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Meredy is a member of Verity's gang. She is the shipper of the gang - most of the ships and crackships in the gang are courtesy of her. She is shipped with Verity's OC Ayden.

Appearance Edit

Meredy has long, pink hair in a ponytail, green eyes and a curvaceous figure. She's one of the shortest members of the gang.

Her outfit after consists of a red dress with a golden trim around a deep neckline that exposes a large amount of her now ample cleavage with a short skirt and a belt with a yellow ribbon tied around her waist and black colored stockings and brown boots.

Personality Edit

Meredy is one of the bubbliest and most cheerful members of the gang. She's endlessly optimistic - there has yet to be a moment where she's genuinely upset.

Meredy is the gang's biggest shipper. Shipping is more or less her hobby. Oftentimes, Meredy will say "we should ship them" about a pair of people fighting or people who have similarities, much to the annoyance of her fellow gang members.

Meredy doesn't like Jellal treating her like his little sister, and wants to be treated like her true age.

Relationships Edit

Gang Edit

Jellal Edit

Ayden Edit

Others Edit

Ultear Edit

Appearances in Fanfiction Edit


Trivia Edit

  • A list of ships Meredy has created:
    • Midlal
    • Braxus
    • Tyrene
    • Midvel
    • Jelxus
    • Aydedy (Yes, she shipped herself)
    • Jellira
    • More to come...
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