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Lucina is one of the newest members of Verity's gang. She is a time traveller from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the princess of Ylisse. In her short time on the MB, Lucina has become respected and liked by most of her fellow gang members. She is not shipped yet, though she has a crush on Jellal.


Lucina has dark blue hair reaching her mid-back, and eyes of a similar colour.

Her outfit consists of a blue, long sleeved dress/tunic, reaching her thighs and having sleeves that are rolled up and with white cuffs. She has darker tights, and thigh-high boots that match the rest of her outfit. She wears a blue cape with red on the underside, and blue fingerless gloves. She also has a belt that she puts her sword on. She sometimes wears a mask that hides her eyes.


Lucina is incredibly strong-willed and determined. She is willing to do whatever it takes to save lives and protect the future of her home. She can't stand the thought of losing people she cares about, and is determined to protect everyone she loves.

To top it off, she possesses an incredibly kind heart, defending those from teasing and mocking and not standing for any of that. She also tries to conserve the innocence of any younger gang members, trying to stop the rest of the gang from swearing and having any inappropriate discussions.

Lucina also has a crush on Jellal, and isn't very good at hiding it.

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Most of the gang likes Lucina, and admires her skill, confidence and determination.

Appearances in Fanfiction

It's My World Now

Lucina first appears as one of the gang members invited to Jellal's meeting, defending him against criticism from other members. Jellal mentally chastises her about how she doesn't do a good job of hiding her crush ("Oh, Lucina, you really should do something about this crush.").

Her crush is later brought up again when she is cooking with Meredy, Ayden, Hiccup, Peridot and Zelda, who also mention how she doesn't do a good job of hiding it. The conversation soon turns to whether Jellal is going paranoid or not, and whether he's right to worry about Verity. Lucina defends him throughout the conversation.

Later, she joins the gang on a mission to catch a rogue wizard, assigned to them by the Admins. She is teamed up with BrandishLaxus, Viggo and Tyrian. Lucina, Laxus and Brandish all share a suspicion that Viggo had influenced Jellal's behavior, but are unable to discuss it due to the Dragon Hunter suspecting them of thinking that.

Lucina is present at Verity's MB-Day party, however her reaction to Ayden's reappearance (he had disappeared in the woods on the mission from the Admins) and threats are not shown. After the party, she wonders why Ayden would act like this, stating he had always seemed like such a nice guy.

Lucina is part of the team tasked to find Midnight after he goes to hunt down Ayden. While Irene sniffs around for Midnight's scent, Lucina discusses with her teammates how Jellal will react to Ayden's threats until Irene states her belief that Midnight was captured by Ayden and his allies.

A week later, after Jellal leaves to look for Midnight and the gang is told to watch a movie in his absence, Lucina and Meredy worry if they should have gone with Jellal before Lucina expresses her belief that Viggo caused Jellal's plans. The two girls see the Dragon Hunter exiting the room with Invel, and follow to eavesdrop on their conversation. They hear Viggo state that he does have a use for Jellal but has not been manipulating him, though due to his vagueness, they are unable to figure out if he has any malicious intent. After returning to the main room, Lucina is shocked to see that Verity has left the house and is running wild outside in a storm.


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