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It's My World Now is a gang-themed MB fanfiction by Verity Evermore. It is about the rebellion of Verity Evermore's gang, lead by Jellal Fernandes, and the events that this triggers.


An Apocalypse Diary

Have you no shame, signing them up for your war? Train them to fight what they can't beat - your sins are what they'll pay for.

The fanfic opens with a series of letters, which appear as though they are an apocalypse diary. They start off with the description of a funeral (later confirmed to be Verity Evermore's) and a rebellion of some sort. The writer wonders if by killing an unknown, they will be accepted by the receiver of the letters. They also state that they would never be able to send these letters, as the receiver would kill them.

The writer then accuses the receiver of failing to protect his people, and speaks of how they were slaughtered in masses. They also remark of how the person that deserved to die lived, and that he killed "her". In the last letter, the writer states that they can't live like this anymore. They say that their enemy is in the capital, and decides that the two of them can go together. They then say that this is their last letter, and in one final sentence, they reveal that the receiver of the letters is Jellal.

Plans and Paranoia

I don't want to hear your absolution - hope you're ready for a revolution.

Jellal is tasked with watching over the gang, currently watching the Trio of Trouble. Viggo approaches him, and the two exchange a few words about Jellal being in charge. Viggo then asks about "the plans", to which Jellal snaps at him to not talk about in public. Despite this, Jellal states that Mira and Laxus were willing to help with this plan, and after Viggo poses the question, continues to say that Midnight will not be a problem if they lay in wait. Minutes later, Jellal heads to gather his thoughts inside the house when Ayden makes conversation with him. Jellal implies that he is planning to seize complete leadership of the gang, something which Ayden supports him in. When Ayden beings to pry a little too much, Jellal simply tells him to come to the meeting he's holding tonight.

At the meeting, Jellal explains his plan to stop Verity from ever taking leadership. The rest of this gang, sans Viggo and Ayden, are rather unsure about this plan, and doubt its success. A few weeks later, the group begins to think Jellal is going paranoid due to Viggo's influence (as Verity has shown no interest in being leader), but Lucina still tries to trust him. The gang discusses if Jellal is right to worry about Verity, and Meredy wonders if Verity is just playing innocent so she can snatch up leadership when everyone least expects it.

Meanwhile, Midnight has recently been ditched by Verity after trying to woo her. As he avoids the rest of the gang, he thinks back to the time when things were different and Verity loved him the way he loved her now. He mentally laments about how the gang only sees him as a lovesick fool, and how Jellal brought this upon him by unknowingly stealing Verity's affections. Midnight also thinks of how strange the other gang members have been acting, and wonders what they're planning and hiding from him.

One week later, the gang is summoned by the Admins to track down a rogue magic user who had stolen something of importance. Jellal is unfocused on this task, worrying about Verity's upcoming MBDay party and the fact that she may steal the leadership position as a gift for herself. When the gang splits up into groups to track down the rogue, Irene's group tracks the stranger down, and Ayden attempts to take them out, but disappears suddenly.

Surprise Betrayal

Five days later, Verity's MB-Day party is being held. The gang members have told her that Ayden is gone planning a surprise for her, but begin to worry what will happen when there is no surprise. When the party begins, Midnight sticks by Verity's side and tries to cater to her interests, but both get distracted by seeing Jellal and Viggo discussing something in private.

In the middle of the party, Ayden suddenly shows up, bringing with him the mysterious redheaded rogue from the mission. He greets Jellal and asks him how the plans are going, before stating that Verity will be dead before the end of the month, much to the shock and anger of the guests. The two visitors warn everyone that things will change, and Verity's gang will be destroyed from the inside out. As they suddenly leave, Ayden glares over at Verity and Midnight. Verity expresses her worry over what Jellal is planning.

The day after the party, Midnight expresses his desire to attack Ayden and destroy him before he can do anything to Verity, but Jellal attempts to reason with him with no avail. Meanwhile, Verity's friends Rajani, Raven, Eternity and Prank warn the Admins of the situation, stating that Ayden is working with the rogue from the forest and that they could be using what she stole from the Admins as a part of their plan. At the gang house, Mard Geer, Tyrian and Dagur sneak out to get away from all the tension and stress the other members were causing, and relax at a nearby Dairy Queen. After a brief discussion about Mard's history with Verity, Tyrian witnesses Midnight running off into the woods to hunt down Ayden.

The three return home, and Verity tells them that the rest of the gang left to warn other MBers, in case Ayden and his people were ones to emotionally manipulate or harm friends of their targets. Jellal and Meredy are out warning Kagami and Tiger, and the latter is quite nonchalant about the attacks. Invel and Zelda ask senior MBer Rain advice on how to deal with conflicts like this, and she replies by saying that most MB conflicts had been solved when the two sides managed to find peace, and it seems like Ayden is beyond negotiations.

Irene, Mira, Laxus, Lucina and Hiccup, who were tasked with following Midnight's scent trail and stopping him before he does anything crazy, briefly discuss what Ayden wants. However Irene tells them that Midnight's scent has vanished, and that he's most likely been taken out by Ayden and his people.

