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Ayden Evermore is a member of Verity's gang. He is the future son of Verity Evermore and Midnight as well as a Dark Dragon Slayer. He is also the honorary brother of Gajeel Redfox, and is shipped with Meredy.


Ayden is tall, about 6'0, with spiky black hair and blue-gray eyes. His skin is pale, and he's often smirking.

Ayden wears a black jacket that reaches his knees, and it is always opened, exposing a gray, skintight shirt underneath. He has cargo pants on, as well as black boots that almost are knee-high. He wears a dark gray scarf as well. Ayden also has a sheath on his back, which he uses to carry a katana in.


Ayden is a reckless and cocky individual - he's confident in himself and his abilities, and loves showing them off. He's an attention-seeker, and likes getting into trouble just so he gets noticed.

He's an obnoxious prankster as well. He loves irritating the other gang members, and gets a kick out of doing so. He especially loves shipping them with each other (particularly shipping the uptight ones with each other). The only gang member he doesn't tease and annoy is Meredy, his girlfriend.

In the gang fanfiction, Ayden has a sudden heel-face turn, in which he becomes betrays the gang and becomes a lot more serious and sinister. He casually makes threats, and also complains about how no one takes him seriously and think everything he does is a joke.

Ayden despises his past and his father with a passion, due to Midnight being Meredy's killer in the future he came from. He seeks to destroy Midnight himself, and make him suffer for everything that happened in his life. He's a little insane when it comes to this.


Ayden's kind of Verity's brainchild - she thought of him and he became her favourite of her OCs. He was originally created for Fairy Tail, in an (altogether shitty) fanfic that Verity wrote on the MB (presumably while not thinking straight). He was featured as Gajeel's brother. As of now, this relationship has changed to them being honorary brothers and not blood related.

Ayden was originally raised by a dragon, as per usual Dragon Slayer customs, but that has been scrapped. He is no longer an FT OC, and instead is now considered an MB OC. The only connection to his roots as an FT OC are his magic and close relationship with Gajeel.

His backstory has been majorly revamped, and will be revealed in It's My World Now. As of chapter 8, it is revealed that he is the future son of Verity and Midnight, born as Verity died and raised by his father.



Appearance in Fanfiction

Pre-Fanfic History

Ayden was born from a love affair between Verity Evermore and Midnight. He was born after Verity suffered grave injuries from an attack in the woods, and the strain from the labour, as well as her wounds, killed her, leaving Ayden to be raised by his father.

Ayden was born without magic - he couldn't perform the magical feats his father and the rest of the gang could. Midnight attempted to teach him magic at a young age, but when this didn't work, turned his attention away from a young Ayden. With his father disinterested in him, Ayden did whatever he could to cater to Midnight's interests, but with no avail. Over the years, he grew quite close with Meredy, who saw him as a little brother.

When Ayden was 15, Midnight began plans for a rebellion against King Jellal. Ayden refused to help his father with this, due to Meredy, whom he had developed feelings for, being a key Jellal supporter. After storming out on Midnight, Ayden met Senka Halphas in the woods, a girl who claimed she could help him. Despite scorning her the first time, a few days later he heard her and her father Azar out, and was given a mysterious offer. Ayden, still too young to understand what this meant, refused, but was given a mysterious relic that allowed him to cheat death.

When Jellal and Midnight clashed and destroyed the MB, a 17-year-old Ayden was one of the survivors, however Meredy was killed by Midnight while protecting Jellal. Ayden confronts his father, who tries to reason with him, about this. But due to his hate and anger towards his father, Ayden shot himself, and moments later, in grief and guilt, Midnight stabbed himself with Ayden's sword. But Ayden used the relic given to him by Azar and Senka to survive from his suicide attempt while Midnight bled out and died due to injury.

Eventually, when Azar, Senka and their followers travelled to the past to make a new future, Ayden followed them. However upon using the portal, it malfunctioned and Ayden was flung into Fiore instead of wherever the other travellers had gone. In this place, he met Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer, who he developed a brotherly relationship with. This relationship inspired Ayden to implanted with four Dragon Slayer lacrimas, allowing him to perform magic he wouldn't be able to use otherwise.

After some time, Ayden joined Azar's group, and found his way to the MB, posing as Gajeel's brother so no one would suspect him. During this time, he developed relationships and friendships with other members of the gang. 8 months prior to the development of Jellal's plans, he managed to stop Verity and Midnight from causing him to be conceived, which lead to a timeline split.

It's My World Now

Ayden first approaches Jellal when he is alone in the house, having overheard the other man talking about some sort of secret plan. He manages to deduce that Jellal plans to prevent Verity from ever trying to snatch leadership of the gang, and Jellal replies that all the plans will be revealed at a meeting that night. Ayden attends this meeting, and his suspicions are proven correct.

A few weeks later, he and his girlfriend Meredy discuss with Peridot, Zelda, Lucina and Hiccup about what Jellal's actions and plans, wondering if the man has gone paranoid. Ayden also pokes fun at Lucina for having a crush on Jellal.

Ayden joins the gang when they are summoned by the Admins to catch a rogue wizard. He is teamed up with Irene, Midna, Zelda and Hiccup, and they are the ones who find the rogue. Ayden recognizes her, and attempts to attack, before both of them disappear.

Five days later, at Verity's MB-Day party, Ayden reappears, greeting the gang members casually. When asked if he's here to join the festivities, he replies that he won't waste his time on this, as Verity would be dead within the month. He is joined by the rogue from the forest, and the two appear to be very close, much to Meredy's dismay. The two of them continue what Ayden had said earlier - Verity will die and her gang will be torn apart from the inside out. After that cryptic statement, the two disappear again, but not before Ayden shoots a hate-filled glare in the direction of Verity and Midnight (who are later revealed to be his parents).

After his allies capture Midnight, Ayden is there to greet him when he comes to. When Midnight asks why he was taken here, Ayden states that they have unfinished business together. He is then summoned to a meeting with the rest of his group, who are revealed to be travellers from the future. The leader tells them of their plan, to recreate the events that lead to the destruction of the MB World, but to prevent said destruction from happening. However, Verity's gang would not survive, being the only ones to not make it out alive. Ayden replies that that is alright, so long as he can save Meredy and be the one to kill Midnight.

He returns to Midnight once he's done with the meeting, and decides to show him what should have been the future. Ayden warps them both to show his birth and Verity's death. Midnight demands to know the meaning of this, and Ayden states that this is no longer what will happen, as he's made sure that Verity isn't pregnant in this timeline, much to Midnight's confusion. He then reveals his parentage, that he is the child that born in Verity's death and that he travelled from the future to end his father's life.

Ayden reveals bits and pieces of his backstory to Midnight, who is a bit frightened by all of this and his future son's insanity. Eventually, after revealing what Midnight wanted to see, Ayden leaves, stating that this trip to his past was bad enough for him.


  • Ayden has gone through many drafts, and until recently, he didn't have a properly developed backstory.
  • Due to his relationship with Gajeel, he's kind of an honorary brother to Will of Prank's gang as well.
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