, due to the fact that Merle hadn't really had much experience with using his Aura yet. After a few more months of Aura and sword training, though, Merle was given a real sword to practice with.

Then, when he was old enough, Merle was sent to Signal, where he trained almost nonstop to become the fighter he'd always wanted to be. He'd kept the sword he used during training, naming it (TBA), and later built (TBA) as a companion, due to wanting a second sword and someone suggesting he should have a ranged weapon. Merle soon became quite proficient at dual-wielding and sniping.

After finishing his time at Signal, Merle decided to apply to Beacon, into which he was accepted. Once he went through the initiation, he was put into Team ----. He still keeps in-touch with his parents and former teacher in Earna, though.

Relationships Edit

Weapons Edit

Sniper-Sword Edit

- A longsword/sniper-rifle

- Black

- Built during time at Signal

Shortsword Edit

- A shortsword

- Black

- His original weapon from training

Semblance & Abilities Edit

Semblance Edit

Abilities Edit

Merle is very proficient in the art of the sword, able to dual-wield his longsword and shortsword very well.

Trivia & Author's Notes Edit

  • Merle means "blackbird" in French, while Darya means "sea, ocean" in Persian. Together, his name means "blackbird sea" or "blackbird ocean".
  • Earna means "eagle" in Old English.
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