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I don't want nicknames. Please, just call me Istalrí. It's my name.
— Istalrí to her teammates, after they suggested nicknames

Istalrí Fiarie is a RWBY OC in Jade's gang that arrived sometime in 2015. She is a first-year at Beacon Academy, as a member of Team BUHI and the partner of Sandi Beryl. She is not shipped, and Jade doesn't plan her to be shipped.

Note: Anything in italics is RP-only, as some canon events do not happen in my fanfic.


Istalrí has thick, long, flaming-red hair, which looks like it's on fire in sunlight, and her amber eyes are flecked with gold. Usually, she keeps her hair down, with two thin braids, one on either side. She has a light complexion, and is somewhat tall at a height of 5'7". She is the lightest of her team, at only 106 lbs.

When not wearing her Beacon Academy uniform, Istalrí wears an amber camisole, over which is gold armor that's similar in shape to a medieval corset, while gold bracers are on her forearms and gold armbands wrap around her upper arms. She also wears a combat skirt, which starts with a light amber-orange at the top, and gradually fades to a dark amber-orange at the bottom, with black trim at the very bottom. On her feet are a pair of red knee-high, half-inch heeled boots, which have zippers on the outside. Around her waist she wears a gold sword belt, it's buckle being her symbol, with a sheath on either side to hold her weapon, Bronzeflame. Her left ear also holds a gold earring.

For formal occasions, she wears a red, short-sleeved dress that goes to her knees. On her feet she wears a pair of gold, quarter-inch wedged sandals. She leaves her hair down, and wears the same gold earring she does with her regular outfit.


Istalrí is very self-conscious, which leads to a reserved, quiet, and self-doubting nature. She's kind, helpful, and thoughtful, but her self-consciousness makes her hesitant, which gets in the way of making friends as well. And if you bring up her past, she will immediately shut down and clam up. Because of this shy nature, Istalrí is often looking down, so it's sometimes hard to make eye-contact with her.

Subconsciously, her mind and eyes are always at work, noting and observing. It's so subconscious that she doesn't even realize she noted it until she needs the information. Despite that drawback, this makes for a strategic mind and quick planning skills.

Even though she tends to be pessimistic, Istalrí tries to be optimistic. She's often found looking at maps with Zircona, memorizing them so she can use her Semblance more effectively, and know where she is.

Istalrí often feels like she's looked over, which, more often than not, is her own fault as she's so quiet in the first place. She treasures the moments where she feels like she's contributing, which are many now that she's part of a team where her skills are needed and appreciated.

Completely desperate, Istalrí will jump at any opportunity to find out more about her past, without any consideration of whether or not she's being tricked. For finding out about her past is the thing she most wants. There is not one day where Istalrí doesn't think about her past.

The reason Istalrí doesn't like nicknames is simple: She's afraid that if she is called by nicknames, even the memory of her name will fade. She is very afraid of losing the little memory she has, and often panics when she forgets something for even a moment.









Istalrí's weapon is Bronzeflame, a pair of bronze MTDSs (Multiple-Transformation Dust Swords). Each sword can become a pistol, as well as connect together at their hilts to form a bladed staff, which can also be thrown at enemies like a boomerang. Their hilts also contain Dust cartridges, which Istalrí can use to fire at enemies.

Swords: Straight-bladed, bronze swords with black hilts. No decoration. They are modified to use Dust, which is in their hilts.

Pistols: Bronze-barreled black pistols. They shoot Dust-fused bullets. The Dust crystals themselves are in the handles.

Bladed Staff: A staff with blades, resembling a dual-pointed throwing spear. The Dust crystals are in the middle, where the black grip is. The rest of it is bronze and bladed.

Dust: Bronzeflame carries Dust crystals in it's hilts/handles. Usually Istalrí uses Fire Dust (Red), but there are others. They include Earth Dust (Yellow-Brown), Wind Dust (Green), and Light Dust (Gold?).

Semblance & Abilities


Istalrí's Semblance is named Compass. It allows her to know the exact directions of all 4 major compass points, as well as the 4 minor ones. This, when combined with Zircona's maps, makes her the ultimate navigator. She and Zircona often work together, using a combination of their Semblances and Zircona's night vision to navigate.


Istalrí is an expert at using Bronzeflame, knocking enemies off their feet with it's sword and staff forms, and blasting enemies with it's pistol form. She can also use the Dust in it while fighting. Slashing, hacking, thrusting, whirling, sniping, and generally causing mass chaos, it's not a good idea to face her when she has Bronzeflame in her hands.

Istalrí excels in speed and flexibility, often using acrobatics to jump around the battlefield.

Istalrí has a photographic memory, meaning any picture or image she sees will be imprinted on her brain for her whole life. She will never be able to get rid of it. This ability is how she memorizes Zircona's maps, and makes her a priceless addition to her teammates.

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Istalrí comes from the Inheritance Cycle book series, meaning "fire" in the ancient language that the elves use. The author has confirmed that all languages in the book derive from real languages.
  • Fiarie came from the Fairy Tail opening theme Snow Fairy, where the singer sings "fairy" as "fee-are-ee". That is also how Fiarie is pronounced.
  • Istalrí's page can also be found on the RWBY Fanon Wiki.


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