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Invel Yura is one of the newest members of Verity's gang. He is a member of the Spriggan 12 from the Fairy Tail fandom, alongside Irene and Brandish. Invel is the only non-shipped member of Verity's gang at the moment.

Appearance Edit

Invel is a bespectacled man of average height. Most of his long, white hair is bunched into a ponytail by a golden brace. The ponytail hangs past his right shoulder, reaching up to his chest. The rest of his hair is quite messy, with uneven bangs falling down the sides of his face and between his eyes. He has alert eyes with red irises. His attire is quite trim, befitting his strict personality. It comprises of a simple pair of dark dress pants and a white collared dress shirt, completely buttoned up with a blue tie hanging from the neck. Over this, he dons a trench coat with a white border. The color of its interior as well as its exterior matches that of his tie. Dark markings are diagonally branded from the left shoulder and sleeve and run down the front and the back of the coat. The coat has a high collar which is left unfolded. As the coat cannot be closed down the front, Invel fastens it with a long belt, looping it twice around his waist and then holding it fast with a simple buckle. This leaves part of the front of his shirt exposed, allowing the tie to be tucked neatly into the coat. The belt itself has a pattern of diamonds running across it. His outfit is completed by a pair of dark shoes with contrasting light soles.

Personality Edit

Invel is the most strict and normal member of the gang. He's the only one who's completely sane, and the only one who refuses to tolerate his fellow gang members and their crazy antics.

Invel is fanatically loyal to Emperor Spriggan, his superior from the canon series, and has built a number of shrines in his name. In the gang show, he was disappointed when the gang had to leave Scholastic and go to Reality because he had to leave his shrines.

Invel loves chess, and loves beating people in it even more. However when he loses, he gets flustered and embarrassed (as shown in his chess matches against Viggo in the gang show). He is a sore loser as well.

Relationships Edit

Appearances in Fanfics Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Invel is also in Kagami's gang, but Verity didn't know that when she added him in after her return to the MB. Thankfully, there are no issues with this (as far as I know).
  • Invel doesn't get along with most of the gang members, particularly Midnight.
  • Invel is the only gang member that is not in a ship or relationship.
    • However he has been crackshipped in an OT3 with Jellal and Viggo. But since this is just a crackship and not official by MB standards, it doesn't count.
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