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Hiccup Haddock is a member of Verity's gang. He is the version of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge, and one of the newest gang members. Canonically, he is shipped with Astrid but in the gang he is crackshipped with Viggo.


Hiccup is about 6'1, with somewhat scraggy and unkempt brown hair, with two small braids behind his right ear. His eyes are green. His left leg is replaced by a metal prosthetic.

Hiccup wears a leather vest-like armor which is dark brown on top of his long-sleeve orange-red tunic with brown arm brackets and double-layered shoulder guards.


Hiccup tries to be compassionate and patient toward people - he cares for the gang yet is annoyed by their immaturity and love of destruction. However, he makes attempts to understand them and get along with them.

He is very intelligent as well, and also incredibly sarcastic. He uses his sarcasm to often hide his fear, sometimes making a snarky comment to an enemy to appear confident.



Appearances in Fanfics

It's My World Now

Hiccup first appears at Jellal's meeting with the rest of the gang. He questions it, and is one of the gang members that remains skeptical about the whole idea.

Hiccup later appears with Lucina, Zelda, Meredy, Ayden and Peridot, discussing Jellal's plans and whether or not he's paranoid about this (as well as Lucina's subsequent crush on him).

Hiccup goes with the gang when they are summoned to the Admins to catch a rogue magic user, and is teamed up with Irene, Midna, Zelda and Ayden. Due to Irene's might, they were the ones sent in the area where the rogue took temporary residence. Hiccup watches as Ayden attempts to take the rogue down, only to disappear.

Hiccup is tasked with fetching cupcakes for Verity's MB-Day party, but Irene hounds him while doing it, due to her slight obsession with him. His reaction to Ayden's sudden reappearance and threats aren't shown, but after the party, during a discussion about the Dragon Slayer's actions, states that these threats should get Ayden locked up.

Hiccup is part of the team tasked to find Midnight after he goes to hunt down Ayden. While Irene sniffs around for Midnight's scent, Hiccup discusses with his teammates how Jellal will react to Ayden's threats until Irene states her belief that Midnight was captured by Ayden and his allies.

About a week later, Hiccup is dining with the other gang members when Jellal advises Verity to stay inside due to a storm brewing. He chastises Mirajane for wanting to go on a flight in this storm, calling her crazy.


  • The Riders of Berk version of Hiccup was once in Verity's gang long ago. But since this is a different version of Hiccup, he doesn't share the memories of the gang the gang's previous Hiccup had.
  • Hiccup doesn't like shipping.
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