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When we stare down death, the taste is sweet.

Lucina is one of the newest members of Verity's gang. She is a time traveller from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the princess of Ylisse. In her short time on the MB, Lucina has become respected and liked by most of her fellow gang members. She is not shipped yet.

Appearance Edit

Lucina has dark blue hair reaching her mid-back, and eyes of a similar colour.

Her outfit is blue, with knee/thigh-high dark boots, a cape with red on the underside and her sword held by her side. She sometimes wears a mask that hides her eyes.

(excuse the shitty description. I can't find any description of her outfit meaning I have to write one out.)

Personality Edit

Lucina is incredibly strong-willed and determined.

(More TBA.)

Relationships Edit

Gang Edit

Most of the gang likes Lucina, and admires her skill, confidence and determination.

Appearances in Fanfiction Edit

It's My World Now Edit

Lucina was stated to be training with Hiccup Haddock, Laxus Dreyar and Irene Belserion in the first chapter. She is one of the gang members invited to Jellal's meeting.

Trivia Edit

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