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Jellal Fernandes is one of Verity's gang members. He is the leader of the gang members, and an older brother figure to Meredy. He is shipped with Erza, but since she's not in the gang, he's often crackshipped with his own gang members (most often Midnight).


Jellal has spiky blue hair, in what could be considered a typical anime boy style. He has a red/brown tattoo over his right eye, which he has had since childhood. His eyes are brown, but have often been shown as olive and occasionally blue in some media.

His physical attire consists of a dark coat, with heart like designs running down the sleeves and sides of the coat. Beneath this, Jellal wears plated armor, which covers his abdomen, and dark pants bearing the symbol of Crime Sorcière. On top of all this, Jellal sports a dark, high-collared cloak.


As leader of the gang, Jellal appears a big brother figure to the gang, to which he is patient and considerate towards. Almost all of the gang has at least some level of respect for him. Still, he dislikes the general psychopathy going around in it, and tries to discourage it. He is one of the only completely sane members of the gang (though this is questionable sometimes).

A lot of the time, Jellal is quite overprotective of Meredy, his guildmate. Other gang members have teasingly called him her "dad". He's actually been called "the dad" of the gang quite often, to the point where people who are new to the gang are surprised that he's not actually an old man and their dad.

Jellal is secretly scheming and cunning - he makes his plans in secret, and doesn't let anything get in his way. He takes careful steps to assure that his plots aren't found out by any undesirables, and knows how to convince others to hide this as well.

Despite this, Jellal can sometimes slip into paranoia about his plans, and worry a little too much about what could go wrong.



Jellal is the leader of the gang, and most of them have at least some form of respect for them. They dislike his tyrannical behavior (even though he denies acting as such).

Appearances in Fanfiction

It's My World Now

Jellal is the first gang member seen in this fanfic, first being seen watching over the Trio of Trouble, when Viggo approaches him. The two briefly discuss a set of plans, as well as the gang members who will help with or oppose said plans. After they finish, Jellal leaves Viggo in charge of the Trio, while heading to roam the house to clear his head. He encounters Ayden, who manages to figure out that Jellal plans to claim leadership of the gang and prevent anyone from claiming it instead of him. Instead of replying, Jellal simply tells him to come to a meeting that he is hosting that night.

At the meeting, when Jellal explains that he plans to take over as leader, many of the gang members are cynical or unsure of his plans, much to his dismay and annoyance. Several members don't take him seriously. In the weeks after the meeting, the rest of the gang, particularly Lucina and Meredy, begin to worry that Jellal is going a little paranoid, and secretly discuss this when he's not in the same room as them. In one of his internal laments about Verity, Midnight blames Jellal for Verity's lack of affection toward him, thinking that Jellal unknowingly got Verity to fall for him.

Jellal grows increasingly worried about his plans as Verity's MB-Day grows closer, to the point where he is even unfocused on being summoned by the Admins. The Admins task the gang with catching a rogue wizard who attacked them, and Jellal splits the gang up into teams to find this wizard, with his team being Midnight, Mard Geer and Mirajane. All three are rather nonchalant about the mission, and casually converse, while Jellal curses his team-making skills as he realizes he can't focus with all of their banter.

On the day of Verity's MB-Day party, Jellal's stress has grown by leaps and bounds, to the point where he refuses to help prepare for the party. While the party is going on, he and Viggo quietly converse in a corner, away from the rest of the guests. When Ayden, who had disappeared on the mission for the Admins, suddenly returns, Jellal asks him where he's been, to which Ayden replies by revealing that Jellal has secret plans. The Dragon Slayer and his mysterious redhaired accomplice go on to state that Verity will be dead in the month, and that there's nothing the gang can do to stop this from happening.

After the party, Jellal attempts to reason with Midnight, who intends to hunt Ayden down and stop him from hurting Verity. This is with no avail, as Midnight later sneaks out to find Ayden on his own.

With Midnight gone after Ayden, Jellal sends a team of gang members after him to keep him from attacking Ayden and getting himself killed. He also sends the rest of the gang to get information on previous MB conflicts and how to solve them or warn other MBers in case Ayden is the type to go after innocents. Jellal and Meredy visit Kagami and Tiger, and tell them about what could happen (and are also shocked at how relaxed Tiger is about the whole thing).

A week later, Jellal gets a message from Ayden, stating Verity's death will happen in the fortnight. He also discovers someone has placed a file full of castle blueprints on his desk, and is shocked to see his own signature on these documents. He goes to tell Verity to not leave the house so she remains safe, but she responds by saying that someone needs to go look for Midnight. Jellal states he will do it, and that she just needs to stay inside. As he leaves, he tells the gang to watch a movie while he's gone.

Jellal finds himself regretting this choice, as he gets caught in a storm. As he looks through the woods, he hears Verity scream, and in panic, goes to find her. Upon finding her, he notices her heavy wounds and searches his pockets for his phone. Verity tells him that he can't do anything for her, that she's dying, and he replies that she needs to live on for Midnight and the others. Verity shrugs this off, stating that she hasn't loved Midnight for years, and that the one she always loved had been Jellal. He ignores this, but after he promises her that he'll protect the gang, she kisses him much to his shock. This proves to be the last thing she ever does, as she slumps to the ground dead. Jellal is left in shock as he just stares at her bleeding body.


  • Jellal is Verity's favourite gang member.
  • Jellal, along with Mirajane and Laxus, is one of the oldest gang members in Verity's current gang.
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