Blaize is very immature and illogical. She's way too ambitious, and is an unrealistic idealist. Think: that one kid who wants a pony for their birthday, but as a fox. Blaize loves living in her happy-go-lucky wonderland, and day dreams most of the time. She enjoys spending time "alone" and frequently talks to herself, normally sitting for a few hours a day in front of a wall, lost in thought, and speaking to either herself or some unknown person. Tiger, along with the other members of her gang, thinks that this is unsettling.

Blaize can also be relatively vague. At times she'll speak nonsense, like, for instance, if you're at a grocery store and open a fridge to grab an icecream, she may yell "don't burn your fingers, it's very cold." As an excuse, she may also tell you that one of her "imaginary" friends says so.


Blaize is obsessed with the paranormal, and for a good reason. In fact, she interacts with anything paranormal. She can speak to and see demons, ghosts, and hidden messages in everyday objects left by the deceased. To add on to that, Blaize can speak any language backwards, and also has a so far undecipherable language that she shares with her "special friends", who she sees in her dreams.

Blaize also has very weak pyrokinetic powers. At most, she can prevent a match from lighting or set a bug on fire. Although she strives to get better, her lack of patience prevents her from improving.

TRIVIA (wip) Edit

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