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Jellal Fernandes is one of Verity's gang members. He is the leader of the gang members, and an older brother figure to Meredy. He is shipped with Erza, but since she's not in the gang, he's often crackshipped with his own gang members (most often Midnight).

Appearance Edit

Jellal has spiky blue hair, in what could be considered a typical anime boy style. He has a red/brown tattoo over his right eye, which he has had since childhood. His eyes are brown, but have often been shown as olive and occasionally blue in some media.

His physical attire consists of a dark coat, with heart like designs running down the sleeves and sides of the coat. Beneath this, Jellal wears plated armor, which covers his abdomen, and dark pants bearing the symbol of Crime Sorcière. On top of all this, Jellal sports a dark, high-collared cloak.

Personality Edit

As leader of the gang, Jellal appears a big brother figure to the gang, to which he is patient and considerate towards. Almost all of the gang has at least some level of respect for him. Still, he dislikes the general psychopathy going around in it, and tries to discourage it. He, along with Invel and Mirajane, is one of the only completely sane members of the gang (though this is questionable sometimes).

A lot of the time, Jellal is quite overprotective of Meredy, his guildmate. Other gang members have teasingly called him her "dad". He's actually been called "the dad" of the gang quite often, to the point where people who are new to the gang are surprised that he's not actually an old man and their dad.

Jellal has sometimes been shown as a tyrant leader, the biggest incident of this being when he made Tyrian his slave. Irene Belserion describes him as "both a heartless tyrant and an overprotective father".

It is possible that this tyrant side is not just to get gang members to behave, as according to Viggo Grimborn, Jellal is planning to take Verity out if she threatens his leadership. It isn't guaranteed that this is true.

Relationships Edit

Gang Edit

Jellal is the leader of the gang, and most of them have at least some form of respect for them. They dislike his tyrannical behavior (even though he denies acting as such).

Appearances in Fanfiction Edit

It's My World Now Edit

Jellal is the first gang member seen in this fanfic, first being seen watching over the Trio of Trouble.

Trivia Edit

  • Jellal is Verity's favourite gang member.
  • Jellal, along with Mirajane and Laxus, is one of the oldest gang members in Verity's current gang.
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