A Past of Pain, a Future of Hate

I'm the one, who was ripped from the earth and exposed to the sun; overrun by the hate and the beatings defiled by a father.

Midnight wakes up in a dark room, and managed to deduce that he's been captured by Ayden's people. Ayden himself confirms this, having decided to check on Midnight to see if he were awake. He states that he has business with Midnight, but that he has other things to tend to before this business. One of these other things is a meeting, in which he meets with a group of people, confirmed to be travellers from the future, which include Senka Halphas, the rogue from the forest. The leader of this group then explains to them their goals - to prevent the destruction of the MB which happened in the future they came from. The group can't stop what's going to happen, however, if they recreate the events that transpired in the future, they're not changing it at all. The leader states that by doing this, they'll be able to stop the destruction of the MB, but they won't be able to save Verity's gang at all.

After two hours, Ayden returns to Midnight. He then transports the two of them into a dark wood, which he states is what should have been the future. They see a woman, heavily bleeding and carrying something, enter a small clearing, with the woman revealed to be Verity. Jellal finds her, but she states that her life is at its end and that he can't save her. As he insists that she can live on, she gives him what she had been carrying and breathes her last breath. Screaming echoes from the bundle she gave him, as Ayden warps himself and Midnight back to the present. Midnight demands to know what happened, if Verity would die after giving birth to a child, and Ayden dismisses that, saying that there's no baby anymore and that he prevented its conception. Midnight asks why he would do that, before realizing exactly who Ayden is. Ayden confirms his suspicions, stating his full name is Ayden Evermore and he's the son of Verity and Midnight himself, and that he travelled from the future to kill his father for what he has done.

Due to Midnight's shock and disbelief of this claim, Ayden transports the two of them to his past, and shows the gang's future - Jellal would take over after Verity's death, and then move into the wastelands and start a kingdom. Midnight also sees how his future self was dismissive and neglectful towards his son, due to a young Ayden's inability to perform magic. Ayden began to grow close with Meredy because of this treatment, as the woman was accepting of him even without magic. After a jump into the future, Midnight began plotting a rebellion against Jellal, much to Ayden's disapproval. Despite his father's pleas, Ayden refuses to help him with his plots, and leaves. He then meets a young Senka Halphas, who later introduces him to her father Azar. Ayden was given an offer to help them with their plans, an offer he refused. When the present day Ayden transports himself and Midnight even farther into his history, it's revealed that the future Midnight's rebellion lead to the destruction of the MB and the deaths of several gang members, including Meredy. Distraught over her death, Ayden pinned the blame on Midnight, and expressed his hatred for his father before shooting himself in the head. After Midnight uses his son's sword to stab himself, it's revealed that Ayden survived, using a relic given to him by Azar that allowed him to cheat death. When Azar, Senka and their followers left to make a new future, Ayden followed. Before he made it to the MB, he met Gajeel (the man he later claimed was his brother) and got Dragon Slayer lacrimas implanted in him, allowing him to use magic. After all these flashbacks are done, Ayden returns himself and Midnight back to the hideout, and once alone, Midnight decides that he needed to stop these events from taking place.

Losing Evermore

Jellal finds himself growing increasingly stressed about his plans, Ayden's threats, and Midnight's capture, to the point where he ditches dinner. He suddenly gets a note from Ayden, stating Verity's death will happen that night. Despite how many gang members are skeptical of these threats, he warns her regardless, telling her to stay in the house. When Verity asks if someone should look for Midnight, Jellal replies that he'll do it and that everyone else should just relax, stay inside and watch a movie. A few minutes after he leaves on his search, Meredy and Lucina witness Viggo and Invel leaving the room, and follow them, neither one trusting Viggo. They hear Invel asking Viggo about his plans, but a clear answer is not given, with Viggo simply stating he wants freedom. Invel then warns Viggo that several gang members are suspecting he is the cause behind Jellal's behavior, something which he scoffs at. When Lucina and Meredy hear the two begin to head back to the main room, they return as quickly as possible, only to find that Verity has left the house.

Meanwhile, Midnight manages to steal a key and escape from the lair of the future travellers. Back in the woods, Jellal hears Verity's scream as he's looking for Midnight, and rushes to find her. He finds her in a clearing, heavily bleeding, and tries to convince her to stand so she can get back home. Verity replies that there's nothing he can do for her, and while trying to find his phone (which he left at home), Jellal tells her to live for Midnight. She is confused by this, stating that she hasn't loved Midnight for years. She then states that she's loved Jellal the whole time, and he does his best to hide his surprise. Verity then asks him to protect the gang, before kissing him. This action proves to be her last, and she slumps to the ground dead as Mirajane suddenly shows up, having gone for a flight, and goes to get the gang as Jellal stares at Verity's body in guilt.


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  • The fanfic is available to read here.
  • Verity swears not to screw this fanfic up the way she did with other, older fanfics.
  • Verity has confirmed this will reveal the fate of Midity and if it sinks or sails.
  • The fanfic will also reveal Ayden's backstory.
    • As of chapter 8, he is revealed to be the son of Midnight and Verity, born in a destroyed future.
  • Princess Celestia, Qrow Branwen and any members that should arrive after them will not be present in this fanfiction.
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