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Though I've tried, I've fallen. I have sunk so low. I messed up.

Irene Belserion is one of Verity's newest gang members. Alongside Brandish and Invel, she is a member of the Spriggan 12. She is a dragon who takes a human form.


Irene dragon

Irene's dragon form

Irene is a tall, voluptuous woman with thickly braided, bow-adorned, scarlet hair. Her two front braids have two golden ornaments near the upper sections; she also wears two U-shaped earrings, and wears red lipstick.

For clothing, Irene dons a risqué version of the typical witch's garb. Her black top has a diamond-shaped opening, exposing a portion of her breasts, and a heart-shaped pattern around the borders. It extends down to the naval of her stomach where it meets a large angular scar, is draped over by a dark-colored cape with a light-colored inside and two medallion gold-like ornaments, and is held together by a golden chain. Additionally, Irene wears an elongated black loincloth with the symbol of the Alvarez Empire emblazoned on its front, having white borders on its edges and being connected to another cloth piece with the very same heart-shaped design. She also wears black thigh-high boots with heels that have a white-colored border near the top and gloves of the same color and design, only having claw-like extensions. Her black witch's hat is much larger than her head and possesses dreadlock designs with white bandaging near its ends. It also has a fur lining near its edges.

As a Dragon, Irene is many times larger than the average human, with light-colored scales running all over her body. She has a dark-colored fiery-mane running down her back and arms, which appear to be connected to her feathery wings. While having three pairs of extensions from her jaw, Irene has a dark-colored wing-like design over her eyes that's complemented by two oval designs right above it, the bigger one on the bottom and the smaller one on top. She also has them on her paws, four extending from the forearm and three on each finger. There's a noticeable border abover her nostrils that divides her mouth from her face, extending near the back of her head. Finally, Irene has a pair of jagged horns extending from the base of her skull and feather-like scales extending from the back of her knees.


Irene is more loose than her reputation may imply she is. In her time with the gang, she is very easygoing and as crazy as the rest of them.

Irene exhibits some self-loathing, mainly toward her dragon form. She wants to be human again.

A quirk of Irene is that she is weak to dragon nip. When exposed to it, she is left very tranquil and happy, often rolling around and purring. Hiccup states her reaction isn't normal, but the other gang members think she acts weird because she always parades around in human form.



A lot of the gang is actually kind of scared of Irene, yet due to this, they respect her. Despite this, many members have a good relationship with her.

Appearances in Fanfics

It's My World Now

Irene is first seen at Jellal's meeting to discuss his plans. She agrees with several other gang members about what would happen should Verity claim leadership of the gang, stating that they'd become a laughingstock.

Later, she reminds the gang of Verity's MB-Day party while they are heading over to the Admins, having been summoned there to catch a rogue magic user. Irene's team, consisting of Ayden, Hiccup, Zelda and Midna, is the team that finds this person, and Irene watches in horror as Ayden charges at the rogue, only to disappear.

Irene helps prepare for the MB-Day celebration (helping Hiccup get the cupcakes while also hounding him due to her crush on him), but during the party, she wanders off to sleep, missing the whole Ayden drama. Later, after the party, she is presumably filled in on what she missed and discusses Ayden's behavior and what to do with him with the other gang members.

Irene is on the team sent to find Midnight, who left to hunt down Ayden. She is unable to pick up traces of Midnight's scent, and deduces that the wizard was found and taken by Ayden and his people.

About a week later, she is dining with the rest of the gang when Jellal states that he's going to look for Midnight on his own. Irene states that this is very unlike him and asks if he's hiding something, before being silenced by Viggo. When the gang is watching movies, she refuses to watch a cartoon musical as Midna suggested.


  • Verity's favourite female antagonist in Fairy Tail.
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