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You can never know just how much you love someone till they're gone.
— Hvita Fiarie

Hvita Fiarie is a member of Jade's gang, and one of her RWBY OCs. She joined (TBA). Being already married, she is not part of a ship.

As a RWBY OC, Hvita is a full-fledged Huntress, and leader of Team HTHR (Heather) which graduated from Haven Academy a long time ago. She is married to Rowan Fiarie, and has two daughters, Islingr and Istalrí, the latter of which went missing 7 years ago.

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Appearance Edit

Hvita is a slim woman, with shoulder-length white hair. She has kind, light ice-blue eyes, and a pale complexion. Her official height is 5'9". She always wears an aquamarine-set sterling silver ring on her left ring finger, showing her married status.

During missions, Hvita wears a light ice-blue halter top, with a pale-cyan combat skirt that fades to white at the bottom. Both are decorated with a white thread (skirt at the pale-cyan part, top around her neck). Underneath the skirt, Hvita wears white leggings, with a pair of light ice-blue boots with inch-high heels on her feet. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, held with an object that resembles her symbol.

For formal occasions, Hvita wears a halter-style dress that somewhat resembles Cinder's. It's a different color, however, being a pale cyan, with it becoming more of an ice-blue at the torso. It's decorated with elaborate designs on the hem of the skirt and the chest area; the thread on the chest area is a pale cyan, while on the hem of the skirt it's white. On her feet are a pair of ice-blue, inch-high spiked heels. In her hair she wears a silver headband, which holds her hair back.

Personality Edit

Hvita, in general, is very protective. This skyrockets when it comes to her family - she hates having to be away from Islingr, even though she knows her daughter is in good hands at Haven. And Istalrí's disappearance is almost always on her mind. She will jump at any opportunity to find her, not caring about the possible consequences.

Taking her job as leader of her team very seriously, being very loyal. In fact, Hvita's been known to take hits aimed at her teammates, and will never leave a teammate behind. She also has a bad habit of questioning past decisions. She's tried to get over it, but hasn't been very successful.

Hvita is a very determined woman.

History Edit

Hvita was born into the Fiarie family, an old family dating from long before the Great War. Ever since she was young, being a Huntress was Hvita's dream. She trained hard, finding out her Semblance, Winter Calling, at age ten, and going into gymnastics to make up for her lack of physical strength.

Eventually, Hvita eventually applied to Sanctum, where she furthered her training. After graduating from Sanctum, she got accepted into Haven, where she came to be leader of Team HTHR, and met the man who'd soon be the love of her life - Rowan Cloven.

It wasn't love at first sight, but neither did their relationship start out badly. In the beginning, they were just teammates, then friends. Love came later.

She and Rowan married a few years after graduation, Rowan taking Hvita's last name. They soon had two daughters: Islingr and Istalrí.

Team HTHR went inactive as Hvita and Rowan raised their children. Then, seven years ago, tragedy. Istalrí disappeared. Team HTHR, along with other friends, searched for the missing girl. They found nothing.

As the years went by, help evaporated. Hvita, though, has refused to accept her daughter is gone. To this day, she still searches, along with the rest of her team.

Relationships Edit

Story Edit

  • As Hvita's husband, Rowan is the love of her life. He's also her rock, her stable platform in the sea of her emotions. In other words, Hvita depends on him quite a lot outside of the battlefield, as well as in. She trusts him with her life. As his leader and teammate, Hvita also has no problem giving orders to him - something which sometimes accidentally carries over to normal life.
  • Travan is someone whom Hvita greatly respects. As her long-time teammate, she has no problem putting her life in his hands on and off the battlefield. She values his healing skills highly. Having spent a lifetime together as teammates, she knows him quite well, and would give him support whenever needed.
  • To Hvita, Hebline can sometimes be a pain and a nuisance. However, Hvita respects her teammate greatly, even viewing her as the sister she never had, having gotten to know the person behind the front very well. But even after all these years, she's still a bit intimidated by Hebline's sadistic nature, though also really identifies with her teammate's emotional side. Unlike some, though, Hvita doesn't pity Hebline, knowing that the tomboy doesn't want it.
  • Hvita loves Islingr dearly, and supports her daughter, having learned to let her go off into the world. But she worries about Islingr - worries that she'll disappear one day, just like Istalrí did. Because of this, Hvita can get kinda clingy with her daughter, wishing she could protect her from harm, even though she respects Islingr's decision of following in Hvita's footsteps. Hvita would willingly put her life on the line to save her.
  • Hvita misses Istalrí with all her heart, wondering where her daughter may have disappeared to, and would jump to any hint of her whereabouts. Hvita refuses to let anything stop her from finding her daughter.

