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Ayden is a member of Verity's gang. He's her Fairy Tail OC, the Dark Dragon Slayer and brother of Gajeel Redfox (though as of now, this is MB only). He owns an Exceed named Halo and is shipped with Meredy.

Appearance Edit

Ayden is tall, about 6'0, with spiky black hair and blue-gray eyes.

Personality Edit

Ayden is a reckless and cocky individual - he's confident in himself and his abilities, and loves showing them off. He's an attention-seeker, and likes getting into trouble just so he gets noticed.

He's an obnoxious prankster as well. He loves irritating the other gang members, and gets a kick out of doing so. He especially loves shipping them with each other (particularly shipping the uptight ones with each other). The only gang member he doesn't tease and annoy is Meredy, his girlfriend.

(TBA - I've never written it out before so this will take a while.)

Creation Edit

Ayden's kind of Verity's brainchild - she thought of him and he became her favourite of her OCs. He was originally created for Fairy Tail, in an (altogether shitty) fanfic that Verity wrote on the MB (presumably while not thinking straight). He was featured as Gajeel's brother. As of now, this relationship exists on the MB, but whether it will be used in any fanfics Verity write that are off of the MB is unknown as of now.

Relationships Edit

Gang Edit

Jellal Edit

Midnight Edit

Meredy Edit

Hiccup Edit

Appearance in Fanfiction Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Ayden has gone through many drafts, and because of that, he doesn't have a properly developed backstory. He has a very bare and basic one, but that's being changed and re-worked by Verity.
  • Literally Verity's only OC - Halo doesn't really count (since he's not as fleshed out as Ayden is) and OC Verity is a long story.
  • Since he's Gajeel's brother, he's kind of an honorary sibling to Will of Prank's gang.
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