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I'm single. You're single. Let's mingle.
— Mard's pick-up line

Mard Geer is one of Verity's gang members. He's one of he older members of the gang, as well as one of the most well-known. He is shipped with Midna, and supposedly has some sort of history with Verity.


Mard Geer is tall, lean and has the appearance of a young man. Often seen wearing a smirk, Mard's black (or purple, depending on the media) hair is long and wavy, reaching his shoulders even whilst the majority is tied up in a very large ponytail. Additionally, his messy bangs all but obscure his dark, slanted eyes.

For clothing, Mard dons a long, black jacket trimmed with a light-colored flame pattern; the lapels are a matching lighter color as well. The cuffs of his jacket are rolled up, revealing a light-colored inside, which contrasts the black outside of his jacket, and have a black line cutting through the edge of the fabric. The jacket itself is tattered and splits into four torn fabric segments at the tail. Beneath the jacket, Mard wears a frilly black v-necked shirt, lined in a lighter color, that closes down the middle and is adorned with a buckle just below his clavicle; just below this is a piece of fabric that Mard keeps over this shirt but under his jacket, that circles the majority of the lower half of his torso. The rest of his attire is simple, consisting of light-colored pants that lay lazily over the top of rather plain black boots.


Mard is quite the Narcissus - he thinks he's the best and most attractive, and that all the ladies want him. Which is far from the truth.

Speaking of the ladies, Mard is fond of them. He's flirtatious, and has been stated to have dated half the women in the fictional world. Oftentimes, he and Tyrian can be found trying to get into the girls' rooms. It is unknown what their goal in there is.

Mard's relationship with his friends Tyrian and Dagur is surprisingly close. The three are the closest friends in the entire gang, and they enjoy pranking the rest of the gang and just talking about their weird shit.

He appears to be touchy about the topic of his history with Verity.

Appearances in Fanfics

It's My World Now

Mard is first seen at the meeting with the gang members, complaining about how it had better not be a waste of his time, and is one of the most skeptical about Jellal's plans. Later, he's is stated as one of the gang members who is mocking of Midnight's situation, finding the way things have changed amusing.

When the gang is summoned by the Admins to catch a rogue magic user who attacked their home, Mard is teamed up with Jellal, Midnight and Mirajane. The team is quite nonchalant about their situation, with everyone except Jellal engaging in casual conversation.

While the gang is preparing for Verity's MB-Day party, Mard also calls Midnight out on being too desperate, stating that it's "disgusting" when he gets covered in mud while trying to get a present for Verity. Mard's reaction to Ayden's reapparance and subsequent threats isn't shown, but when the gang discusses how to solve the whole problem Ayden has created, Mard states that they should let Midnight go out and hunt Ayden down so they can be entertained, much to the annoyance of several other members.

Mard, Tyrian and Dagur sneak out of the house to get away from all the tension caused by the Ayden situation, and head to a Dairy Queen. Mard laments about how everyone is making such a big deal out of this, and Dagur agrees, saying that Verity can protect herself. After briefly mentioning that he and Verity have history, Mard, Tyrian and Dagur discuss what to do next, when suddenly Tyrian points out Midnight heading into the forest.

The three return home after debating whether or not Jellal would be pissed at them for this, and find that the entire gang has left. Verity shows up and tells them that the rest of the gang left to find Midnight or warn other MBers about what could happen, saying that the Trio was left behind to man the house. Mard is offended that the rest of the gang is making them do such a simple task.

About a week later, Mard is shown to be rather skeptical about Ayden's claims of Verity's upcoming death. He tells Jellal that he needs to relax and not worry about it, stating that as long as the gang knows Verity's location, she's fine. Jellal originally suspects that he is the cause of the gang's doubt in Ayden's threats.


  • Mard has dated several women in his 400 years of living, including Irene Belserion, Cinder Fall, Yellow Diamond and Bellatrix Lestrange.
    • He's mentioned that he and Irene have had a one night stand, and he fears that that resulted in Erza Scarlet's birth.
  • Mard has a Tinder account.
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