Gang Edit


Weapon Edit

Hvita's weapon is named Frozen Crystal. It's an DCSS (Dust-Casting Scepter-Staff). As it's categorized name implies, it's a staff-wand combination that utilizes Dust.

Materials: Frozen Crystal is made mainly of a lightweight metal, which is covered by layer of birch wood, which in turn is covered by a clear material with light-gray designs. It's mainly for decoration, but it also tricks people into thinking it's frailer than it really is, and the clear covering also serves to protect Hvita from splinters. There are also fan-shaped, translucent crystals on either end of the weapon.

Durability: The crystals are surprisingly very durable, able to stand up under the strain of bashing a Deathstalker's armor. And since Frozen Crystal's base material is metal, it's a lot more durable than it looks. In fact, Hvita rarely has to give it repairs.

Dust: In the middle of the staff is a chamber for a Dust crystal, where Hvita usually places Ice Dust. The translucent crystals and the designs on the staff light up when the Dust is activated, the color depending on the type of Dust.

Semblance & Abilities Edit

Semblance Edit

Her Semblance is called Winter Calling. With it, she can lower the temperature anywhere within 100 ft of her, the area where the temperature is lowered having a maximum radius of 10 ft. The range and radius of the area increase as she practices and her control over it grows.

As for how much the temperature is lowered - that varies depending on what she wants. Though it does have a maximum of about 30 degrees. Because the temperature is lowered according to her will, her Semblance also has a more everyday use - cooling herself.

Abilities Edit

Hvita's clothes have Ice Dust woven into them, and she is very capable at using it, often making showers of ice shard storms, ice blocks, or small walls of ice. The same goes for the Dust in Frozen Crystal. Basically, she's a really good Dust user.

Hvita is very flexible, as well as very acrobatic. This is partly due to taking gymnastics when she was young. These skills advance her parkour training - she is able to do incredible feats that would seem impossible to some of us, but can be done as long as you work hard - which Hvita has.

Like the rest of Team HTHR, Hvita is trained in hand-to-hand combat. However, she rarely uses it, being more of a ranged fighter and lacking in physical strength. Her lack of strength is partly why she trained in parkour and acrobatics - so she could get away from close combat without much problem.

Hvita has keen eyes, and is often, in the back of her mind, noting and filing things away for later use. This comes in handy when plans need to be made.

Being a full-fledged Huntress, Hvita's fighting skills and abilities very much surpass those of the students at the Academies. She would have no problem taking on a first-year team and winning. The only way to beat her is to either attack from where she can't see you, or to get up close and personal, preferably in a space where she can't utilize her parkour training to get away.

Trivia & Author's Notes Edit

  • Originally, Hvita's name was taken from a word in the Inheritance Cycle series: hvitr. Hvitr, in turn, seems to come from the Norwegian word for white: hvit. And in the books, hvitr means the same thing - white. (Source: Google Translate/Inheritance Cycle series)
  • Fiarie comes from the first opening theme song of Fairy Tail, Snow Fairy, in which the singer sings "fairy" as "fee-are-ee."
  • Her basis mostly comes from the fairy tale character The Snow Queen, the rest from Egyptian culture.
    • Her Ice Dust abilities and clothing, along with the original scepter idea, comes from the Snow Queen.
      • Frozen Crystal itself, though, is based off the Wizard101 Krokotopia staffs (which are based off Egyptian staffs in turn; in fact, Krokotopia itself is based off Egypt - I don't even need a subtle hint to figure that out).

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