Appearance (wip)


Luna is very antisocial and unfriendly. She doesn't know many people and would prefer to keep it that way. Luna is very stubborn, salty, and rude a vast majority of the time. She's pretty much a very accurate representation of the average pissed off introvert.

If she does happen to be in any social situations at all, Luna can be passive aggressive and uptight. She has a bad habit of judging books by their covers and will have a hard time giving people second chances. Outwardly, Luna is ill-tempered, stoic, and defensive. She's pretty bad at reading body language and cannot tell the difference between sarcasm and sincerity for a vast majority of the time.

Luna is a persistent and hard worker who knows how to get something done. She's relatively independent and is a master at getting stuff done without any help, this isn't the best because she has a hard time asking for assistance when she really needs it.

Weaponry and Abilities

Luna floaty power ref thing

When using her telekinesis, a pastel blue "aura" similar to Luna's eye color surrounds her front paws and the object that she's trying to use her powers on

Luna has the ability to use telekinesis, but she struggles to lift anything that's larger or heavier than she is. Luna is also highly intelligent for a dog, and excels at mathematics and problem solving.