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Meredy is a member of Verity's gang. She is the shipper of the gang - most of the ships and crackships in the gang are courtesy of her. She is shipped with Verity's OC Ayden.


Meredy has long, pink hair in a ponytail, green eyes and a curvaceous figure. She's one of the shortest members of the gang.

Her outfit after consists of a red dress with a golden trim around a deep neckline that exposes a large amount of her now ample cleavage with a short skirt and a belt with a yellow ribbon tied around her waist and black colored stockings and brown boots.


Meredy is one of the bubbliest and most cheerful members of the gang. She's endlessly optimistic - there has yet to be a moment where she's genuinely upset.

Meredy is the gang's biggest shipper. Shipping is more or less her hobby. Oftentimes, Meredy will say "we should ship them" about a pair of people fighting or people who have similarities, much to the annoyance of her fellow gang members.

Meredy doesn't like Jellal treating her like his little sister, and wants to be treated like her true age.

Meredy shows a lot of love and passion toward her boyfriend Ayden, and is quite loving and protective toward him. She wants their relationship to be perfect, and when Ayden is seen with another woman, Meredy is quite distraught that he's cheating on her.

She is also skilled at hiding her feelings, and even when she is upset or angry about something, she'll mask it to not make everyone worry about her.



Appearances in Fanfiction

It's My World Now

Meredy is first seen at the meeting arranged by her good friend Jellal. She is worried about what he's planning, and asks him if anyone will be hurt by his ideas.

Meredy later discusses Jellal's actions and behavior with Ayden, Hiccup, Peridot, Zelda and Lucina. A large majority of the group thinks Jellal is just paranoid, but Meredy suspects that there is reason behind all of this.

Later, when the gang is summoned by the Admins to catch a rogue magic user, Meredy is teamed up with Invel, Dagur and Peridot to track the rogue down. Knowing that the rogue isn't in their area, the four instead discuss what would happen should Verity stand up against Jellal.

While preparing for Verity's MB-Day party, Meredy is distraught about how Ayden disappeared after attacking the rogue. She is overjoyed when he reappears in the middle of the party, but is then shocked and hurt when he has another woman (more specifically the rogue from the forest) with him. After the party, she is distraught about this to the point where she snorts and scoffs about Midna wondering if Ayden was close with this new woman.

After Midnight runs off to hunt down Ayden, Meredy and Jellal head out to warn other MBers should Ayden target them. The two warn Kagami and Tiger, and are quite shocked at the latter's nonchalant reaction to their warning.

A week later, Meredy eagerly greets Jellal as he visits the gang at dinner, but is disappointed to see that he only came to worry about Ayden's threats. After Jellal leaves to look for the missing Midnight and the gang is told to watch a movie in his absence, Meredy and Lucina worry if they should have gone with Jellal before Lucina expresses her belief that Viggo caused Jellal's plans. The two girls see the Dragon Hunter exiting the room with Invel, and follow to eavesdrop on their conversation. They hear Viggo state that he does have a use for Jellal but has not been manipulating him, though due to his vagueness, they are unable to figure out if he has any malicious intent. After returning to the main room, Meredy is shocked to see that Verity has left the house and is running wild outside in a storm.


  • She's the youngest member of the gang, being only about 17-18
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