It's so horrible...The Catspirit War has gotten insane, maybe even worse than the Blizz War. It started about a month ago with a newbie calling herself Catspirit, despite there being someone already with the nickname. The original CatSpirit told her to change her nickname, there was an argument, a trial was held, and original CatSpirit won.

New Catspirit (also known as Catwind) disappeared, but returned a few weeks ago. She started impersonating the original and even posted with the original's gang. There was another fight, until the two agreed to make a poll. Whoever got the most votes could keep the name. The original won, but the newbie, just like with the trial, refused to accept her defeat.

And then the original had to leave because of phone probation, so the newbie decided that meant she could keep the name. Since then, everyone's exploded. Even people from other MB's have come to the SAMB to "help".

I might decide to "leave" the MB just to get away. I haven't seen the newbie post today yet. You guys and Kat-chan are have no idea how bad it's gotten. I think people are leaving. But, I think today it's calming down. I don't really know. I've been trying to ignore it, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Or maybe everything's just slow right now.