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A page detailing Gray Fullbuster's relationships with other characters, of his own fandom and Jade's other gang members.

Fairy Tail Gang Members

Wendy Marvell

Gray sees her as a comrade and friend.



Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is another friend of Gray's. He's known her for a long time.

Lisanna Strauss


Mest Gryder


Eclipse Scorpio


Sting Eucliffe

Originally, Gray saw Sting as an enemy. Sabertooth was the guild to beat in the Grand Magic Games, and Sting was a member of it's team. However, once the Games were over and Sting became master of the guild, changing it so they valued their comrades, Gray has become friends with the Dragon Slayer.



Rogue Cheney




Rufus Lore

When they first met in the Grand Magic Games, Gray hated the Memory-Make Mage, seeing him as pompous and arrogant. Rufus shamed Gray in Hidden, but Gray got his revenge during the final day, defeating Rufus using his Ice-Make Unlimited: One Side Chaotic Dance. Despite these events, Gray and Rufus are not enemies. More like friendly rivals - they fight a lot. The battles themselves are a bit of a trade-off: Rufus gets to memorize spells for later use and test new ones, while Gray gets to practice - and, of course, beat Rufus over and over again.

Other Fairy Tail Characters

Natsu Dragneel

Initially, Gray had a fierce rivalry with Natsu, and seemed to dislike him quite a bit. Later, however, it's shown that Gray cares very much for Natsu, and vice versa. The rivalry is also shown in more friendly light. The two often fight due to this, both verbally and physically; however, they are still very close friends. They just show it by fighting and berating each other. Gray has also shown no problem with teasing Natsu, drawing on his face when he's asleep, and other things.

Erza Scarlet

Erza tends to scare Gray, as she often breaks up his and Natsu's fights with force and can be very intimidating and sometimes overly serious. However, he also has a lot of faith in her, seen when she decided to fight all 100 monsters during Pandemonium, as well as a lot of respect for her as a whole. When Gray was young, he once found Erza crying, and hates it when she does, as it's not her style. As such, anyone who makes her cry, he will punish to his full ability.

Jellal Fernandes

In Verity's gang.

Juvia Lockser

While Juvia loves Gray, it's unknown if Gray returns the feeling. What is known is that he's quite annoyed by her attempts to get him to like her. Despite this, Gray sees her like any other member of Fairy Tail - as family.

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Other Gang Members


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