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A spoon? They're throwing spoons? Why are they throwing spoons? WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? Could it be a spoon of surrender?
— Dagur's best quote in existence

Dagur the Deranged is one of Verity's newest gang members. This specific version of Dagur is from Dragons: Race to the Edge, and he's also a member of the Trio of Trouble in the gang.


Dagur's red hair is cut short and sticks up, and he has a short, shaggy beard. His arms are more muscly, as he has been working out during his time in prison. He has a list of names tattooed on his left forearm, most likely his "revenge list."

In the first two episodes of Race to the Edge, Dagur wears the same outfits as in Riders and Defenders of Berk, but without his shoulder pads or left arm bands. His clothing is severely torn.

Later, however, he wears a brown leather and metal tunic with a Skrill chest plate, as well as new knee pads. He has two arm pads as well as similar ones on his boots, which appear to be the same as in previous seasons.


As his name implies, Dagur is an unstable and unpredictable individual. He impulsively performs random acts on a whim, and has some bipolar tendencies, going from a smile to a frown in seconds.

Despite this, he has a good heart, and while his name implies otherwise, is probably one of the best and most noble people in the gang. He cares deeply for his friends and family, and is willing to put himself in harm's way to protect them. His friendship with Mard Geer and Tyrian is perhaps one of the closest friendships in the gang.

He also enjoys poking fun at touchy people like Hiccup.

Appearances in Fanfiction

It's My World Now

Dagur is first seen at the gang meeting held by Jellal, and he is quite cynical about the wizard's plans. He even takes a little jab at it midway through.

Later, Dagur joins the gang on a mission to catch a rogue wizard, assigned by the Admins. While he is on a team with Invel, Meredy and Peridot, he states that Verity's MB-Day is coming soon and that that could be a good time for her to revoke Jellal's leadership claims should she want to, which leads to a discussion of what could happen if the two clashed over leadership.

At the MB-Day party, Dagur is with Tyrian, both drinking excessive amounts of punch. When Ayden, who disappeared on the mission, suddenly reappears and makes a death threat to Verity, Dagur and Tyrian exchange concerned looks.

The day after the party, the Trio of Trouble sneaks out of the house to get away from the Ayden drama. Dagur expresses his thoughts that Verity can take care of herself. After Mard Geer briefly mentions his history with Verity, Tyrian suddenly points out Midnight, who had expressed a desire to hunt down Ayden before he could hurt anyone, running into the woods alone, much to Dagur's shock.

The three return home after debating whether or not Jellal would be pissed at them for this, and find that the entire gang has left. Verity shows up and tells them that the rest of the gang left to find Midnight or warn other MBers about what could happen, saying that the Trio was left behind to man the house. Dagur is offended that the gang left them such a simple task.

About a week later, Jellal goes out to look for Midnight, and tells the rest of the gang to watch a movie while he's gone. Midna suggests a cartoon musical, something which Dagur criticizes and refuses to watch.


  • The only human member of the Trio of Trouble - Mard is a demon and Tyrian is a Faunus. Additionally, he's one of the only normal humans in the gang.
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